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Shot my phone. that's why i'm mostly accurate. oh well the old enfields still shooting straight. headed hunting with my old man and wanted to make sure she was good. also hey @otterbox your case can stop bullets.

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When someone says russian guns aren't the best.

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I've looked at alot of relic helmets for sale here and in ebay and from what i can tell this is a very accurate depiction of what russians did with ...found helmets.

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Peanut butter and jamb.
want me to check out one of your rifles? tag me! have a really beat up ugly military surplus rifle? tag me twice! .

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Just like grandpa made.

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Cannon used june 1st 1813 on board the the h.m.s shannon fighting the uss chesapeake

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Not only do i offer quality gun photographs. i also offer great how tos

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I'm not sure if the mosin or the sks was the best gun ever made? or the 1911? also .45acp is better than 9mm...i cant think of anything else that stirs the gun owner pot.

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This gun is like this pages bread and butter

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That's a fast way to spread seeds.

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Chewie and boba 2018. people f*****g loved it aha. probally 150 people wanted a picture. someone lost and ear ring in my fur and now it is my spoils of war.

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