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When the weather suddenly skips fall #winteriscoming #its44degreestoday #tbt #paulsnow

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Not all of us are hyped about sweater weather #mytricoatisalwaysinseason #tongueouttuesday

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First of all monday, how dare you? #mood

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Don’t need dessert because i’m already sweet enough🍬 #takeabiteoutofme #omgdessertgoals

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Hung out with @google last night where naturally the main attraction was me, not the new @google pixel phone #imnotforsale #cantaffordmeanyways

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Every morning i ask paul “the usual?” before putting his food into his bowl and neither of us thinks it’s funny but that’s showbiz baby #myollie

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Trying to get over the hump, but not trying too hard #humpday

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Hashtagyesfilter #🌈#tongueouttuesday

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Can’t monday today, i’m sick with jungle fever #coughcough #mondaymood

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I don’t know why i have no friends, i have such a bubbly personality. #literally #antisocialpaul #whpunusualportraits

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On wednesdays we wear pink (or everyday in our case) #itsoctober3rd

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🕯giveaway time 🕯

paul always smells good but when he doesn’t, he lights some pet-friendly @kinandkind candles so his mom doesn’t think he needs a bath. #belikepaul #thinklikepaul ______
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1 x charcoal candle
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