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Jacob, boris,
this is not some debating society competition or self satisfying ritual....this is my home, our home, our children’s home, our children’s future. you are a disgrace! #peoplesvote

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Something for everyone in our house 🏠🎄🤗 merry christmas & happy chanukah

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How we roll in texas...

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Fame at last....

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I know i’ve posted before, but just wanted to get the message across #peoplesvote 🇪🇺#ifeelthewindofchange

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Good morning dallas

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Good luck to the extremely talented @mimibaldwinjewellery with her first show of the season, really beautiful, unique and original new pieces. possibly the best collection to date! #mimibaldwinjewellery 😍🎄💍🎁 very proud hubby!

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I’ve just read margaret thatcher’s speech to the college of europe “the bruges speech’ from 1988. “let europe be a family of nations” truly inspirational #remain #goingroundincircles

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Brunch followed by ‘a star is born’. love sunday’s

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Extraordinary force of nature. never experienced anything like it

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4 hours before full impact.....#typhoonmangkhut #hongkong

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