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“with bugs, you’re never home alone: a citizen-science project aims to catalog the spiders, insects and other many-legged creatures that live indoors with us.” a great story by nicola twilley in the new york times reminds us that not only our apartment, but also this earth does not belong to us only. illustration by heidi younger. #ilovebugs #homealone #brokennature #citizenscience #nytimes ht @annaburckhardt

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Angels. link in bio.

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The most recent moma r&d salon, devoted to angels––and not only of the winged kind—is now online. the link is in my bio. we have celebrated those who protect and guide us, mediate between individual and established powers, zero in on each soul with surprising intimacy and focus, and do their best with generosity and abnegation.
it was a great conversation with mustafa ali faruki (from thelab-lab, a brooklyn-based architecture practice), annette yoshiko reed (associate professor in the skirball department of hebrew and judaic studies and program in religious studies at nyu), jacolby satterwhite (visual artist), and calder zwicky (assistant director, teen and community partnerships, moma.) in the image, pieter bruegel the elder, the fall of the rebel angels, 1562.

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On november 2 at moma, architecture critic (and fine photographer, go figure!) oliver wainwright will discuss with moma curator sean anderson his new book ‘inside north korea,’ an adventurous foray into the dprk and its unique design sense. you can register on the moma website. #insidenorthkorea #ollywainwright #architecturephotography

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Stills from the mile-long opera by ds+r and david lang, a wonderful experience, a choral, funny, deeply intimate but also grand tribute to ny acted by 1,000 performers on the high line. so happy i saw it. #milelongopera #highline #highlinenyc #davidlang #dsr #feelsgoodtobehome

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Dangerous selfie: that’s me (my index fingerprint) in the picture, and that’s not the real title of rafael lozano hemmer’s ‘pulse index’ (2010), which records every viewer‘s pulse and fingerprint, and renders it at different scales. but that’s the title i’d give it. #brokennature

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#repost @broken__nature ——— what is the sound of an inferno? what sounds remain once a fire has destroyed everything? after losing his home to the california north bay fires in 2017, musician and soundscape ecologist bernie krause reflects on the voice of the natural world and its power over us, in a new post on the broken nature website. learn more about his work by following the link in bio and at

photo credit:
1: bernie krause, saint vincent island, florida, 2001. photo: tim chapman
——- #brokennature #triennalemilano #latriennale #berniekrause #wildsanctuary

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That’s my girl @kenseyjean bringin’ it, right after the public school event tonight! #newyorkstyle #howardstreet #psny

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Margiela rules! in the retrospective at the galliera museum in paris, each detail of each garment, each limb of each mannequin, each ensemble is a revelation of a creativity unlike any other. i am in awe. #margiela #martinmargiela #antwerpfashion #genius #fashion

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Croatia - nigeria #worldcup #andtheworldstops

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From heavenly bodies, a great show about fashion and catholicism at the metropolitan museum of art, just a few of many gems: thierry mugler’s angelic evening ensemble (1984-85); jean paul gaultier’s “ex-voto” dress (2007); alexander mcqueen’s birch wood angel wings (1999); a stern givenchy (alexander mcqueen, 1999) in the foreground, and a fiery valentino (pierpaolo piccioli, 2007) in the background. congratulations to all our colleagues at the met (especially stephanie kramer), wonderful show! and i haven’t seen the cloisters portion, yet. #heavenlybodies #alexandermcqueen #givenchy #thierrymugler #jeanpaulgaultier #costumeinstitute #valentino

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