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Yoichi ochiai, morpho scenery #yoichiochiai #tokyo #morphoscenery #mediaambitiontokyo

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Getting to know erica (erato intelligent conversational android), hiroshi ishiguro’s team’s lovely and chatty humanoid #humanoid #uncannyvalley #iloverobots

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R train, 2/13/18

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Anthony mccall at pioneer works. #anthonymccall #pioneerworks

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Wild encounters during a visit to a porcelain manufacture #nymphenburg #porcelain #monstersdoexist

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Meet wastl the sloth, star of the natural science collection of the state of bavaria, here lovingly held by director gerhard haszprunar. caught in the rainforest in the early 19 century by a hurried scientist, his body was shipped home in munich to preparators that had no idea of what a sloth looked or lived like. that’s why they stuffed him in a threatening grizzly-like posture… #wastl #funwithscience #taxidermy

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A christ from goa and a ganesha from java, “objects in conversation” from the great exhibition ‘india and the world: a history in nine stories,’ a collaboration between the british museum and csmvs in mumbai. #indiaandtheworld #csmvs #csmvsmumbai #ganesha

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I know you’ve had enough of this bloody moon...

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It’s really coming to an end… five more days of items! the exhibition closes on sunday, 1/28. i will really miss it. #itemsmoma

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It was a great honor to host mr. daniel day, aka dapper dan, yesterday @themuseumofmodernart. incredible turnout, most elegant audience ever, great questions, deep conversation. i am happy! thank you, adelia, jelani, kp, shell, larry, and all those who helped! #dapperdan #itemsmoma

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Happy (90th!!!) birthday to the divine joan kron, role model, indomitable journalist now turned filmmaker. yes, she just switched career. her first movie--please, take my nose--will be released soon on video. #joankron #pleasetakemynose

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Quoting @disegnodaily -- an emoji for 2018, courtesy of the wonderful @sebastianbergne, who responded to disegno’s brief with an emoji that reflects on a societal tendency to act without proper consideration of the likely effects. "in so many aspects of life today we seem to be making mistakes because we take action with too little consideration of the consequences," says bergne. "whether talking about pollution, global warming, electing rogue leaders or brexit this visualisation of the popular idiom 'shooting yourself in the foot' seems likely to be useful in 2018." read the full story on #sebastianbergne #emoji #shootingyourselfinthefoot

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No matter what washington does, says, ignores, or destroys, ny, la, sf, chicago, atlanta, alabama--dozens of states, hundreds of cities, millions of americans--stand with the world. i wish you a resolute, hopeful, and constructive 2018. (the great beanie is by kerby jean-raymond of pyer moss (2016)).

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Behold the conductor/mc/emperor of chris burden's metropolis @lacma #chrisburden #bestjobever

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Lucky me, i got the gift of a super xmassy performance by taylor mac (thanks, nora and joshua!) #taylormac #christmasspirit

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Scenes from a great rick owens retrospective at the triennale di milano #rickowens #triennalemilano

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'items' is one of the best art books of the year! so says @robertasmithnyt, and we proudly just have to take her word for it! 🙌🏽🙏🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽 kudos and thank you' @michellemillarfisher, stephanie kramer, @annaburckhardt! and congratulations also to all our colleagues, in this museum and everywhere else, for a strong year of meaningful, engaged, invigorating exhibitions. #itemsmoma

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Grazie dei fior, supermira!!!

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