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Stag arms model 4. i wasnt going to post this but it looks weird and i like that s**t

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When ever i do story questions someone allways asks why i'm so cool. this is why

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Did you know the germans really liked the svt. going as far to designate it the 7.62mm sigw 259(r) and they issued an operation manual with it. and i'm waiting for someone to correct me

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The greatest battle rifle ever implemented in my opinion........

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Brass or steel? i'm a brass man myself.

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I didn't like the no4 at first. i much preferred the no1. but now that i have two. well three if you count the one i havent put a stock back on yet. they really are growing on me. the one on the left was given to me as a sporter that's an indian stock on it i dont know the date due to how it was scrubbed. the other was made 1943 and does appear to have been used a fair bit.

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I've been trying to make a logo that doesn't look s****d but i'm pretty dumb and can't seem to do it. i want to do a give away for all the awesome support. you guys give me alot of support and i really enjoy it! maybe when we get longlining again i'll give away some shark teeth. that would be pretty cool. until i can figure out something better. (why do i need a logo? i dont it's just cool. the same reason i have buisness cards.)

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These are my russian honeys. cyka and blyat

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Stag arms model 4 with a canadian c7 nella bayonet.

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