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So stoked to share this trip to basque country with my dad. this was not only his first trip to europe, but this was the furthest he has ever traveled from home. plenty of wine, beer, walking, surfing & an exceptional amount of sunlight each day. love you so much dad! @hallnit ❤️

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Sneaky greg sliding a few this evening in the bay of biscay

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Love to my mom today & everyday ❤️

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The singer not the song #leicam6

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Topa! salinas, spain 2011 #contaxg2

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#ducttapeinvitational zarautz, may 18-20 🎨: @mcfetridge

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Heading to basque country soon for the first #ducttapeinvitational of 2018 (zarautz, may 18-20th). here’s some shots of past euro duct tapes.

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Pasado perfecto polaroid exhibition in málaga, spain. huge thanks to @instapatgraham who curated the show. honored to be among the photographers in this show.

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🇿🇦 january 2018 #leicam6 #kodaktrix

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Vice president santiago #leicam6 #kodaktrix

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Muizenberg, 🇿🇦 2018 #leicam6 #kodaktrix

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Rip to my 7’10 @bobbersandsinkers asym. hoping @delta does the right thing with my claim. looks like it was dragged behind a vehicle or got stuck in the wheel well, completely crunched the rail, burned a section through the fiberglass and a few punctures on the bottom for good measure. wish it was repairable, board was magic. she spent her last days in super fun waves in rainbow bay 🇦🇺. @jimmicane captured the moment of despair 😩

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