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Life is not perfect, but your hair can be πŸ’ word is - television perfect hair shampoo + conditioner gives you body, shine, strengthening, softening + smoothing!

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Dreaming of warmer days πŸ₯€#katemoss for @voguemagazine circa 1996. hair by our very own @thompriano #thecultureofhairdressing

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Good genes ✨

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@hairmagazine #awards 2018 finalists: r+co high dive moisture + shine crème, r+co atlantis shampoo + conditioner, r+co oblivion clarifying shampoo ⚑️

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Got wavy hair? try this easy combo for a natural frizz-free look: start with television perfect hair shampoo + conditioner. follow with twister curl primer, comb through + air-dry πŸ’ #allyouneedisgoodhair

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*epic* messy waves via @spreadfashion 🌹 1. sail soft wave spray, rough-dry + curl 2. scrunch in rockaway salt spray 3. set with vicious strong hold flexible hairspray 4. piece out using continental glossing wax

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Fan favorite πŸ’Žso, what's the hype? badlands dry shampoo paste is a true multi-tasker: absorbs oil + adds volume at roots + creates perfect second-day texture. plus it has a matte finish + reworkable hold!

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Hair art 🌹 who is your hair artist? tag them below ❀️

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Freeway defining spray gel = what curl dreams are made of πŸ’ get uber-touchable hold + heat protection. bonus: it's packed with natural ingredients like spirulina extract [rich in nutrients + protein] to nourish + hydrate the hair!

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Not brassy just bright ✨ by eliminating brassy tones, sunset blvd shampoo makes blondes extra bright and greys fantastically silver. think of it like photoshop for your hair. #allyouneedisgoodhair cc @beautyandtreasures

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When your hair is did 😘✨ c/o @lovedanicamarie #allyouneedisgoodhair #fangirlforever

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Power players ⚑️ all vegan, paraben-free + sulfate-free!

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It’s coming - so what's the difference between acid wash, oblivion + crown? here's the spill: acid wash acv cleansing rinse - removes product buildup, balances scalp + strengthens hair. oblivion clarifying shampoo - removes hard water, mineral + product buildup. crown scalp scrub - rebalances + relieves itchy + dry scalp πŸ’Ž

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Drifting into curl territory πŸ’¦ #allyouneedisgoodhair

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A #audreyhepburn moment; don’t try this st home πŸ™…‍♀️

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Need life? ‘use atlantis’ [ says @thegalleryhaircutters πŸ’§] #allyouneedisgoodhair

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Fact: all r+co formulas are paraben-free πŸ’Ž also fact: studies have shown parabens can cause cancer, skin rashes, irritation + allergies!

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Curl envy 🌹 the look c/o @selena_sloan - 1. prep with twister curl primer + blow-dry 2. high dive moisture + shine crème for added hydration 3. a few drops of tinsel for smoothness + shine πŸ”†

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Aka *all* r+co products πŸ’πŸ½‍♀️

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