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It’s pretty easy to look around and find someone who could use a helping hand. #mondaymotivation

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Water (😜) you waiting for? click the link in my bio to learn more and to book your spot aboard #sailingwiththescotts 2018!

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Just some casual monday morning reading. be sure to grab your copy of linda and drew’s exclusive @people wedding-issue - on newsstands now! #lindaanddrewsayido

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What. a. week! i traveled to italy and back and i’m feeling super grateful for all the fans i got to meet along the way! happy #fanfriday, everyone! #fridayfeeling

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Did i cry at linda and drew’s wedding? yes, yes i did. i dare you to click the link in my bio and not get teary yourself! #lindaanddrewsayido

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Adding grass cloth to any wall can offer subtle, pretty texture. however, a little tip from me to you: i don’t recommended adding real grass to your walls... it’s a pain to mow. #interiordesign #designtip

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Rocambolesco! #italy i ❤️ you!! #matera

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Life will definitely be full of scary decisions. but it doesn’t have to be filled with regret. #mondaymotivation

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Muahaha! linda is now officially stuck with a photo💣ing #brotherinlaw... for life. #lindaanddrewsayido

comment 362 star 62,324 2 weeks ago are a ray of sunshine and the world (but especially me) thanks you for that. 🌞 #happymothersday

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Our issue of @tvguidemagazine has officially hit newsstands! have you grabbed your copy yet?

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Ciao a tutti! so nice to be back in italy! 🇮🇹

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