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Tuesday mornings it’s just the two of us for about 3 whole hours. we do a lot of snuggling and jabbering. what are some of your favorite one-one-one activities with your toddler (technically five-year-old 😮)?? though i’m fine to just snuggle that whole chunk of time. 😜 @instasize.official

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Last week, i turned my head for literally 30 seconds to round up shoes and jackets while these little leprechauns (still don’t know exactly how 🤔) snuck inside this game. you should have seen the process of me climbing onto the ski-ball machine next to this game to pry them out. 🤦🏼‍♀️ without making much eye contact with any bystanders, i rushed our little circus out. all after getting some video footage of course... because someday i’m going to have to prove to them why i’ve gone insane. 🤪😅 #theseboys #ninjas

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I used to have to sit on the ground with welles’ head looking at the ceiling between my legs while pinning his arms under my legs to brush his teeth... 😆 sounds like torture, i know. he’s never been a big fan of the toothbrush. 🤦🏼‍♀️ we recently got these slim little electric brushes from @getquip and love them so much that i wanted to share with you guys. 🙌🏼 he (along with scar and ames) love the vibrations from the toothbrush and never put up a fight, instead grabbing it the second i swipe on the paste and go to town cleaning those teeth! they’re an easy grip and we hang them right back on the mirror when we are done. can i get a hallelujah for better hygiene?! 😂🤷🏼‍♀️#quippartner (use code “nothingdownaboutit” for a $10 refill credit)

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Yesterday i found this boy n***d and giggling in soaking bedding after naps. this was just following scout (🐶) pooping all over my car on his way to get shots at the vet and ames two blow-out diapers in his jammies. i never could have imagined cleaning this many #1 and #2 messes.... 😣 good thing these three boys have such darling faces and costco sells clorox wipes in bulk. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Sunny day and light sweaters yesterday... snow storm today. beautiful! but confusing. this has felt like the longest winter of my life. 😆 anyone else dreaming of popsicles and backyard slip-n-slides? ☀️ ❄️

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Just over a year ago we were so shaken by the news that we may lose a much-too-young grandma. #brand_partner i could not even think of the devastation that scott, the kids and i would go through in possibly losing scott’s mom. our kids are so close to grandma... scarlett in particular has such a strong connection with my sweet mother-in-law. did you know that b****t cancer will affect 1 in 8 women in the us in her lifetime? in the last two years it’s affected four women in our family and taken the life of a dearest family friend. 💔 please share with @susangkomen your b****t cancer story or who you want to protect from b****t cancer at #unacceptable #susangkomen #thefactsthestats

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Daylight savings is no friend of ours... why?! 😩😭😴😅😆 though i’m loving this bright evening... i would be happy if daylight savings stayed away forever. so many grumps trying to figure this new schedule out over here. am i the only one?? 🙋🏼‍♀️

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Happy international women’s day from me and the strongest little woman i know! as far as we can tell... girls run the world. ♥️👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭

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They’re back! shirts, sweatshirts, kids and men’s shirts are all restocked in time for world down syndrome day. some new shades added. 😍🙌🏼 nothing makes me happier than seeing your posts in this gear... spreading love, inclusion and awareness. 💛😊 code: down10 gets $10 off your shirts. link in profile (then click “shirts”) will take you directly to all the options. yay @centsofstyle 💛💛💛

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Can you tell that welles is trying to sing the words?! ♥️ these moments... watching him try to pronounce and be so joyful in the process as he works to communicate what’s he’s hearing... pure joy. ♥️ i don’t take these little moments for granted... welles has a way of making me step back and allow myself to feel it all in slow motion. ♥️ he and his daddy bond so much over music. i can’t tell who is cuter in this video but my heart is a pile of mush. 🥰 #music #joy #nothingdownaboutit

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Are you having a project saturday or lazy saturday??? welles is thinking party saturday... 🕺🏼

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Today was heavy and heartbreaking. i respond to hundreds of messages and most of them just warm my soul and make so feel so lucky that we get to be in this position with the audience we have! so much love, so much support and so many gracious people who are thankful for a glimpse of life with welles. but sometimes i get those really hard and painful messages about people who decide to not carry through with their pregnancy because of the down syndrome diagnosis. this is not me starting a discussion about pro-life or pro-choice!! that is not the issue i’m addressing. it’s about the tragic misconception that this diagnosis is seen as a determining factor of the “quality of life” that their child will live. and let me tell you... they are just dead wrong. your child having an extra chromosome will not make their life sad or unworthy of living. in fact... most of the people i know with down syndrome live much happier and beautiful lives than the rest of us... not worrying about the tediousness we get so caught up in. every single child comes with challenges but why do we assume that we know the depth of an unborn child’s challenges? a friend of mine said “what if each child came with a text book laying out all of the challenges that child will face?” wouldn’t that be scary? welles has been our easiest child in so many ways as he has taught us how to truly live a full and meaningful life. i’m not shaming women who’ve chosen the path that i’m addressing... but my heart is breaking for the unknown they decided they could not face. if only we stopped trying to control our outcomes in life (myself included), i think we could experience joys we never saw coming.

it’s hard not to take these messages personal... thinking they are looking at my son and deciding his “type of life” isn’t worth it. i know that’s likely not the case but that is the way it hits my heart. you are so worthy sweet boy and i will always be proud of exactly who you are. #letlifesurpiseyou #nothingdownaboutit

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