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Another ferrari getting the best of the best paint protection. #opticoatpro

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Got another widebody under construction. this one will be getting a set of hre’s and super snake hood.

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Widebody getting near completion.
paint correction and opticoat is next on the list.
owner @1wide5o

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Complete focal set up along with dsp, jl sub stealth box and sound insulation through the entire raptor.
owner @thereallyrealalexriebe

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@hre_wheels just revolutionized the wheel game 😱
hre wheels and ge additive announced a partnership agreement today and unveiled the first titanium wheel created using ebm technology (a type of 3d printing). known as “hre3d+”, this new prototype wheel shows what the future of wheel technology will bring and how advanced materials like titanium can be harnessed to create complex designs.

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Build #1 #backin07

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@customtunesbycarl making my ears bleed ☠️ owner @s1000hawk

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One of my favorite audio set ups! #focalutopia #thebest

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Before and after

ultimate oil separators
black aluminum coolant tank

carbon fiber gt350 coil covers

carbon fiberfuse box cover
carbon fiber brake reservoir cover

shelby black brushed engine caps

red line hood shocks
arh pure thunder mufflers and resonator deletes
owner @spartan_mathew

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Took care of @spartan_mathew ‘s gt350 with a set of arh pure thunder mufflers and resonator deletes! 💪🏼

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Got @academyglasslv ‘s gt in the shop for his new kenne bell sc kit and a set of hre wheels!

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