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Monday moody #teampixel

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Paul’s weekend plans: hiding in his pillow fort avoiding everyone #antisocialpaul #saturdaysarefortheboy

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Why blend in when i was born to stand out😒 #noperkstobeingapaulflower #tbt

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New year same me cuz i’m perfect #stillthatantisocialbitch

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Don’t know what to do with christmas decorations after the holidays? put a corgi on it! #paultip #itscalledfashionsweetie

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‘cause i sleigh, okay, all day. #merrychristmas #happypaulidays

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Mom: you can sleep on the bed only if you sleep by my feet
#theaudacity #princepaul

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🎶rockin’ and round the christmas tree🎶 #happypaulidays #thiccallseason #jigglebells

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My face looks like this so her face looks like that #isthishugoveryet #whpjoyful .
polaroids taken by @michellechien_

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Who needs to go holiday shopping when i’m already the best gift #tongueouttuesday

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Dreaming of a pink christmas #boyslikejewelrytoo #brklz

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Don’t bother me unless it’s important #importantmeansfood #orfetch

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