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#mainterahogaya ❤️first look is here
releasing worldwide on 5/10/2018
#musicmg #sethisaab #speedrecords
share n spread 🔥❤️

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This october
#mainterahogaya ❤️

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Raaha na main phir apne jaisa 🤷🏻‍♂️
#musicmg picture by @harshdeep_honey

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One month : 42 million
#kalesh machate raho 🔥❤️
thankyou everyone for making it so big .
special thanx to #bhushankumarsir #mikasinghsir #directorgifty #sethisaab

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Happy 1 year to #mainterihogayi
we comin again with #mainterahogaya ❤️

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Where do i wanna be , with you🔥

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40 million crossed on youtube
thankyou for loving #kalesh
this lil atom bomb is dancing way more better than me 🔥
love n puchiyaaan to him😘😘😘

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Got an important call 📞
be right back 🤪

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my lil world

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लास्ट नाइट वास भयंकर 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Chhodegi agar tere ghar pe main aake #kalesh karunga 😡❤️

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They dont wanna see you win ,
so lets f^^k em till the end 🙏🏻
#musicmg picture credits @harshdeep_honey

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