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That’s my girl @kenseyjean bringin’ it, right after the public school event tonight! #newyorkstyle #howardstreet #psny

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Margiela rules! in the retrospective at the galliera museum in paris, each detail of each garment, each limb of each mannequin, each ensemble is a revelation of a creativity unlike any other. i am in awe. #margiela #martinmargiela #antwerpfashion #genius #fashion

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Croatia - nigeria #worldcup #andtheworldstops

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From heavenly bodies, a great show about fashion and catholicism at the metropolitan museum of art, just a few of many gems: thierry mugler’s angelic evening ensemble (1984-85); jean paul gaultier’s “ex-voto” dress (2007); alexander mcqueen’s birch wood angel wings (1999); a stern givenchy (alexander mcqueen, 1999) in the foreground, and a fiery valentino (pierpaolo piccioli, 2007) in the background. congratulations to all our colleagues at the met (especially stephanie kramer), wonderful show! and i haven’t seen the cloisters portion, yet. #heavenlybodies #alexandermcqueen #givenchy #thierrymugler #jeanpaulgaultier #costumeinstitute #valentino

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A pillar of new york design, r & company (former r 20th century), opens in glory just one block north of its historic location. kudos, zesty and evan! and yes, that is an original memphis 1981 boxing ring by masanori umeda, in the flesh—the only updates are the pillows, remade exactly by the same japanese workshop. #randcompany #masanoriumeda #memphisdesign #memphis #tawaraya #nydesign

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Super citizen! the superciudadano suit invented in 1995 by antanas mockus, then mayor of bogotá, on display in the exhibition ‘the future starts here’ at the victoria and albert museum. #thefuturestartshere #victoriaandalbert #brokennature #antanasmockus #supercitizen #superhero #colombiarules

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#repost @broken__nature
join us (or watch us live) tuesday, june 19 at the triennale teatro dell’arte in milan, for a one-day symposium that will introduce some topics that are central to the xxii triennale, broken nature. how has design provided tools for constructive action on urgent issues in the past, and what can it offer in the present and future? what does it mean to be environmentally aware in the age of mass displacement, artificial intelligence, and rapid extinctions? with an international group of designers, scientists, architects, and curators, this symposium will strive to answer (and also formulate) new essential questions about humans’ relationship to their natural and social environments.
the event is free and open to the public. registration is required.
for more information about speakers and schedule please see
#brokennature #latriennale #triennalemilano

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Eye in the sky #maxxi #maxxiroma #zahahadid

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‘another generosity’ is the title of the nordic pavilion at the biennale d’architettura in venice. curated by eero lundén and juulia kauste, composed of architectures of air and water because “the anthropocene… is also an opportunity to re-think the most basic relationship between our buildings and ecology” (from the official release). #biennalearchitettura2018 #nordicpavilion #pneumaticarchitecture #bigbubble #brokennature #anothergenerosity #calldavidcronenbergnow

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Can words ever be neutral? we have pondered this question at moma r&d salon 25: why words matter. — with presentations by (in alphabetical order): fred benenson – kickstarter fellow and author of emoji dick, an emoji translation of herman melville’s classic moby dick;

isha datar – pioneer in the field of cellular agriculture, ceo of new harvest and mit media lab director's fellow;

jenna freedman – academic librarian and author whose research interest focuses on the intersections of power and library systems and structures;

lena herzog – documentary director, fine art photographer and director of last whispers, a project about the mass extinction of languages.

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