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Photo by @chien_chi_chang | this image was from late 1990s but the situation is no different today. upon arrival in new york many immigrants can only afford to live in dilapidated boardinghouses like this one near bowery and canal in the heart of chinatown. many of them–and they are all men–make room for a tv, their window on america. down the hall, two showers, four toilets, and three sinks serve 100-plus residents from fuzhou, china. #magnumphotos #cccontheroad

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Photo by @pedromcbride | the famous bull elephant, matt, is one of the largest 'tuskers' remaining in northern kenya. he frequently hides in the arid brush, often concealing his tusks from view. he is monitored daily via gps and protected thanks to the work of @nrt_kenya and @savetheelephants to keep this iconic giant roaming in the wild. to see more, follow @pedromcbride . #conservation #kenya #africa #elephants #nature #petemcbride

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Photo by @williamodaniels | a kyrgyz woman rides a bus in osh, the large city in kyrgyzstan's south that has experienced several waves of ethnic tensions between kyrgyz and uzbeks since the collapse of the soviet union. this 2008 image is part of “wilting point,” a solo show by william daniels opening on january 25 in paris at pavillon carré de baudouin. #pavilloncarredebaudouin #wiltingpoint #paris #kyrgyzstan

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Photo by @nicholesobecki | a mother bathes her young son at dawn in the port of mogadishu, somalia. i made this image while working on a project with writer @lauraeheaton on the relationship between the environment and security. somalia has never been a forgiving place. a land of extreme temperatures and little rain, the country has faced cyclical droughts and periodic famines throughout the past century. but decades of civil war, coupled with the effects of climate change, have set the country on a path to environmental disaster. @groundtruth #climateforconflict #somalia #environment #nicholesobecki

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Photo by @michaelchristopherbrown | our baby poppy arrived two weeks ago today. she is a healthy and present baby and we are so thankful! as a former semi-nomad now first-time father, the meaning of words like home, family and love has began to shift to something deeper. “heart surgery,” as my partner calls it. happy new year from our family to yours 🎈

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Photo by @timlaman | hello from antarctica! we had a wonderful visit to the adélie penguin colony on paulet island, in the weddell sea, during a snowstorm. of course the penguins were unfazed by the weather, commuting between ocean where they were feeding and their nesting sites way up on rocky hillsides. so fun to watch and photograph these amazing birds up close. note the pinkish undersides of this bird’s wing. that means this penguin is getting hot from all its hiking and is sending blood near the surface of its skin; that’s how they cool down on a warmish antarctic day that was barely below freezing. on expedition with @natgeoexpeditions. tune in to @timlaman for a lot more photos from this shoot. #antarctica #penguin #snowstorm

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Photo by @noralorek | rejoyce tabu, 40, from south sudan, sits in front of her "milaya," a traditional hand-decorated bedsheet, in bidibidi refugee settlement in uganda. ”i don’t know if he’s alive or dead,” she said of her husband, a soldier who stayed in south sudan. ”in south sudan i was selling clothes. here the only work i can do is collecting rocks used for building houses. for the money, i buy soap for my mother who also brought my brother's children to take care of. together we’re taking care of ten children”, rejoyce said in february 2018. in august 2017 the millionth refugee from south sudan entered uganda to escape war. most refugees are women and children fleeing at night, and the milaya are often one of the few things they carry. the handmade patterns have been made in south sudan and sudan for generations; the tradition continues in what has become their temporary home while waiting for the war to end.

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Photo by @dzalcman | ian and molly pause during a trek through the woods near runnymede, england, where ian and roughly 40 others lived in an eco-village from 2012-2015. they all came from different places — some had been involved in occupy london, some were homeless, some gave up apartments and 9 to 5 jobs to join — but together they were attempting to question the conventions of consumerism, land ownership and the right to natural resources. on this cloudy afternoon, molly kept getting burrs stuck in her paws, so ian hoisted her up on his shoulders and carried her instead.

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Photo by @joelsartore | the iconic look of the african elephant is a prime example of evolution at work – each feature has a unique function that helps the elephant to survive. elephant ears radiate heat to help keep these large animals cool, especially when the african heat is on the verge of being too much to handle. an elephant's trunk, which contains up to 100,000 muscles, is actually a long nose used for smelling, breathing, trumpeting, drinking, and also for grabbing things—especially a potential meal. photo taken @indianapoliszoo. to learn about global efforts to save this and other unique species, follow me @joelsartore .

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Photo by muhammed muheisen @mmuheisen | herders and their camels in jordan’s desert of wadi rum, also known as the valley of the moon, cut into the sandstone and granite rock of southern jordan. for more photos and videos from different parts of the world, follow me @mmuheisen and @mmuheisen public #muhammedmuheisen #jordan

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Photo by george steinmetz @geosteinmetz |
jinshanling section of the great wall after a rare snowfall. an attempt at border security from the ming dynasty. to see more of our world from above, follow @geosteinmetz

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Photos by @kirstenluce | in december 2018, this margay (wildcat) and 21 other animals were rescued from puerto alegria, peru, where they were kept illegally to pose with tourists for selfies.
an investigation by the nonprofit @fentropika showed that these animals were dying rapidly in these conditions, and are replaced by new animals poached from the wild. the peruvian national police, various wildlife authorities from peru, and veterinarians from @fentropika also rescued an anaconda, three sloths, a porcupine, a squirrel monkey, a manatee, two toucans, six macaws, two parrots, and four parakeets. this margay now lives at crea (centro de rescate amazonico/amazon rescue center) in iquitos, peru, but needs extensive veterinary care. please see @fentropika for more info.

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