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Happy 99th birthday to this beauty❤️. my grandmother is alive and well! pls help me wish her happy bday. love you “dae-dae “

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Full day of work completed today in dallas!! thank u @blackamericaweb @carmina.barnett @williemaemciver @keithsolis1057 @eonenashville and. @kyayavonne for an amazing day!! #jonathannelson #declarations2018 #declarationsjn 💯🙌🏾😎

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Chicago was great!! thank u @snoopyhanna @sonyablakey @marcellajones1 @percy_bady @markhubbard1015 and so many others that made this part of my promo tour memorable!! off to dallas a ✈️ @eonenashville @omegageorge 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 #declarations2018 #jonathannelson #declarationsjn

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Memphis see u sunday night!! no words for what’s abt to happen with @brandonjclack and @cristabelclack just be there!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🔥🔥 @eonenashville #declarations2018 #jonathannelson #declarationsjn #allnationsmemphis @allnationsmemphis

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Pt 1 of day 1 chicago complete. thank u snoopy, debra rhodes pd for 102.3 fm rejoice, norris and effie. #declarations2018 #jonathannelson #declarationsjn @eonenashville

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Chicago. we are doing a listening party tonight and conversation abt declarations. limited seating. see u soon. #declarations2018

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Just landed in chicago and we are already doing radio and press with moody urban praise radio w/ effie rolf #declarations2018 #jonathannelson #declarationsjn

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🚨 declarations 🚨 available now! •
•did u download /purchase yet?! oh yes tell me what’s your fav song ....👇🏾. let’s go! @eonenashville #jonathannelson #declarations2018 #declarationsjn

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Dc it’s a wrap. we are working. “declarations “ promo tour has been phenomenal. chicago see u 2mrw!! #declarations2018 #jonathannelson #declarationsjn @eonenashville

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#recap last night philly. it was amazing.
i hope you’ve gotten your copy of declarations by now!! 😎

📷: @marissafarrow #declarationsjn #declarations2018 #jonathannelson @eonenashville

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Made it to dc. just wrapped “good morning washington”. working. #declarationsjn #declarations2018 #jonathannelson @eonenashville

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Supporting both of my friends @misserickaj and @rootmagazine #declarations2018

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