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A controversial topic...what is the floor for btc?
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I'm back! link in bio 👀

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Me and the co-founder of brd wallet. happened to help them with a pr campaign!

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Sorry for the delay guys @millions is back in action. posts story’s advice everything!! stay safe out there! make sure you dollar cost average all entries

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Make informed decisions only.

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Decentralized currency is all about making the choices you want to make, don't be a follower!

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Beware of the bear trap! the market is constantly changing and i want to make sure you guys are all looking at all of the signs. watch this video to understand what a bear trap is so you can avoid it in the future!

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Helping someone out can go a very long way. many people make the mistake of making the quick buck, i want you guys to see the bigger picture. prove it to others that you can help out their business or personal life. hope you guys are having a blessed saturday ❤️

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So blessed to be able to do what i love. i truly appreciate all the support you guys have given me , cannot wait to educate all of you on how to make money in this extremely tough crypto currency market! thankful for all of you guys! tag a friend that can use some crypto helpq

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