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“it was my second visit to portugal but my first visit to braga, and i was excited to explore this less-travelled city. braga is mainly known for its religious heritage, but it also has charming architecture and a vibrant street life. not far from city center, i stumbled upon this lovely facade with blue azulejos and ran towards the house. when i got closer i noticed this lady hanging clothes out to dry. thanks to my porto friends who were with me, we could say a few portuguese words to her while we took photos while she immediately responded and kindly smiled back at us!"
📷@sezgiolgac 📍braga, portugal 🇵🇹

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"without much planning or prior knowledge of what to expect, we went on a spontaneous road trip. we rented a car and had one week to explore the south of france. besides the beautiful turquoise waters, the best part of the region is the great mountain roads near the coast. i am a lover of alpine landscapes, so this was a joy. we came across this scenic little village at perfect timing at a perfect light."
📷@vitor.esteves 📍sainte-croix-de-verdon, france 🇫🇷

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"prior to arriving in budapest, i did little research and had only a vague idea of what i wanted to see and do. as i explored with my camera in hand, i happened on this viewpoint at buda castle hill. with panoramic views over the entire city, this location offered a unique perspective of budapest, and i was especially drawn to the symmetry of this funicular. although i'm not a big city person, i will never get tired of finding new ways to see a place.

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"tucked away in a side street of cairo, egypt, is the incredible ibn tulun mosque. we visited this in mid-day and there where only a handful of people. we climbed up the tower that gave us a bird-eye view over the entire square and city. being pretty much alone in this huge building made us see how tiny we actually are in this world."
📷@saltinourhair 📍cairo, egypt 🇪🇬

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During the six-hour bus ride from trinidad, cuba, to havana, photographer renise peters had just one thought floating through her head: “i hope there are more trinidad’s out there. i’d like to find and wander through them all, to fall in love over and over again.” if you’d like to fall in love too, you’re in luck — head to the link in our bio to get to know trinidad through renise’s eyes and photos.
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"i used to come to this small town on holiday as a kid. i recently took a trip back and walked through the ezé village, getting a feel for some of the streets that i had explored so long ago. the village is maze-like with narrow cobblestone streets and vibrant orange roofs. i decided i would try to capture it from above, and as i flew my drone, i noticed dramatically steep cliffs on either side of the town, accompanied by lush green forests below. it's interesting how a different perspective can lead to new discoveries; it wasn’t until i saw this place from above that i understood its true beauty. no matter how many times you visit a place, there is always something new to find."
📷@sek.ops 📍french riviera 🇫🇷

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Photographer @denisamirtharaj always wanted to visit chiang mai but waited to align his first ever trip with the celebrations of the annual flower festival. his patience paid off, as he got the chance to see this ancient royal city transform before his eyes into a kaleidoscope of color: travelers, parade-goers, monks, and merchants gathered together to create one-of-a-kind subject matter. head to the link in our bio to see the results! 📍chiang mai, thailand 🇹🇭 #passionpassport

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“the caminito del rey in the south of spain was once known as the world's most dangerous walkway. as the adventure-lovers that we are, naturally we had to explore it during our stay in andalusia. the walkway, pinned along the steep walls of a narrow canyon, offers an amazing view over the river and mountains. the hike was exhausting at times but ultimately rewarded us with great experiences and memories. the highlight was this suspension bridge at the end of the path – not only was it beautiful but also offered a little thrill!”
📷@ju.ff.a 📍caminito del rey, andalucia, spain 🇪🇸

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This week, turn your attention to everything round in our #ppcircles instagram challenge!

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"i was in the air like a seagull, flying over the 461 years-old suleymaniye mosque at sunrise. when the most innocent moment of a person is during sleep, i was watching over istanbul at its most unblemished hour."
📷@bildrone 📍istanbul, turkey 🇹🇷

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"flying in a cessna 206, back doors removed, two things were going through my mind when i took this image: ‘i cannot believe how turquoise this lagoon is’ and 'am i going to fall out of this plane?' i have dreamt of finding something like this that looks so perfect. it was a little untouched paradise, out of reach from humans and thriving with marine life."
📷@rosslongphotography 📍little lagoon, shark bay, australia 🇦🇺
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