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Awesome giveaway for you guys with @striderbikes . 🙌🏼 balance and coordination practice is incredible therapy for welles... it isn't something that comes easily to him but it's really important. over the past couple of weeks, we've bundled the boys up and taken them outside to practice. look at how focused they are! 😍 it's been really fun to watch both of them slowly build confidence in their bodies and ability. it's also a great way to warm up in this chilly weather! 😆 i love watching these two grow together. for all of the reasons above... you can certainly call us a @striderbikes family. 😉♥️ to enter... •follow @striderbikes and us
•like this pic •tag friends for extra entries
giveaway ends 12/15 and winner can choose between either a baby bundle, 12 sport, or 14x. 🚲 🚲 🚲

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Being mom to these kids is really something special. last night scarlett was supposed to be in bed but snuck into our room where she overheard scott and i talking in the bathroom. i was teary and telling scott that i wished i was a better mom. some days i just don’t feel worthy of these three... specifically on days where i lose my cool in the midst of the chaos. it wasn’t a big dramatic cry... just a venerable moment with my guy. scarlett returned about an hour later (when i assumed she was fast asleep) with this “love robot” that she made and note. (swipe left) she hates when i feel badly and always finds a way to cheer me up. her deep feelings make for some sweet moments. ♥️ and that gq boy front and center in the first pic... he has quite the way of reminding me that i’m a pretty awesome mom, too. 😆♥️ i don’t ever share to get reminders from you all that i’m a good mama... just telling you because i know sometimes we feel like we’re the only ones out there not rocking the day! but not only can that be a destructive thought... it’s usually inaccurate. your awesome kids are proof that you rule. 😘🙌🏼

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(in her prayer tonight) 🙏🏻 “please bless me to not get into arguments with girls at school... and please bless my teacher to control her temper if i do!” she forgot to give thanks for that teacher who does seven-year-old drama five days a week. 😆 now that we’re talking seven-year-olds... what are some good stocking stuffers? any fun or unique ideas? or do i simply fill it with oranges again? 🤷🏼‍♀️

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I’ve accepted that fact that almost half the items on our christmas bucket list might end in meltdowns (like when we went to see lights in 20 degrees). 🤷🏼‍♀️ now all of the successful activities will just feel like all the more victory! 😂 what are your christmas season musts? what are the top items on your family bucket list? (thank you @bellebucket for this cute spread!)

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As i stare out at frozen grounds... i’m dreaming of the days last summer before i lost the only pair of expensive glasses i’ve ever purchased... the days we spent digging our hands and feet into warm sand and watched the kids squeal at the rolling waves... ahhhhh, now let me put those snow boot back on. 😆 after i book a trip somewhere warmer that is! 😜 @ihg has a winter 20% off sale for all @ihg hotels. don’t mind if do! #sponsored #ihgannualsale #traveltime #willfollowwarmweather

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Shamelessly took this selfie having a tender moment in the middle of a super c****y day. 💛 how does he always know when he’s needed? this seriously-wiggly child (who never stops moving) used to climb up onto my sisters lap as she mourned the loss of her baby and would snuggle her for the longest periods. he just knew she needed that extra love and freely gave it. he’s a miracle and a light. he’s a personal “happy batteries” charger. today stunk... but he made it just bright enough to get me through with a smile at the end of it all! and by the way... no need to worry for me like some of you tender pals do. 💛 just long, exhausting and a little discouraging. but life is great and i’ve got this!

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To the girl who taught me that you can grow a full new heart with new life... happy 7th birthday! blubbered and laughed while making a video letter to her. some of the pics and video clips just k**l me as i forgot how little she once was. ♥️ she doesn’t get as much face time on here but if you wish her a happy birthday, i’ll read her comments from our wonderful cyber friends! she’ll be tickled. go to the link in profile to see the letter and clips. ♥️ #scarbug #mygirl #7

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Watch until the end. this is one of my favorites and shows just how scarlett is her own little person. she definitely doesn’t follow the crowd. 😂 i’m going to be celebrating my cautious little fire c*****r all day long. she was about 3 in this video. i can’t believe she’s seven! 😅

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Parenting is so easy... 🤷🏼‍♀️😎🤔😂 are you laughing or mad by that sentence? #kiddingpeople i finally posted the video interview of your questions with family coach @barefootbabbit on the blog! 🙌🏼 go take a watch of us talking about how to handle highly emotional kids. we’ve been on this journey with scarlett since day one and i love talking about it and what she’s taught us. it’s been amazing learning and sometimes hard realizing that i 🙋🏼‍♀️ have growing to do to be her best mom. words can’t describe how blessed i feel to be the mother of that little feeler. 🙌🏼 disclaimer for this video... it’s a little long but we hit some good questions that were asked by lots of you and hope you enjoy it. sending all the love to you amazing parents out there. 🙌🏼♥️ link in profile 😘

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Raise your hand if your home has already been hit hard by sick season?? 😷 i don’t post enough solo pics of this kid. 😍 today he’s been pretty under the weather and i hate seeing him say “owie” and “hurt”... but i love the impromptu naps on my lap and long cuddles. what is it about the baby of the family and just being completely wrapped around their tiny little finger? i’m done for.... ♥️ #babybrother #ames #sickseason

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The gift guide is back this year! remember our four categories for the kids? want, need, wear and read? we got literally all of those categories covered at @walmart and spent just the right amount doing so. #win in the vlog post (link in profile) i also cover how we got our extended family list completely checked off with high end brands and wanted items also from @walmart . it's a huge weight to have that all done before the last second (as i usually do). but should you be a last-minuter like my usual self... they have free 2 business-day delivery on orders at least $35 (restrictions apply) .. head the blog and watch the vlog (ha!) and lmk if you do similar categories for your kids!
#sponsored #walmarttopgifts #giftguide

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“oh my gosh”.... serves me right for trying to take a selfie. 🤷🏼‍♀️ this was a few years ago when scarlett got the impulse to perform a surgery on my mouth or something. • in case you’re having a similar parenting week... i thought that i would let you know that i’m currently editing the video we made with a behavioral specialist answering your questions!! i hope it’s helpful for you hard working and hard loving moms and pops out there! i’ll let you know when it’s up. 💛 #thatmomlife

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