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“don’t tell anyone it’s my birthday” 🎈 sorry love, i’ll never respect that wish! help me make this his most publicly embarrassing birthday yet and wish my bashful guy a happy one. 😉 he is our rock, our fun, our always content, our lowest maintenance member of the clan, our loving, our kind, our good to the core, our wonderful, our incredible.... birthday boy, dad and hunk of a husband. we love you “stot” (as welles calls him). could not, would not, even do this life without you. ♥️ #happybirthday

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#tbt 💛 my favorite thing about having three babies back-to-back... watching them bond and bring out the best in each other. sibling love is something that my parents made sure was very strong in our home growing up... we had no choice but to love each other. i cannot tell you how many times i heard my mom yell “stop fighting! you girls are best friends!” 😂 so we believed it... and still do. 😉 love (between the picking at each other) in a home is what brings out the best in all of us... at least that’s how i feel about it. 💛this picture is two years old but that pose is still played out daily on that same couch. but don’t be fooled... it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. he may have tugged her hair right after. 😆🏡💛

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Watch out, new driver on the block! actually... scott was driving with a remote control. did you even know that these kid cars can come with a remote?? i googled it after being in idaho where welles would hourly disappear and sneak-climb on top of all the four wheelers and motorcycles! the boy wants to drive!! so we got him this awesome car by @bcproducts and it was the hugest hit at his birthday. it's an awesome option if you don't trust your five-year-old behind the wheel. ;) he really thinks he's driving and wakes up asking for his "gar" every day since his birthday. it might be the cutest thing ever seeing him in his very own lightning mcqueen! i'll put this in my stories with a swipe up so you mamas can see exactly where we got it. #yowelcome ;) #mybcp

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How do you encourage your child's creativity? what are some of the ways that you pull them from a screen-filled world and place them into an activity where they use their minds and bodies? for years it seemed like scarlett and the boys were in such different places developmentally that they rarely engaged in similar activities… then in the last few months i have watched their little worlds collide and they all prefer imaginary play over any other activity. all three! nothing makes a mom happier than watching all of her offspring play happily (for the most part!) together. sometimes it lasts ten minutes and sometimes it lasts for hours. sometimes big sister is extremely patient as she tries a tea party with her puppy-dog-like brothers and some days, it’s harder! either way, i love watching the bonding and learning that they do together. this @jumpoffjo blanket fort is so fun for them to pull out and create all sorts of scenarios together, mostly with scarlett bossing the boys and instructing them on how to play. ;) they’re learning how to build and create in a fun and easy way. the put up and take down of this tent is super easy and super fun! we snagged ours on amazon and love it!!!

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Happy monday from these two oatmeal face stuffers! i’m over here trying to decide how to be more productive with my time while all three are at their various schools. do you set weekly goals? or is that excessive? do you have favorite books or methods to help your personal efficiency?? i want to be better at kickstarting my weeks! #mondays

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You better believe after taking this pic, i climbed in to get snuggles from mr. smiley right there! 😍 this is a very sought after blanket around our house... often a tug-of-war breaks out for it on movie nights. have you used a weighted blanket? the compression and weight feels like a giant hug on your body, helping you to relax and feel calmed. we got it with welles in mind for sensory processing but honestly, i think scarlett needs it just as much as him! our girl struggles to relax and fall asleep... like really bad (hello 11:30pm scarlett 😩). her little mind never stops going, never shuts off. she gets worked up easily and after begging scott to get a dog to lay by her and calm her, we comprised on a blanket. 😂 apparently blankets are easier to commit to than puppies. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #someday so the blanket is used by all members of our home for a couple different reasons. at nap time, welles lays under it feeling that compression on his low sensory body. we love it! @calmingcomfort has awesome and affordable ones. they were kind enough to give us a code for any of our friends to use! code: oakley15 gets you 15% off. we’ll be getting a second blanket to eliminate the tug-of-wars!

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I know... his birthday is a few days passed. but every year i spend some time staring at this picture from the day welles was born. i actually keep it on my desktop to open randomly throughout the year as a reminder... a reminder to not be so afraid of the things that i don’t know or fully understand... a reminder to worry less and have more faith... a reminder to allow myself to feel all the emotions and then move forward with hope. i wish so badly that i hadn’t deleted most of the pictures from that day... i looked so sad and about a month later felt so ashamed of those feelings and went on a deleting rampage (so silly). it’s okay to feel pain and disappointment... just know that the feelings will fade and likely turn into the most precious gratitude and incredible love. ✨ also, it is possible to feel sadness and love for someone in the same moment. 💛 #welles #myguy #nothingdownabouthim

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When you’re left out of the family band... and you were born to be a star. ⭐️ #poutingames #babybrotherproblems

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Attention to all my fellow ds mamas! are you coming to @dearmomconference in provo, ut on nov. 3rd? please say yes! i’ll be speaking along with @heatheravis (@theluckyfewofficial ), terry brown (@sohappytolearnatmrsbrkwnshouse ), and alan and nikki lawrence (@thatdadblog ), and then.... a live podcast with @theluckyfewpod ! and you guys... the beautiful ladies of “dear mom” offered $25 off your ticket with code: dmpromo25! if you’re not local and still want to come, i know they got discounted rooms at the local marriott for those flying in! i hope to see you friends there!!! below is my “dear mom” letter... 💛 (link for tickets in the @dearmomconference profile) "dear mom,
welcome to the best club on earth! shortly after having welles, the motto kept popping into my head "there is nothing down about it!" because we fell so hard for our angelic little boy with "down" syndrome. it killed me that so much of the world did not understand his worth and i swore to the lord above that i would share his perfect light with anyone who would let me. these feelings of hope, happiness and a drive to advocate like mad, came after floods of tears and disbelief. that's all a normal part of this process and journey... but trust me when i tell you that those sad and fear-driven feelings will turn to a happiness you did not know existed! welles has changed our family for the better in so many ways that tears come to my eyes just trying to number those blessings. i once read "how does one tiny, extra chromosome take all of the malice out of a human"?? well science can't figure it out and neither can i... but it somehow does. while our kids might have different struggles than typical kids, they'll also have natural strengths that are unattainable to the rest of mankind... and we get them in our families. talk about being among #theluckfew. through the challenges and as you celebrate your child with a little extra, we are family in this community and here to support and love you through it all. love, your new sister and a fellow t21mama, oakley"

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Five! 👋🏼 this boy had the best day. 🎈thanks for all of the sweet birthday wishes and kind comments on our video! i’m still reading through them and floored at the love and support. this community is so good to us. 💛

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Welles is five! my vlog letter to our big boy and some favorite footage of him from over the past year. click the link in my bio for the full video. 💛 could not be happier to celebrate everything that welles is today! 🎈 #birthdayboy #nothingdownabouthim

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@nutella should be paying me the big bucks for rights to this picture. 🍫 ames... all boy, all mess, all dirt, all rocking-throwing and all chocolate loving. 😆♥️ #babybrother #mylittlestlove

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