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When this wheel opened in 2001 it was the world's 2nd tallest ferris wheel. i just went onto wiki to see where it is in the rankings now- it's 13th. so in 17 years we've built 11 even bigger ferris wheels around the world. i didn't realise there was such a market for gigantic wheels. forget cryptocurrency and gold, huge ferris wheels are where it's at apparently! #tokyotokyo @tokyotokyooldmeetsnew #diamondandflowerwheel #sponsoredpost

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So i've got some bad news team- it turns out they blew the entire budget on the trailer so the rest of the lion king is going to look like this. i'm joking i am! this is tokyo's museum of contemporary art and as far as i know it's got nothing to do with the savvanas of africa (although i can't say for sure because it was closed for renovation when i went so i don't know what's inside). i'm sure when it re-opens it'll be a roaring success! (i know, i know-too many bad jokes in one caption. it won't happen again) #tokyotokyo @tokyotokyooldmeetsnew #sponsoredpost

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Right in the heart of shinjuku there's a massive penguin- well i see it as a penguin but it's meant to look like a cocoon. it's mode gakuen's vertical university campus and the design was inspired around the concept of an incubator like space where students grow, transform and then flutter off into the world (metaphorically i'm guessing...unless they're being taught some kinda revolutionary flying technique in class. imagine that on graduation day, instead of throwing their caps in the air they throw themselves in the air!) i digress. where was i going with this? oh yeah- cool building, cool concept, cool design but just once can someone, somewhere please build a massive penguin. k'thanks. bye #tokyotokyo @tokyotokyooldmeetsnew #sponsoredpost #modegakuencocoontower

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I'm struggling with a caption about this building so instead i'll tell you about the ninja restaurant i went to after i took this photo. yup-a ninja restaurant. as soon as i walked in the un-assuming entrance things got weird; i was greeted by a ninja who jumped out of no-where (if you can call that a greeting). he then hurried me underground through a labyrinth of hidden doors, waterfalls and over a bridge that appeared & then disappeared (at which point i wondered if it was richard o' brien under the ninja outfit because it was very crystal maze like). anyway eventually we end up in a mini courtyard and this is where i'm seated. richard o'brien bows, leaves and then pretty much immediately returns with a black cocktail (which was surprisingly delicious) & suggests the tasting menu. i decide it's probably best not to disagree with a ninja (and i've always liked richard o'brien) so i agree with his suggestion. i think there were nine dishes and each one was served with a flourish- something was either set on fire, cut with a sword, floating on dry ice or was decorated lavishly (and of course richard o'brien is on hand to refill your mysterious black cocktail throughout the night). everyone also gets a visit from the master ninja but i won't ruin the surprise. it was a fun night- i can totally recommend it if you're in tokyo- the restaurant is called ninja akasaka (sorry to those that won't get the richard o'brien reference) #tokyotokyo @tokyotokyooldmeetsnew #sponsoredpost #dentsubuilding

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I stayed a few nights at the brilliant @shangrila_tokyo while i was over in tokyo last month. they looked after me so well that i thought it was only fair i helped them out with the flower arranging around the hotel! thanks for having me @shangrilahotels, i wish i had more time there- your team are always so game for helping out with these photos (even if they don't quite get what i'm up to!) #shangrilatokyo #shangrilahotels

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I don't know what the japanese equivalent of "dracarys" is but if i did that would have been the caption. instead i'll tell you a kind of interesting fact about tokyo tower- in 1989 a new lighting system was installed which illuminates the tower's frames from dusk to midnight. over summer the lights are metal halide lamps but over winter they're changed to sodium vapor lamps. the reason? sodium vapor lamps give off a warm red glow which is meant to help offset the cold winter months for the city's residents, whereas the metal halide lamps give off a cool, white colour which helps during the hot summer months. good thing i was there in october or else the dragon flame idea wouldn't have really worked🗼 #tokyotokyo @tokyotokyooldmeetsnew #tokyotower #sponsoredpost

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As a kid i grew up on urban myths and the legend of robin hood was one of the stories i loved the most (i’m pretty sure i once dressed up badly as him for a birthday party, but fortunately i can’t find any photographic evidence of this).taron egerton has done a much better job of playing robin hood than i ever did, so to celebrate the new #robinhoodmovie i created this stencil of him from a scene in the movie. the film also features tim minchin as friar tuck which makes it even more worth seeing! robin hood is in cinemas november 21 #ad #robinhood #taronegerton @lionsgateuk @taron.egerton

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I’ve teamed up with @surface_uk again to make some noise (in this case jangly banjo noise) about the release of the new matte black surface pro 6. i'd like to pretend it's a bespoke design inspired by my cut-outs, but the reality is it’s available in matte black to everyone. anyway it seemed vaguely appropriate to head somewhere with black in the name to use the device, so here's a shot from blackpool beach. i was there over the weekend and managed to catch some pretty amazing sunrises #anythingbutordinary
i’m going to be adding my own touch to some of your photos with the matte black surface pro 6 today. check out my latest insta story if you want me to “paperboyo” one of your photos.

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(don't worry, he's probably fine) pretty much this time last week i was up here on mont ventoux enjoying the sunset after a day of cooking, vineyards & hikes-i didn't hike up here though, it's 1,909m high. if you're a tour de france fan you'll probably recognise the name of this place, it's one of the most gruelling parts of the race. there's been a number of tour highlights here but the one i most remember is back in 2016 when chris froome had to jog about hundred metres up the mountain while he was waiting for a neutral service bike after his own bike was damaged by a motorcyclist. he went on to win that year. @provenceguide #sponsored #provenceguide #francefr #feelfrance #montventoux

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A few weeks ago i was at montmorency ghouls, sorry, i mean montmorency falls (i'll give you a moment to lol at that....) and got totally drenched but had the best time exploring & playing around with this concept. have a happy & safe halloween (and for those that aren't into halloween- happy wednesday) #ghost #halloween #montmorencyfalls #explorecanada #quebecoriginal

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The los angeles chargers were here in london for their nfl game, so to add a bit of hollywood glitz to the occasion i put one of @discoverla 's most famous landmarks, the walk of fame, on the millennium bridge 🌟 #visittheusa @visittheusa

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Go home lampost, you're drunk. these quirky sculptures were created by chris hanson & hendrika sonnenberg and stand/slump on halifax's waterfront. funnily enough not everyone realises they're sculptures - they're often mistaken for being storm damaged because halifax lies in the path of hurricanes that come up from the eastern seaboard of the us @visitnovascotia #sponsored @explorecanada #visitnovascotia #explorecanada @discoverhalifax #discoverhalifax

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