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Pop quiz: what’s the one thing drew hates more than a poorly tailored suit? my dirty work boots on his hardwood floors 😏 #cleanandprotect - luckily @stainmaster makes that a quick and easy clean. isn’t that what brothers are clean up your mess? #cleanfloorsmadeeasy #sponsored

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Creating a complex architectural feature can add so much more to a space. just realize that now you need to measure 16 times and still cut 30. #interiordesign #designinspiration

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Love meeting you all and seeing your awesome posts! happy #fanfriday! (🎶: thunder - imagine dragons)

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It wouldn’t be the holidays without some @familyfeud. #tbt

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I’m sorry...we will always choose the light! @starwars #thelastjedi was so good. loving this new reboot #ripcarriefisher

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John lennon, paul mccartney, and ringo starr making a comeback on tonight’s episode of #propertybrothers at home: drew’s honeymoon house. 9/8c @hgtv.

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This will make a great indoor window, right guys?! #foreverthirdwheeling tonight we attack the guest suite and bedrooms in #propertybrothers at home: drew’s honeymoon house. @hgtv 9/8c

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Yes, @mrdrewscott really did need a walk-in closet for all of his shoes…. so excited to see everything come together. #brothersathome tomorrow we tackle the guest suite and guest bedrooms. @hgtv 10/9c.

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Tis the season for a good read! #ittakestwo link in bio.

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Just call us @_lindaphan’s backup singers…. i hope i put enough insulation in the walls for the neighbors’ sake. more fun and games to come tonight on @hgtvcanada at 10/9c.

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Decorative moldings are an affordable and effective way to make a room look more sophisticated. the same way glasses make you look smarter… 🤓 #brotherstakenola #interiordesign

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Just another day at the office. getting ready for tonight’s episode of #propertybrothers at home: drew’s honeymoon house. @hgtvcanada 10/9c.

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