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On december 12, 2015, the world had a major reason to rejoice. thousands of delegates had just spent two weeks discussing climate change, and the summit president had tapped his green gavel, announcing that the u.n. had reached a landmark accord — the paris agreement.
it’s been three years since that day. so where are we now? click the link in our bio to learn more about where we stand on the front of climate change. 📷@guillepozzi 📍maui, hawaii #passionpassport

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"it was late august, but the weather in afghanistan’s little pamir region had already started to change. soon, the snow would come. i was wandering through a small village comprised of only four or five yurts, where a nomadic group was getting ready to move to a different valley. the men were all away at that moment, and the women were busy tending to the cows. nobody paid any attention to me, not even this little girl, who was playing with her dog and some toys. when i asked her if i could take her photo, she began to laugh. that’s when it crossed my mind that childhood doesn’t last very long in a place like this — and in just a few years, she would be expected to help the adults with the herds. but as the wind blew past me, carrying the smell of livestock, i couldn’t help admiring their way of life. even though it’s tough, it’s pure and intact, and i think there’s something to say for that."
📷@silvia.txs 📍little pamir, afghanistan 🇦🇫

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"i love to travel, but when i can’t, i explore my hometown of lisbon the same way i do cities abroad — like it’s my first time there. i ignore established routes, get lost, and discover the true beauty that tours and guides don’t always provide. that’s what my friends and i were doing — getting lost in lisbon — when we heard the sound of the tram approaching this square. i had little time before it arrived and had to move fast to find the right composition. i saw these flowers with a palm tree behind, and without even thinking, i started running toward them. i hunched down to try to fill the frame with a green foreground while still focusing on the tram, and i ended up with what is now one of my favorite photos of lisbon. even in the areas we know best, there are hidden pockets of beauty waiting to be discovered."
📷@ben.pinto 📍lisbon, portugal 🇵🇹
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Join us in sending a big congratulations to our #ppcolorstory challenge and @onabags x passion passport bowery bag winner, @essential_in_steveston — who captured the essence of this week’s theme beautifully with this quiet and detailed moment of her time spent volunteering in tanzania.

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Lush landscapes, vibrant facades, natural palettes, and most importantly, colorful stories… together with @onabags , we experienced it all in this week’s #ppcolorstory challenge!

join us in congratulating our honorable mentions — @tom.shu, @carlamendoza, @lifeinminiaturepictures, @jamtuna, @desss_l, @amber.cree, @mylenecybele, @eddierothvisual, and @kateshi89 — and head to their feeds for their full write-ups and more!

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Think you have what it takes to join our team?

well, you're in luck — we’re hiring social media interns for 2019! if you're a visual storyteller with creative-writing chops who constantly scrolls through instagram for travel inspiration, then we want to hear from you!

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"dhobi ghat is the world's largest open-air laundromat. clothes and linens — from hospitals to hotels — have been washed here for decades. dhobis (the launderers) and their families have seen this place pass from generation to generation. around 200 families come here to work each day, to keep up the bustling rhythm. energy, color, and motion define the vivid personality of this one-of-a-kind, never-stopping place. it is truly a sight to behold."
📷 📍dhobi ghat, mumbai, india 🇮🇳

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Imagine if you found yourself in an abandoned home. the paint is chipped; the floorboards are worn; the room is empty. as you look around, you can't help but wonder who once lived there, who stood in the same space you're standing in.

abandoned places hold something special — a sort of mystery. they act as a portal to the past and trigger our imaginations unlike any other setting.

@jennbrownxo is a photographer who ventures to spaces such as these, areas that have been forgotten and neglected over time. her work explores the eerie beauty found in abandoned places and encourages us to reflect on what happens to locations once we leave them behind. to walk these hidden enclaves alongside her, pre-order a copy of places, our upcoming magazine, via the link in our bio. #passionpassport @gomoreplaces

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"this photo was taken at the sultan qaboos grand mosque, the largest mosque in oman and a stunning example of contemporary islamic architecture. the girl in the archway perfectly captures the awe a viewer feels in looking at this grand structure. it's amazing what we humans are capable of creating. beauty such as this can be seen across the whole of oman — it is truly an incredible country to travel to and experience." 📷@anfalshams 📍muscat, oman 🇴🇲

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After spending much of 2015 and 2016 traveling from amsterdam to singapore by bicycle, @_espiritu.libre_ is in the midst of another year-long journey from vancouver to patagonia. here, martijn takes us up the mountain of monserrate. "when i arrived in colombia, i couldn't wait to breathe in the crisp mountain air — especially after spending so much time in the tropics of central america. the streets of bogota end on the eastern side of the city, where the andes make their initial ascent. i had planned a day-trip up the mountain, and from there, i was to head back down through the south side of the city. though my spanish isn't great, i found that the people there are incredibly friendly. when i stopped by the supermarket on my way up, a local complimented me on my bike while another gave me tips about the route. when i reached the lookout at monserrate that evening, i breathed in deeply — i somehow felt like i was home."
📷 @_espiritu.libre_ 📍bogota, colombia 🇨🇴 #passionpassport

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