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Photo by @pedromcbride // sassy and small: this reed frog in the okavango delta is roughly 35mm in size but mighty in color and even bolder and brighter in sound. the orchestra of this landscape is a music beyond the input of machines that makes me smile. to see more, follow @pedromcbride #nature #kermit #greenisbeautiful #botswana #okavango #gratitude

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Photo by @gerdludwig. shortly after sunrise, a man begins irrigating the green belt in yemen. green belts help to protect settlements from encroaching sand dunes. @thephotosociety @natgeocreative #yemen #preservation #sunrise #irrigation #water

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Photo @juanarre. el salado, bolivar. colombia. the paramilitaries played music as they carried out the massacres in el salado. today students in a band drown out those memories. a teacher visits once a week to instruct the musicians, who range in age from seven to 23 and practice in a local park.

once a prosperous tobacco farming town, was the scene of colombia's deadliest massacre. the killing of el salado lasted six days from february 16 to 21 of 2000. by the end there 66 people killed and the remaining 4,000 residents fled, joining more than 2 million other internally displaced colombians at the time.
with the efforts of its leaders, the residents returned despite the presence of farc. today el salado and it's residents are transforming their grim past.
this picture was taken as part of the coverage for the january issue for @natgeo magazine about colombia and the challenges ahead for this nation after the signing of the peace agreement between the colombian government and farc putting and end of over 50 years of internal conflict.
#colombia #peaceprocess #elsalado #internallydisplacedpersons #challenges #kidsplaying #redballon #documentaryphotography #photojournalism @natgeo creative

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Photo by @joelsartore |

this adorable 12-week-old mink kit was found with its siblings when they were just a week old on a cold, rainy night in march when the den their mother had made in a piece of unused construction equipment was destroyed. an attempt to reunite the babies with their mother failed, so they were rescued by nebraska wildlife rehab. when they first came into care, their eyes were closed, they weighed just a few ounces, and had very little hair. they had to be fed a specialized formula every two hours until they were stable, and then six times a day until they were weaned onto solid food. they are mischievous animals, which makes them a unique challenge to rehabilitate. they are fast and love to climb and swim and require extremely specialized housing with a variety of habitats that includes pools and dens. they also must eat on a very regular schedule -- minks, like all weasels, have a high metabolism and aren't able to skip meals like other mammals. at nebraska wildlife rehab this species makes up a small part of the over 6,000 animals they care for each year, but their unique and challenging personalities always make them a staff and volunteer favorite! american mink are a common animal near bodies of water throughout north america. being semi-aquatic carnivores, they prey on fish, small rodents, reptiles, amphibians and birds. although this species has a stable population, its cousin (and the only other mink species in the world), the european mink, is listed as critically endangered by the iucn. @newildliferehab to see a photo of the other kits in the litter follow @joelsartore .

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Photograph by @simoncroberts .

tourists gather on the shores of loch scavaig in the small scattered hamlet of elgol, lying in the shadow of the peaks of the black cuillin mountains. a fishing and crofting village, for centuries elgol has been the starting point for visitors to be taken by boat right into the heart of the cuillin. it is believed that in the old norse language elgol means holy hill (helga hollr). follow @simoncroberts to see more photographs from this series and other works. #simonroberts #isleofskye #elgol #lochscavaig #thebritishlandscape

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Photo by @gabrielegalimbertiphoto /// enea, 6 - ollon, switzerland - take a moment and think back to your childhood. the era in your life when the only thing you knew about a bill was that it was a bird’s equivalent of lips and your day job was to construct fantastical worlds with your favorite toys. in my series ‘toy stories’, i explore the connection between children and their toys and i try to give an insight into their tiny worlds and takes you on a trip down memory lane.
‘toy stories’ is the result of an 24 month round the world trip where i visited a variety of countries and cultures and took photographs of children and their toys. i would often take part in a child’s games prior to arranging the toys for the photograph.
despite some differences, i found similarities between children living worlds apart. even in different countries, some children’s toys played the same function, or example protecting them from dangers and things they feared in the night. - toys haven’t changed all that much since i was a kid. i’d often find the kind of toys i used to have, it was nice to go back to my childhood somehow. // follow me @gabrielegalimbertiphoto for more photos and stories #lego #toys #play #kids #child #children #toy #kid #legoland

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Photo by @edkashi
mary pacherres alvarez is pictured here in the juan bosco dialysis clinic for her thrice weekly dialysis treatments in sullana, peru on feb. 13, 2018. stay tuned for more work from #peru, where @t_laffay and i continued our exploration & documentation of #ckdu with support from our @natgeo explorer’s grant.

