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Mother’s day is such a special day. let me play you a sweet song to wish you a very happy mother’s day!!!!!!

comment 28 star 51 2 weeks ago

I love playing music. mama says that i am a natural, but if i can stay still for more than five minutes in a practice, i would be mozart by now. not sure who he is, but i think i would invite him outside to play soccer anytime.

comment 15 star 55 4 weeks ago

My first camp out. i have been running around like crazy, and i am still not tired. my mama says she thought camping would get me tired, but nope....she was wrong!

comment 1 star 41 4 weeks ago

Never stop dancing. it is way too much fun! mama says i was born to dance. i say rhythm is just in my blood. now, let’s just keep on spinning!

comment 1 star 28 last month

Having fun at fiesta. viva fiesta!!! mama says spiderman has nothing on me! let’s celebrate fun!!!

comment 6 star 54 last month

Discovering new parks is so much fun. mama says it is even better when the day is filled with warmth, laughter and beautiful weather. i can not wait for our next discovery!!!

comment 23 star 82 March 2019

Mama says i can’t stop dancing even when my tap shoes are too small. i can’t help it, i just have to dance. what better way to go through life, but to dance dance dance!!!

comment 4 star 54 March 2019

Having fun and celebrating the new year. mama & i want to wish everyone a happy new year!!!

comment 10 star 54 January 2019

Visiting with santa is my tradition. i can’t wait for christmas. mama says that christmastime is the best time of the year for little kids to wish and use their imagination to their fullest. i can’t wait until santa comes down our chimney. #santa

comment 7 star 88 November 2018

Always dance. it is good for the soul and body. mama says i have rhythm in my body that seems to always want to get out. so, let us get up and dance dance!!! #scouts #dance

comment 3 star 57 November 2018

When you are ready to eat, eat well and eat plenty. then go play hard. mama says we can eat little or a lot but no matter what it seems are fuel never runs out. always at full throttle! #urbanair

comment 0 star 49 November 2018

I might be little but i am mighty. mama says she doesn’t know how far i can go in life, but she knows it is going to be pretty far. #urbanair

comment 2 star 42 November 2018