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I had a duffle bag i wasn't using so i got a idea of turning it into a dog carrier for my new lil homie im getting tomorrow. told the homie @kuhvitcustoms the idea and he brought it to life! 🎒

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🎨: @13thvision

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Goodluck to my lil bruvs tonight, all of yall lives are about to change...

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Summer grizzy with the brozay @turner_myles 💪🏾 #afterworkoutfun

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Summer grizzy #cbd #gasszn #theysleep

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#wcw ms.veinticinco

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"imma break ever box they try to put me in"

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Congratulations to the fam q & kat on their big day... #moreblessings #fam #welcometothefam

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#tbt back in dominica when i was a lil monster lol

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Mirrors show us what we look like, not who we are...

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Issa vibe...

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Beibs in the trap...

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