@insidenatgeo #edkashi #oneshot #natgeo #photojournalism #peru #investigate #document #documentary #film #documentaryfilm #illness #disease #health #healthcare #dialysis #nationalgeographic #international #epidemic #portrait #reflection

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Photograph by @cristinamittermeier // i take a deep breath in and build up the courage to leave the familiar feeling of my feet on solid ground. i exhale and give myself over to this foreign world, where creatures with gills, scales, and fins are better suited to survive. i feel it in my soul every-time i dive beneath the waves: how can i, as an underwater photographer, capture and adequately convey the richness of life here? it is a challenge i've pursued ever since i made my first underwater photographs here in honduras in 2013. with each dive, my skills sharpen, my techniques strengthen, and my images get better and better. #follow my journey on @cristinamittermeier as i continue to find my way with underwater photography.

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Photograph by @simonnorfolkstudio

karymsky (russian: Карымская) is a stratovolcano and lake on the kamchatka peninsula, russia, here photographed in winter, with the crater lake beyond. karymsky is the most active volcano in the region and has been erupting continuously since a powerful earthquake struck the region in january 1996. the initial eruptions projected an estimated 30-40 million tons of pyroclastic material, saturated with acidic fluids, into the air, turning the nearby freshwater lake into a toxic chemical soup and decimating its ecosystem. scientists are monitoring the volcano closely and despite the ecological catastrophe, karymsky lake is slowly recovering to pre-1996 conditions.

follow @simonnorfolkstudio for updates, outtakes, unpublished and archive material.

@natgeo @simonorfolkstudio #photojournalism #documentaryphotography #simonnorfolk #volcano #karymsky #Карымская #stratovolcano #kamchatka #ringoffire #камчатка #volcanology #instagramrussia #photooftheday #naturaldisasters #fineartphotography #seetheworld #aerialphotography

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@natgeo photo by @stevewinterphoto
here children from a local village close to @africanparksnetwork @zakouma_national_park are visiting the park and seeing the amazing animals. they see the wildlife up close instead of just on tv or seeing the tourists drive by their village, and wonder why they are here and what they are seeing - the children participate in the wonder of their park and benefit from the schools, healthcare and jobs for their mothers, fathers and other family members - a true ecosystem that works for the good of all.

it is so important to include the local communities in any conservation effort regarding protection of a national park and the animals which live within.
finding sustainable solutions so people and wildlife can share the surrounding areas. and providing jobs from the park for the communities - training to be guards, tourism and providing education and health care to the communities that live close - so the park, management and communities are their own ecosystem - all working to protect the land and the animals within.

without the support of local communities this would not work. the park is the largest employer in the region; thousands of people are getting an education and healthcare, and decency and civility, along with life, have found their way back to this once forgotten place. to learn more about zakouma and other truly hopeful conservation efforts happening across africa, please follow @africanparksnetwork @natgeo creative

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Photo by @carltonward | it is an incredible feeling to look into the eyes of a bear at ground level in its native habitat. this florida black bear was one of the first i photographed while focusing on the research that ultimately inspired the #floridawildlifecorridor campaign. i was following biologist joe guthrie (@joeguthrie8 ) on foot as he stalked towards this female bear with a dart rifle in a bay head forest on the hendrie ranch in highlands county. the highlands-glades bear project was a collaboration between university of kentucky and @archboldstation. joe’s professor david maehr, who was lost in a plane crash tracking a missing black bear with rancher mason smoak, often made the point that there would be no bears in that part of florida without the proactive stewardship of ranchers. gps tracking showed that bears traveled as far as 500 miles across a patchwork or ranches, groves and public preserves that keep the northern everglades connected for wide ranging wildlife. through research, bears have shown us what we need to do to save the corridor, and in that way are preparing the path of recovery for the florida panther as it reclaims historic territory northwards out of the everglades. #pathofthepanther @fl_wildcorridor #floridawild #keepflwild#bear #forest #conservation #florida#wildlife @myfwc @natgeo @insidenatgeo

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Photo by @franslanting two orphaned orangutans are clinging to each other at a rehab center in northern borneo. orangutans are the last great apes that survive in asia. they live only on the islands of borneo and sumatra, and they are endangered due to the massive destruction of their forest habitat. nearly half of all orangutans, a staggering 150,000 in all, vanished from borneo during the last 15 years according to a recent study. orangutans are also victims of the illegal pet trade—babies are captured by poachers who often k**l their mothers to reach them. it is imperative that we protect the forests orangutans depend on to insure that our relatives on the family tree of life will be with us beyond our own lifetime. in recognition of @worldorangutanday on august 19 i welcome you to support the organizations that are in the front lines of protecting orangutans through public activities and through covert actions aimed at busting wildlife criminals. @freelandfoundation @world_wildlife and @wildaid need your help. follow us @franslanting and @christineeckstrom for more encounters with orangutans and other endangered animals around the world. @leonardodicapriofoundation #worldorangutanday #internationalorangutanday #borneo #family #twins #orphans #endangered #wildlife

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