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Don’t leave i am not ready

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🐝🌸🌱❤️ #nationaltrust #seatondelevalhall

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Through the looking glass @jennaflower #nationaltrust #seatondelavalhall

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Spent the morning at seaton deleval hall with the stunner. @jennaflower #nationaltrust #betches #picturesthroughwindows #thedamned

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I wish it was socially acceptable to yell at people to clear off out of your photos. this one of @jennaflower would be loads better if all the randoms would have just hidden in shop doorways for a brief second while i took the photo. jeeeeez. #york #betchesdoyork

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The view of #yorkminster from clifford’s tower. #betchesdoyork

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Windy. #betches

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I didn’t take this for the reason you think i took this. #yorkminster #betchesdoyork

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Here lieth the body of (trying to be artsy fartsy but my phone tried to autocorrect that to “keith” f*****g four times.) #yorkminster #betchesdoyork

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Just went for afternoon tea in an old victorian pullman carriage that’s all. no big whup. #holyshit #fatarse #tea #betcheswhoeat #betchesdoyork

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