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When it’s this flipping hot outside... mom will slip and slide fully clothed. 😅and watch out welles.... mom gets competitive. 💦 #cominginfirst
you guys who joined scott and i last night on ig live... we love you. thanks for the fun questions, for laughing with us and always being so good to our little family. we feel your love and light. 🙌🏼 #nothingdownaboutit p.s. welles is addicted to this slip and slide ♥️💦

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•giveaway• you guys.... i’m really excited about this because i’ve finally found an incredible quality suit for my short torso! i can wear a cute one-piece because it’s adjustable in length and is totally flattering in all the right places. 🙌🏼 when you’re constantly jumping in to grab a kid, 💦 chasing them from exiting the pool area (sometimes slipping maybe...) and trying not to look like the hot-mess-poolside-mom you are... (speaking for myself 🙋🏼‍♀️) a good suit with all the support is kind of a must. 👌🏼i went into @shopdmfashion and was blown away by the quality of their suits and how helpful they were in finding me something that i felt comfortable in. so... let’s give one of you one. 🙌🏼 all you need to do is... •like this post
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good luck ladies! and remember... when you slip while chasing your kid, gracefully roll into the pool and pretend it never happened... 🤫🤷🏼‍♀️
#liveindmfashion #momlife #nothingdownaboutit

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Woke up 20 minutes ago (10:45am). 😆 we pulled in at about 2am and all of us slept hard. we spent 12 hours together in the car yesterday and i can still honestly say that i love road trips and would do it again next week. 🚐 there is definitely a some whining, we always eat garbage on the road and the car looks like it was hit by a tornado (on the inside)... but i love being in one place, all strapped in and ready for little adventures with my family. what’s is the longest road trip that you’ve taken with your family?? i love hearing people’s stories!

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It feels so good to be back home... where my roots are, in places filled with memories and showing my kids where i spent my childhood. last night we went to the ball park that my dad took my sisters and i to many times growing up so we could relive those days... but with our now 9 (all together) kids and husbands. at one point ames threw a huge beach ball over the fence and onto the field where a player had to get it and throw it back to us. 😆 it’s going to be hard going back to my current home tomorrow. (swipe left to see the original crew) tell me where you grew up. i love seeing where our cyber friends are from! 🏡 #backhome #northerncagirl #familytime #nothingdownaboutit

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😂oh man... if you know my dad, our family love for classic rock + his and welles’ sweet bond... you really know why this video is such a treasure. 😂♥️ but even if you didn’t know those things... i’m sure you can see why. ✨#levelguitars #welleshero #nothingdownaboutit

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Going through old memories of this time a couple years ago. ♥️ it was around my 30th birthday and we were staying at @thegrandamerica as a family to celebrate. scarlett insisted we pretend that we were a royal family in a castle because it was “the most prettiest place” we’d ever been. the five of us had a big sleepover in one room which i thought would turn into a disaster. instead it became one of my fondest family memories. they say to “go big” for your 30th and what better way to “go big” than to spend it with your favorite people? i’m not typically much of a birthday person... but what are your favorite ways to spend your birthday as an adult? mine is just around the corner... 🎈#summerblondies #memories #nothingdownaboutit

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Gracie and welles... 5 days apart. both surprise diagnosis’ of down syndrome at birth. both turned their families worlds upside down with fear and worry. both of their mommas cried for days when rethinking their families futures. and both sets of parents spent the weekend almost in tears while conversing about the blessings and miracles they’ve been for both families. gosh.... ain’t #nothingdownaboutit #letlifesurpriseyou 💕

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Sunday family selfie! technically taken saturday, but hey... check out that blue water. 😍 left friday for our ca trip to visit my family where i grew up! we made a pit stop for two nights in truckee at @megfield’s amazing cabin, spending time with more of our down syndrome community family (i swear welles put us into the best family-club on earth #dsfamily). 💓 now, we are headed to my childhood home where my kids can run wild with cousins in a place my parents catered to grandkid fun (you’ll see if you watch my stories, it’s the party place)! anyone else have plans to travel to nostalgic childhood places this summer? i hope so... 💕 #tahoe to #sacramento #nothingdownaboutit

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When pals like @lifewithrubyandconner come to visit... it’s a competition to see who can hurl themselves into the ball pit the greatest amount of times. 😆 i think conner won. #thesepals #thebestkind #nothingdownaboutthem

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What are your fourth of july traditions? i woke up giddy to get ours going! bike parade, here we come. love this country, love this holiday, love those three. 🇺🇸 happy 4th friends! #happyindependenceday

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Remember yesterdays post and all of your beautiful comments that made my heart burst?? ♥️ well i really should have mentioned all of the amazing moms and kids that from a young age do practice inclusion. there are lots of people who go above and beyond, embracing pals like welles... they don’t need coaching, they just get it. ♥️ this is benson and he gets the magic of exceptional kiddos. maybe he feels the happy connection and maybe @shelbyosmond is just an awesome mom. i think it’s probably both. #buds #inclusion #peopleareawesome #nothingdownaboutit

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I knew it was coming. i’ve heard it talked about in mommy circles of kiddos with ds before... but i kept my head in the sand a little while longer, telling myself that we were far off from this phase. well now it’s here... the dreaded and growing cognitive gap of kids with ds and their peers... it’s just inevitable. when they’re small toddlers, they all just want to play with and steal each other’s toys, muttering a few known words, like “no!” or “mine.” when welles was a little younger, his peers didn’t even seem to notice that gap... it was just a small and faint difference. now, he can’t keep up with their babbling chatter and games... so he gets left behind. while the other nearly five-year-olds are having play dates and fun birthday parties, welles is rarely invited. and while we’re at the beginning of this phase, my mommy heart already breaks for him. but then i stop and really think about his feelings... does he care or feel hurt? no. he walks up and plays with any willing buddy, happily. he doesn’t feel sad or upset at being left out... he lives in the moment and includes anyone around him. he’s the perfect example of inclusion and kindness... and someday, in the next phase, when his peers are old enough to understand him... they’ll learn from him. and they’ll love including him. it’s all a process... like with any other kid, typical or exceptional. phases can be h*****n our tender mommy-feelings... but luckily kids are resilient. and honestly... the phases my typical kids will face are likely going to be much harder! 😆 #myboy #mybuddy #superwelles #nothingdownabouthim

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