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Huge tortoise family 😍

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photo by © tufailkhan on ©steemit.com

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Baby bears climbing a tree 😍

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video by © @ville.petter 🐻

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Cute puffin 😍
photo/caption by @birdtog
one morning as i was photographing atlantic puffins on a remote island in scotland, the skies clouded over and it started raining. soon it was pouring and the wind was blowing the water right into my lens. while rain can be discouraging, i think it offers an opportunity for some diversity of shots. the birds kept coming back from the sea with mouths full of fish. they kept on working, and so did i. i was soaked, but so were the puffins.

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Would you live here? 🏠

4 seasons in the small island of rovaniemi, finland!

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photography by © @janiylinampa

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On the lookout! πŸ¦‰
an eastern screech owl peaks out of his tree trunk with three owlets.
amazing photo by © lesley mattuchio / @lesleymattuchio (www.lesleymattuchio.zenfolio.com)

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Meet the male (great) kudu!
check out the horns on this guy! these beautiful antelopes live in certain areas of africa, however, their number sin individual places have been thinned out by habitat destruction and poaching. luckily, these great animals are still a member of the 'least concern' category of the iucn, making them a huge attraction for wild african safaris!
curious fact: the great kudu's name according to the animal kingdom is 'tragelaphus strepciseros' and is part of the family 'bovidae.' quite a beautiful animal!

photo by © @licinia_machado_wildlifephotos

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The purring of a cheetah is beautiful!πŸ†
turn up the soundπŸ”Š - read more: β €
this is my magical girl velvet, and she isn’t a pet. she’s a rescue - she was found with ticks, fleas and a broken tail inside a bathroom as a cub. she has been put into a rehabilitation process previously but her crooked tail and dependence on people kept her from becoming a fully wild girl.
but she is happy. she is beautiful. she can hunt. she is living her best lifeπŸ’‹ also i have worked with animals for 10 years therefore i can have this privilege to be so close to them! ❌ respect all animals and do what’s best for them ✨ i want people to fall in love with cheetahs as much as i have.β €β €β €β €
β €
tag a friend below! πŸ‘‡ πŸŽ₯ and words by @lisatorajaqueline
caption via @natures

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Who’s going to see the new lion king? 🦁

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photo by © neil agate / via © exclusivepix

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Up close with a white tiger!
the royal white color is because of a recessive gene that the tigers parents carry. interestingly, they increase in size and weight faster than a typical tiger such as the bengal.

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photography by © sergey bidun πŸ…

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Polar bear sneaking a peak 🐻

polar bears can reach weight up to almost 1600 pounds! these massive and stunning animals live off the consumption of seals primarily, but can use there f*t deposits for food for large amounts of time if no food is present. truly magnificent animals!
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photo by © @audundahl

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Zhangye danxia landform geological park 🌈

this stunning landform resides in china, and was created by sandstone deposits occurring about 24 million years ago! these incredible formations are multiple hundred meters tall, with beautiful arrays of colors that continue changing to this day!

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tag someone that should see this!πŸ‘‡ photos 1 & 2: © getty images © huffington post

photos 3-6: © imaginechina © huffington post

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Waving hello! 🐻

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πŸŽ₯ by © @kylekotajarvi

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