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Make it a double. ✌️ the 24g: grand glam is here, and with shades 2.2x the size, it's bound to super size your glam. 24 double duty shades, $29. ✨ #blendtherules

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Way to super-size your glam, @chloemakeupx. ✨ this gorgeous eye is brought to you by the new 24g: grand glam palette. so stunning, #morphebabe. πŸ’ž #blendtherules

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When @brittanybearmakeup is involved, you know things are going to get glam. ✨ this beauty did a tutorial featuring the 24g: grand glam palette, and we're living for it. go check out our #morphebabe highlights under our bio and swipe up to see her look! ☝️😘

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Go big & don’t go home. ✨ the 24g: grand glam palette has arrived. swipe up in our story to add this baby to your family. #blendtherules

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The face you make when you finally get the 24: grand glam palette. πŸ’– it’s dropping at 8 am pst tomorrow, morphebabes! πŸ’ž #blendtherules

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Oh hi, gorgeous. 😍 @makeupbyan is giving us some glam for every occasion, with the @jaclynhill palette. ✨ #morphexjaclynhill

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This look is absolutely striking. πŸ’₯ @lupescuevas you’re blowing us away with the 39a: dare to create palette. don’t stop blending the rules #morphebabe! βœ¨πŸ™ŒπŸ»

comment 302 star 68,957 Yesterday

Go big & don’t go home. tomorrow is the day, #morphebabes! ✨ who’s ready for double size the glam? we are. ✌🏻 24g:grand glam dropping tomorrow | 8 am pst. thanks for this gorgeous shot, @moniqueabelmakeup. 😘 #blendtherules

comment 579 star 73,823 Yesterday

This is what we call a grand glam. 😍✨ @klaudia.owczarek used the 24g: grand glam palette for this insanely gorgeous eye look. it’s out tomorrow! are you ready to slay this hard? πŸ’… #blendtherules

comment 275 star 61,650 Yesterday

You've got us in the mood to slay, @azraelia. ✨ this talented #morphebabe grabbed the @jaclynhill palette & her #morphebrushes for a look that's to die for. 😘πŸ”₯#morphexjaclynhill

comment 150 star 53,870 Yesterday

Look up total glam in the dictionary, and you'll see this look. πŸ’Ž @withlove.nadia is #morphegoals as always, with the @jaclynhill palette on her eyes. you slay so hard, #morphebabe. ✨ #morphexjaclynhill

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You’re such a hot shot, @glamour_by_suzy. 😘πŸ”₯ this #morphebabe grabbed the 35o2: second nature palette to bring the heat. πŸ’₯ #blendtherules

comment 209 star 84,797 2 days ago

We like our shadows hot, and so does @makeupbyanie_. πŸ”₯ she got ahold of the smoldering 35o2: second nature palette. πŸŒ‹ #blendtherules

comment 351 star 74,804 2 days ago

It’s getting hot up in here. πŸ”₯ @amorbeautymua smoked out these hot shades from the 39a: dare to create palette. πŸ’₯ #daretocreate

comment 152 star 66,625 2 days ago

If we needed any motivation to slay, it’s right here. 😍 @mannymua733 grabbed his #morphebrushes, for this absolutely stunning look. show ew how we do it, #morphebabe. πŸ†βœ¨

comment 373 star 79,673 2 days ago

Bring this gorgeous eye a little closer, #morphebabe. πŸ‘ @mayaraoliveiramakeup went for the 35k palette, that’s filled with all the brown shades you could ever need. ✨ #blendtherules

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Just cause it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean your look needs to be. πŸ”₯ @ashleeelitaannmakeup blows us away constantly, and this time she grabbed the 35o2: second nature palette. πŸ’₯#blendtherules

comment 82 star 31,214 3 days ago

What else do you really need tho?! πŸ”₯❀️ @itsjust.kari is ready to be her own muse with the 39a: dare to create palette. share your looks with us! we dare you. πŸ‘‰ #daretocreate

comment 397 star 70,036 3 days ago

Baby girl, those eyes so fine doe! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜ @agnieszkapietrys is showing everyone what a #morphebabe has to offer, using the 39a: dare to create palette. this look is everything and we’re so here for it. πŸ’œ #daretocreate

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Everything is better dipped in gold. βœ¨πŸ†βœ¨ @jas__santana is loving the gilded brush collection. with all these beauties, you’ve got all you need. ⭐️ #blendtherules

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