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Tonight's indiana union construction industry skilled player of the game: @rakeemchristmas rakeem saw his most significant playing time of his nba career as he finished with four points, a career-high five rebounds in a career-best 14 minutes on the floor.

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@turner_myles does it all on this play!

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#pacerswin! final: #hickorypacers 102, grizzlies 92 @masfresco 17p/4r @iammontaellis 16p/3a @turner_myles 12p/6r @chef_voy_ardee 10p/10r jeff teague 10p/10a

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Tonight, our #hickorypacers honorees are the marion giants of 1985, '86, and '87. led by jay edwards, lyndon jones and kyle persinger, it was the last school to win three straight titles and the last to go unbeaten in the single-class tournament system. tap the link in our bio to learn their story.

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Halftime: #hickorypacers 61, grizzlies 49 monta ellis 14p/2a @chef_voy_ardee 8p/9r @masfresco 8p/2r @ygtrece 7p/3r

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Early minutes tonight for @rakeemchristmas who throws it down!

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Second half of the season starts now.

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#hickorypacers game = hickory #pg1 @ygtrece in the @nikebasketball pg1 pe "hickory"

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Thaddeus young is back from injury tonight and @masfresco is back into the starting lineup presented by @innationalguard.

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Gear up for the game. all #hickorypacers jerseys are 40% off on and at @bankerslifefieldhouse tonight.

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#hickorypacers pregame prep.

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