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@bradaddiction poora poora kamaal karte hue!! kickass suit banaye hain by god !
#musicmg #shedontknow #blessed

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Happiest bday mera bacha , mera bhaalu , meri billi , mera sher , mera cheetah
matarani tujhe meri umar dedein 🙏🏻
we all love you , but i love you the most meri mithhaa ❤️

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#shedontknow 💑
#blessed #musicmg wardrobe courtesy @bradaddiction 🔥

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Sunbathing 🌞
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Mera falsafaa kandhe pe mera bastaa 🥰
a still from #shedontknow
#musicmg #blessed

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She said she loves panda🐼. so i got the biggest one for her !
#shedontknow #musicmg #blessed

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Thankyou for all birthday wishes . like always ,i am falling short of words to express what i feel for you guys .
couldnt imagine this much love coming from your side . apologies if i coudnt receive your calls.
shalini , you made me more happier when you sent me this video . wish i could also be a part of this celebration with all the kids ❤️
love you all 🙏🏻❤️

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#shedontknow that she vibes with me 💑❤️
#blessed #musicmg styled by @bradaddiction 🔥

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Too busy to give f*cks !
#musicmg #blessed

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आँखों से बोलने में फ़ील ज़ादा आएगा 🔥🤷🏻‍♂️
#blessed #musicmg

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Doosron ka support expect karne se pehle , khud ko support karna zaruri hai !
kyunki ek tum hi ho jo tumko kabhi akela nahi padne dete 😇
#youareenough #blessed

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#shedontknow first look out soon

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