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Two image collage.
#collage #dog #beer

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Mr. fuel spill ⛽️ #collage #fuel

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Stew much :
a duck once met a porcupine; they formed a corporation which called itself a porcuduck (a beastly conjugation!).
a stork to a turtle said, "let's put my head upon your torso; we who are so pretty now, as stortle would be more so!" :
the lizard with the parrot's head thought: taking to the chilli ; after years of eating worms is absolutely silly. :
a prancing goat - one wonders why - was driven by a need ; to bequeath its upper portion to a crawling centipede. :
the giraffe with grasshopper's limbs reflected: why should i go for walks in grassy fields, now that i can fly? :
the nice contented cow will doubtless get a frightful shock on finding that its lower lombs belong to a fighting cock. :
it's obvious the whalephant is not a happy notion: the head goes for the jungle, while the tail turns to the ocean, :
the lion's lack of horns distressed him greatly, so
he teamed up with a deer - now watch his antlers grow! -- sukumar ray

translated by satyajit ray.
the bengali version is titled "haans chilo sojaru".

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Rise by lifting others.
dog , man & a crow . mumbai,india.

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What the bird!!

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Mumbai morning!

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Simple 4 image collage.

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Caption this

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Busy street.
mumbai 2018

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Ver. 2

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