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Flippin’ marvellous sunday morning we’re having...

comment 1 star 14 19 hours ago

My darling @jennaflower sent me this photo tonight, which i’m fairly sure i haven’t seen before, from the first time we went to #paris together. i remember what i felt, leaning out that #montmartre hotel window, marvelling at the street below, on one of the biggest adventures of our lives. which is now forever and hilariously juxtaposed with hellllllooooo my arse. 🤣❤️🍑

comment 1 star 23 Yesterday

Just gonna watch one of my three favourite xmas movies of all time. it’s on vimeo. watch, do! ❤️

comment 0 star 10 Yesterday

What are you laughing at, @bawlbag_baggins? @wastedelegance and me on the bus with all the alans.

comment 3 star 14 Yesterday

Timehop treated me to some old pics this morning.
1. 1989, shopping for records in toronto.
2. hallowe’en, when i was talouse lautrec, famously short french post-impressionist painter.
3. me and the auld fella, whitby, on the same spot my parents met a few years before.

comment 5 star 31 Yesterday

Not going to works xmas do, do selfie. #selfiewanker

comment 2 star 28 2 days ago

My newest ornament. our kid is a star on my tree. 😍

comment 9 star 59 4 days ago

Lovely day out with owa caroline at my favourite place. #barterbooks #alnwick #northumberland #oldbooks #coalfires #family

comment 4 star 36 6 days ago

Remember a few weeks ago when i had a total toddler-style tantrum about wanting one of these? well @jennaflower sent me two! thank you, the stunner. ❤️

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Yes, it’s raining. no, i can’t take them off. #sundayfootball #selfiewanker

comment 1 star 37 3 weeks ago

First #snowball of winter 2019. i’m not sorry. ❤️🤶🏻🎅🏻❤️

comment 6 star 20 4 weeks ago

Happiest of birthdays to my darling @jennaflower. i just found this on my phone, and she may not thank me for posting it, but oh, how i miss her. to know this astounding woman is to love her madly. many happy returns of the day to you, my 33 years and counting, betch. #hotrottenyoghurt ❤️

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