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The darkest minds tend to hide behind the most unlikely faces. - -
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10.18 😎

最高のmy boo から

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#誕生日プレゼント #誕生日サプライズ
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Terlempar dari hatimu 😆
from @wijapuccino
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Прошлое ломает тебя☝️🔥✨.
dariya - модная музыка
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❤️kardeŞ azerbaycanin baĞimsizlik günü kutlu olsun❤️ 2 devlet tek mİllet ❤️
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Cat logic 😆😂😂
via cat lovers- amzitee
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Gelinli görümceli çalgılı çengili ve benim koca burnumla 🤣🤣🙈bir #perşembeyaylası #tbt si 😍😍😍 @fatma_dogan_52 @rukiyee_dognn @esmerimmsel 😍 erdin mi muradına @rukiyee_dognn 🤣🤣🤣

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Photo by @jaipur.wala
photographer shubham jain (@jaipur.wala ) snapped a photo of this group of colorful ladies keeping each other dry in jog falls, india. #whpkindness

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Photo by @aboutlittlesandponies
meet alix (human) and zamoura (horse), two very important members of julie van landschoot’s (@aboutlittlesandponies ) family. 🐎 🍎 “i selected a photo of my daughter because she is only 2; her behavior is still very spontaneous, so her kindness towards the horses is genuine. she loves being around them daily and she adores giving them food.” #whpkindness

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Photo by @julia_crim
julia crim’s (@julia_crim ) favorite elements of her 🌈 🌈-filled #whpkindness submission are “this sweet sibling moment and the awe-inspiring beauty of nature.”
julia took this image of her children in the hawke’s bay region of new zealand. “i am constantly inspired by my family and our adventures exploring the great outdoors,” she says.

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Video by @maplelatte_erica
“i think it started about 10 years ago — i happened to come across a book of fake sweets, and i just fell in love at first sight with it and bought it,” says erica (@maplelatte_erica ), a handmade artist from japan who creates adorable miniatures goods, mainly foods and sweets. “i do my best to create miniatures that make you think, ‘that looks real enough to eat!’”
watch erica’s mini munchie crafts cook up today on our story and our igtv channel.

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Photo by @theastvibes
“when i saw the bond between the goose and the person, i just couldn’t resist myself from capturing it,” says 24-year-old rahul singh (@theastvibes ), who photographed this #whpkindness submission by the brahmaputra river in assam, india. “it’s so funny that we can create a bond with anything via compassion and love.”

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Photo by @virinka
lending a little love and big lick 👅 #whpkindness

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Photo illustration by @leointhegarden
gila freudenthal (@leointhegarden ) sprayed lots of good vibes in northern germany last weekend for #whpkindness. “one of my favorite quotes is, ‘if you can choose one thing to be, be kind,’” says gila. “i thought about a way to express that everyone should receive a little kindness and good vibes. i thought spraying it into the world would be a good way to make sure it gets to everyone.” follow along as we share more of our favorite submissions to last weekend’s hashtag project, #whpkindness.

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Photo of @stephencurry30 by @rover
“for me, being a warrior now means being a champion,” says golden state warrior stephen curry (@stephencurry30 ). “it’s holding yourself to a high standard, expecting greatness out of yourself, being prepared, disciplined.” the three-time nba (@nba ) champion and two-time mvp grew up in charlotte, north carolina, but the san francisco bay area has been home since the start of his professional basketball career. “this is the place that kind of shaped me in that respect,” says stephen of the bay area. “i hope to obviously play here for the rest of my career, but once it’s all said and done, retire, hopefully a lot of more years, i’ll probably still stay out here. because just the people are so cool, there’s so much to do, good food, you can travel all over the bay, get a different vibe. there are so many different pockets that show you so much love.”
to celebrate the tip off of this year’s basketball season, we’re at home and on the court with stephen. see more on today’s story and our igtv channel.

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No matter how many batches she bakes, ran (@konel_bread ) gets excited every time she slices into a fresh loaf of bread. “i’m nervous every time!” says ran, who lives in tokyo.
inspired by rolls of sushi sliced to reveal images on the inside, ran started baking her bread in 2010 when she became pregnant with her son. “first i make the ordinary bread dough, and then i divide it and add colors to create the design,” says ran, who uses natural ingredients like vegetables and cocoa to achieve the different colors. today, her bread designs are inspired by everything from pop culture characters to her son’s drawings, and she teaches others how to make their own loaves in her baking school and with her published cookbook.
join ran in her tokyo kitchen to see how she makes her bread, today on our story and on our igtv channel. to watch igtv, update your app now, then look for the new icon in the top right corner of feed.

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Video by @la.luna.asmr

while countless people find relief for tension and anxiety through whispered voices or softly tapping fingernails in asmr videos, penny clarke (@la.luna.asmr ) shares a different source of calm: hands squeezing soap from brilliantly colored sponges. “i’ve always found cleaning a great help with anxiety, which is something that affects my life every day,” says the self-described “full-time mum” (with a degree in criminology) from england. and as gratifying as viewers find her videos, it’s clear that making them comforts penny, too. “the combination of water sounds and the clean element is the perfect thing to help me relax.” penny is also grateful for the new creative outlet she’s found in the asmr community. “i have never been a creative person,” she says, “but i feel like these videos are my art, and i want to keep improving and getting better all the time.” see more of penny’s soothing sponge sounds — today on our story and new to our igtv channel.

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A trip into a cookbook store when he was 10 years old changed chef flynn mcgarry’s (@diningwithflynn ) life. “i picked the most expensive cookbook on the top shelf – ‘the french laundry cookbook.’ with that, cooking changed for me from no longer being just about what you eat to being an art form.” today, the 19-year-old who was born in los angeles now lives in nyc and spends his days dreaming up concepts and cooking up inventive dishes at his restaurant, gem.

see what life is like for chef flynn these days on our igtv channel.

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