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Thanks to @qvc for honoring us with the #qvcstaraward this week! you guys made it possible. we love hearing your thoughts and seeing how you style your #scottliving pieces!

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Two is better than one! our #scottliving drifted oak double vanity adds rustic charm to your bathroom and you don't even have to share a sink 😏 link in bio to shop.

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Sometimes it helps to just step back for a better perspective #mondaymotivation

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Don't judge me for how i put on my toolbelt. everyone's got their method #letsdance

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I was attacked on set today. i'll be ok #puppy #random

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Who runs the world? girls! #propertybrothers #buyingandselling

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This is a first! it's a pizza oven...made out of manure!! #yummy #feceschic let the pooh puns begin!!!!

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You guys really know how to capture our good side 😂 loving the #brofreeze entries so far! only 3 more days to snap and post your hilarious freeze frames! @mrdrewscott

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Would you say it brings out my eyes? #repost @mrdrewscott ・・・ fashion on set! #propertybrothers!

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Wow, it's been a year. i never knew i could laugh & love this much ❤️

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You know your gf loves you when she sends you @five_daughters_bakery to make you feel welcome in nashville. ❤️ u cinta!!! #yummy

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Happy #fanfriday! #instagood

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