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Just add some pomegranate juice to riondo prosecco for a great italian holiday cocktail from @thewickednoodle

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Give the gift of bubbly!

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Here’s the perfect cocktail to bridge the gap between holiday celebrations. recipe by @chattavore.

• 375 ml orange juice, chilled
• 375 ml cranberry juice, chilled
• 125 ml triple sec
• 1 750 ml bottle riondo prosecco, chilled
• 1/2 of a 12 ounce bag of cranberries
• 1 naval orange, sliced

combine the orange juice, cranberry juice, triple sec, and riondo prosecco in a large pitcher. add the cranberries and orange slices. serve immediately.

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It’s thyme for something new. get the recipe and try this delicious thyme limoncello spritz from @mysuburbankitchen.

2 oz limoncello liqueur
3/4 oz club soda
1/2 oz thyme simple syrup optional
1 1/2 oz riondo prosecco

lemon slices
fresh thyme

combine limoncello, club soda and simple syrup in glass. stir to combine. add ice until about 2/3 full. add prosecco and garnish with lemon slices and thyme.

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Share some riondo prosecco with the people who mean the most and make your thanksgiving just a bit more bubbly.

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This classic italian aperitivo, a pre-dinner cocktail, is made of a simple combination of riondo prosecco, aperol and a splash of soda.

3 oz. chilled riondo prosecco
2 oz. aperol
1/2 oz. club soda
tall balloon or wine glasses
ice cubes
orange slice

fill the glasses about half way with cubed ice.
pour prosecco, followed by the aperol. add a splash of soda
garnish with a slice of orange.

recipe by @sprint2thetable

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Your thanksgiving feast won’t be complete without a bit of bubbly. tag a friend or family member that you’ll enjoy some prosecco with this holiday.

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As it starts to get cold, this lemon sorbet spritz from @2cookinmamas is the perfect reminder of summer.

recipe below


ice cubes (about 36 cubes)
• 3 cups lemon sorbet
• 1 cup italian sparkling water
• edible flowers pansies, dianthus, mums, citrus blossoms, impatiens, roses & violets to name a few

• 4 oz riondo prosecco
• 2 oz italian lemon sparkling water
• 1 1/2 oz vodka

ice cubes
1. using an ice cube tray, place one edible flower in the bottom of each ice cube compartment.
2. combine lemon sorbet and sparkling water and pour over flowers. freeze for a minimum of 3-4 hours.

1. place 3-4 ice cubes in a stemless wine glass, highball glass or wine glass.
2. pour in v***a and sparkling water.
3. top with riondo prosecco.
4. garnish with lemon slice if desired.

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Make halloween a bit more bubbly with an italian favorite – riondo prosecco.

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Riondo prosecco pairs perfectly with all your favorite shows.

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October is the perfect time to fall for some prosecco.

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@gardencocktails discovered her love of the spritz in italy and now with her recipe you can discover it in your very own kitchen.
4 oz riondo prosecco
.75 oz berry liqueur of your choice
.5 oz fresh lemon juice
1 handful of your favorite summer berries
~1 oz soda water

in a glass, muddle a few of the berries and add ice. build the drink starting with the berry liqueur, then the lemon juice, ending with the soda water and riondo prosecco. garnish with an edible flower and/or more of your berries!

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