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Having fun and celebrating the new year. mama & i want to wish everyone a happy new year!!!

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Visiting with santa is my tradition. i can’t wait for christmas. mama says that christmastime is the best time of the year for little kids to wish and use their imagination to their fullest. i can’t wait until santa comes down our chimney. #santa

comment 7 star 88 November 2018

Always dance. it is good for the soul and body. mama says i have rhythm in my body that seems to always want to get out. so, let us get up and dance dance!!! #scouts #dance

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When you are ready to eat, eat well and eat plenty. then go play hard. mama says we can eat little or a lot but no matter what it seems are fuel never runs out. always at full throttle! #urbanair

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I might be little but i am mighty. mama says she doesn’t know how far i can go in life, but she knows it is going to be pretty far. #urbanair

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#urbanair always having fun. my mama says my cousin has boundless energy and is not afraid to try anything.

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Swinging on a swing is so much fun, especially when you have someone to push you higher and higher. mama says that swinging on a swing always lets you see the world from a different perspective.

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I love to dance. it could be at school, at a game, in art class, or in a restaurant; i can hear music everywhere or in my head and my feet just start moving. mama says that i have rhythm that soars out of me even when there is silence all around us. if i can dance in my sleep, i would. thank goodness i have dreams.

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I am growing up. mama says too quickly. sometimes she likes looking at my photos when i was little little. i know that i as i get older i will have created more memories for her to look back on. with as many photos as my mama takes of me, i will remember most of my life in detail. i wonder if that will be most little ones in my lifetime.

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I got to hold a snake. it was very cool. mama says she gasped when she saw this picture come through her phone during a meeting. she never has to worry, i got this. just call me the snake wrangler of the world!

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Being with friends is so much fun. meeting new people and learning about what they do helps me think about all the things i want to do in life. i am learning to be confident and not to be afraid to try new things. mama says that she wishes that me starting to become a risk taker would spill over to me eating vegetables. but, i have to tell you, vegetables really scare me. i don’t think i am that brave yet.

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Mama says that i am getting too old way too fast, but i know i am moving at just the right pace. i am no longer a baby, but a big boy and every chance i get i remind my mama. i like being a big kid now, but i don’t want to become a very big person until a very very very long time from now.

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