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Living in the land of the hobbits, tag someone you'd love to visit this place with! ✨ hobbiton, the shire, new zealand. photo by @kdkuiper #nature

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Joyful elephant πŸ’¦ maasai mara national park, kenya. photo by @lovejoy_kisali #nature

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Swimming in the middle of the ocean with a whale shark πŸ‹ would you? πŸ’¦ baja california, mexico. video by @postandfly #nature

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When pollution turns into art πŸš‚ niigata prefecture, japan. photo by @tom_tom_brother #nature

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Lovely squirrel at st. james's park πŸ˜ƒ london, united kingdom. photo by @lensereflection #nature

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Enchanting @nature tunnel πŸƒ the dark hedges, ballymonry, ireland. photo by @tannerwendellstewart #nature tag someone you would like to enjoy this magical path with! πŸ’š

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Outstanding camouflage of two scope owls 😍 india. photo by @saroshngp #nature tag someone who loves @nature ✨

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Follow @nature: baby goat, how cute! 😍🐐 rate 1-10? video by @the_gaysian_cowboy #nature

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Breathtaking icelandic landscape β›…β›° highlands, iceland. photo by @arnarkristjans_photography #nature tag who you’d take a trip here with 😍

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Room view at giraffe manor πŸ¦’ nairobi, kenya. photo by @corinne_t #nature

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Rice field’s farmers πŸ’¦ thailand. photo by @saravutwhanset #nature tag your travel buddy πŸŽ‹

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@nature encounters with the fauna in japan 🌺🦌 photo by @yuma_hidaka #nature

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