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I don’t wanna do this anymore 🎶

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I am so in love with @elizabethmott queen of the fill eyebrow gel 😍😍 perfecttt for a quick brow touch up when doing your everyday makeup look & when achieving the infamous insta baddie eyebrows ❤️

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Tell me why i’m waiting 🌙

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Tell the mirror what you know she's heard before 🌙

if you haven’t already go check out my igtv video on this look ft. @elizabethmott

comment 15 star 222 last month

Right now you know that nothing is new and i am obsessed with you 💋 ✨vibrancy foundation ~ @josiemarancosmetics
✨queen of the fill brow gel ~ @elizabethmott ✨concealer ~ @lagirlcosmetics ✨natural eyeshadow palette ~ @elizabethmott ✨it’s so big masacara ~ @elizabethmott
✨set for life setting powder ~ @elizabethmott ✨color is bae liquid lipstick ~ @elizabethmott
✨tints & sass ~ @elizabethmott
✨black radiance contour stick ~ @blackradiancebeauty ✨eyebrow kit ~ @elfcosmetics ✨lipgloss ~ @victoriassecret

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Definitely one of my current makeup brand obsessions 😍 not only do you look good while wearing @josiemarancosmetics but your skin and 🌎 loves it too (because they are.. ya know.. eco friendly & cruelty free 🙌🏾)! all of these cosmetic and skincare items are infused with argan oil giving your skin a natural glow that we all know we want ☀️🙋🏾‍♀️✨

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Hurricane drunk.

comment 5 star 113 last month

Hey guys 😘 sooo for the last few weeks i have been using @marlilistore marcosmetics clay mask. i have relatively pretty good skin, but my face does get dry and i have some discoloration around my mouth and eyes (i also get a pimple here and there buttt who doesn’t 🤷🏾‍♀️). in the amount of time i have used this product my face has more of a glow to it then it normally does, that one pesky pimple i had disappeared 👻 i have noticed my skin color has evened out quite nicely and it is way more smoother to the touch 🧖🏾‍♀️☀️ i absolutely love that this mask is all natural and free of any toxic chemicals 😱 that may hurt your skin rather than help it. this clay mask is awesome i will definitely be adding this to my skin care regimen ❤️ swipe left to see more photos 💋

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Golden hour ☀️

comment 21 star 362 August 2018

“if your intentions are pure, i'm seeking a friend for the end of the world..”🌎🌙
~ god-shaped hole

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🌙 loving my @cocoalocksofficial ❤️ use my 20% discount code “rachelsilver20” at checkout 🌙

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Veiled innocence.

comment 27 star 365 July 2018