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Thanks @sirikoilodge for the memories. what an experience! #africa

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‪you never know who you're going to come across on an evening horseback ride! #africanadventure‬

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For those who chose hunt these beautiful creatures for sport, i'll never understand the glory you get out of killing a defenseless animal. may i remind you that we are guests in their home #wwf #conservation #africa

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My lil cupid!!! #4thdate #tbt

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And the adventure through #africa continues in #kenya. we found pride rock in borana and visited @dswt the most amazing animal sanctuary. please support

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There's enough noise out there already. #mondaymotivation

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Inspiring time spent at the @unitednations today in #kenya. thousands of dedicated people within those walls, committed to helping humanity. i look forward to being one of them.

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‪the injustice that's happening in charlottesville has reached us here in africa. this bigotry & hate is about as unamerican and unhuman as it gets #unacceptable

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We've taken so many wonderful pics in #africa. everywhere you turn is a postcard. more on my facebook too

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Thank you uganda for the warm welcome and lifetime of memories. tomorrow morn we head to kenya #africaadventures

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We've spent 7 hours over two days in the forest with these absolutely beautiful creatures. #lovenature #gorilla #wwf

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The many friendly faces of uganda.

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