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Yesterday’s hair, beret, don’t care. #fuckingmassivesunglasses #selfiewanker

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Winter days need winter food. #eattherainbow #vegetarian #dumplings

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You know my soul i pay no mind no mind at all i'm on a high don't bring me down don't want to fall i'm way up here seeing you down there where you're not free i move with time leave you behind where you can see you are unknown and all alone nobody near i speak in vain i scream my name you disappear i know myself i feel no shame no shame at all i have to slip can't say goodbye don't want to fall

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Ben finds a metronome a little distracting so we use the shin-slap-kebab-skewer method of keeping time. #trinitycollege #grade5 #piano #exam #nervousmammy #twoweekstogo

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One of my mother’s day presents has this written on the back of it. ❤️

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Friday, you magnificent darling. #selfiewanker #selfie #neglectedeyebrows

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Happy #internationalwomensday all. i have, not intentionally, chosen today to go get my cervical smear test done! get your smear tests, girls! it’s really important! don’t be afraid to talk about them, either! 👊🏻❤️👊🏻

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T minis 3 weeks to grade 5 piano exam. one of us is handling this better than the other, as usual. #trinitycollege #iamnotagoodteacher #thing1 #teenager #expertteenager

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This is the fifth pair of sunglasses i’ve bought since xmas. i guess you could say i’m impatient for the weather to improve. #selfie #selfiewanker #thebiggerthebetter #fuckingmassivesunglasses

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If he keeps yelling,”stupefy!” i’ll never get ready for work. #worldbookday2018 #harryproctor

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Next in the lift selfie series: 4am airport time with hangover. 🤢

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This was all the food at asia asia’s brunch. we couldn’t finish it all - but everything was absolutely amazing. ❤️

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Thoughts: 1) the maximum allowed number of photos in an instagram photo is ten. this is directly proportionate to the amount of cocktails i have consumed, and i have purposely taken a photo of them, for counting purposes. 2) there’s a sephora in the mall next to where i am. this can only end well.

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And the next in the “reflections in a lift” series is: day off. out for brunch. girl dress.

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Screaming from the minarets

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Out for a walk this morning. i have been to the supermarket to buy spices and arabian coffee, and of course, stopped at timmies for a double-double.

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Shall i put my feet in? #dubai

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Icy conditions here, also. #dubai #iamdeeplysorry

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Floor 43, please. to the sky bar! get me a bellini!

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