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Save your inspirations! ••
when someone inspires you and you think “oh my god i have to try that”... life hack - screenshot the page!! that way you can keep track of their instagram name and the full design, without worrying who to credit! ••
i was reminded of this because i was just talking to @krunaltailorhennaartist about his beautiful recent post inspired by a tattoo artist in seoul. you’ll notice that krunal always credits his inspirations, which i believe is the best practice amongst artists.
i realize a lot of people feel differently but if you want your world to be abundant? you have to practice abundance mindset! sharing your inspiration supports the artist and it supports you!!!! ••
this artist @zil_2510 has always inspired me with her beautiful mehndi, and i love to try our new elements! ••
how do you keep track of your inspirations? what inspires you? ••
these pictures are over a year old, and still they are saved on my phone and ipad for reference! this is how i personally like to catalog my inspirations! 💕

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It doesn’t matter if you practice a little or practice a lot, you’ll make progress! i doodle as often as i can with a henna cone / in fact, that’s what i plan on spending my day doing! henna! once i drag myself outta bed that is! feel free to use these doodles as inspiration for your own... or better still? just go with what’s in your heart! think about henna like handwriting. if you practice your own? it will get better, if you copy someone else’s? that’s a bit tricky! it will always look a little “off”... because it’s not yours! use that magic inside of you, you know, the one you don’t believe in!!!! and if you want another challenge? look at my post with my first ever henna compared to a recent one - and read the caption and join in! i’m gonna work on mine later today! #hennapro #mehndidesigns #learnhenna #mehndi #hennaprogression

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I posted this on my story but i decided based on the amount of direct messages i am getting to post it here too. •

the left hand picture was my first ever henna application - before i took any classes or knew henna was a whole thing... and definitely before i knew how dangerous chemical cones from my local indian store are! •

7 years ago i couldn’t imagine where i would be today. 7 years ago i just knew that i loved henna, so i used a cone to create art. i was proud enough to take a picture and i’m pretty sure the little girl wearing this was mesmerized! •

so i would like to ask you to do something fun with me! find a picture from the very beginning of your henna journey, like mine on the left there! spend some time over the next week reworking your design! try to make it similar so we can tell it’s the same, but do it again! feel free to do it on skin or paper, in henna or with any other medium! let’s focus on our own evolution and see what we come up with? post a side by side picture and tag #hennaevolutionjoey so i can see your journey! (i’m following that hashtag! so should see your post if you use it!) don’t cheat and tag old pictures, do it fresh! •

the only specification? use one of your first henna designs, no matter how much you dislike it! even if you’re super new to henna or you’ve been doing it for 30 years! progress over perfection!
#learnhenna #mehndi #mehndidesigns #hennapro #hennaprogression

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Where do you practice henna on yourself? i used to do my thighs and legs all the time but haven’t since this pic was taken! which is maybe a year old!? #henna

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The paste was a tad melty (random practice cone pulled out the freezer) but it’s pretty spesh to work with! (if it melted on a cold tile, imagine how fast that would have melted on the skin! with body heat helping it to spread out!). i’m so excited to mix up a batch of henna tomorrow / my cardamom essential oil just arrived so i’m a happy camper! its my fave! also, i must find a vegan recipe for that delicious cardamom vermicelli desert, what am i thinking of? samai? something like that? #henna #learnhenna #hennatattoo

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Anyone else obsessed with the consistency of henna? it’s my happy place!!!! post your videos and use #hennapastehappyplace (or go back and tag old videos) so we can all share the magic!! #mehndivideo #oddlysatisfying #learnhenna #oddlysatisfyingvideo #henna #mehndi

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Natural henna is your starting point for beautiful dark rich stains!!! 🍒
find an emoji that you think best represents the color of this stain, for a chance to get a henna gift! (winner will be chosen at random tomorrow morning!) 🍒🍫🌰
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Henna cones are shipping out tomorrow and tuesday this week / did you know we sell 9 different scents of henna cones and 3 different blends of jagua henna? woohoo! who doesn’t love a good selection to choose from!? what’s your favorite henna oil blend or single oil to use in your paste?
my favorite is lavender, sweet orange and cardamom with a lil cajeput!

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Stain transition from immediately after paste removal to 24 hours after paste removal. —

the pictures on the left were taken at 11:45am yesterday when i removed the henna paste. (it has been on all night, unsealed, for 10 hours) —

i managed to avoid water only for 4 hours yesterday as i had henna on both hands - but the stain is still darkening beautifully. —

the pictures on the right were taken at 11:30am this morning, so almost at 24 hours. so lovely! the palm is beautiful! —

any questions about achieving this stain? we’re in this together i would love to help! —

i ship henna cones out every monday and sometimes tuesday, in the usa only.

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Practice. every. single. day. •

if you want to get better, learn, improve, progress, evolve - you gotta practice. study. work hard. be committed. •

imagine your work is as wonderful as just being an artist - creating! there are some really hard jobs in the world. there are things that take so much effort and are labor intensive and stressful and expensive and difficult. the thing about henna? it’s as beautiful as you allow it to be. it’s art. it’s therapeutic. it’s a release! it’s a pleasure!!!!

spend some time being grateful and appreciative for the gift you have been given. to follow a passion that’s so glorious! so affordable! so varied and magic. you literally can’t go wrong with henna! (unless you use those s****y chemical cones like kaveri or singh, they are pretty wrong! hurting your customers definitely falls under “wrong”) •

thank you little plant. for finding me! •

#henna #learnhenna #hennapeony #hennaflower #sketch #doodle #livingmybestlife

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I think this is my favorite design i’ve done in a long time! when i’m hanging out with peeps i love, (that’s you cheri!) it’s so effortless to create something spesh!!!!! •

the leaves and flourishes were inspired by @karina_scawoottt ... thank gosh for instagram inspiration! if you recreate this. please credit karina too! •

i have seen these fingers replicated a lot since i posted this, (with and without credit, i see you!) .. i love how simple yet bold they are!!! •

also, while talking about credit. please respect your fellow artists. copying is copying, and it’s rubbish to keep quiet when you have literally looked at someone else’s art and replicated it, and don’t even have the courtesy to share that fact. 1. it’s scarcity mindset, and you’re attracting more scarcity into your life. 2. it’s kinda rude. why wouldn’t you want to share your inspirations? 3. in some instances it’s illegal. intellectual property theft. •

just be a good human. share and be abundant in all you do! trust me when i tell you that your life will become so much better!! •

model: @cheri_rii
inspiration: @karina_scawoottt
nails: @lvglamnails @malishka702_nails
henna application and paste: @mehndikajoeyhenna


#henna #mehndi # henne #7enna #7ena #7ennah #mehandi #mehendi #mendi #mendhi #hennaart #hennaartist #hennadesign #mehndiart #mehndidesign #hennalove #hennamagic #hennapro #mehndika #mehndikajoeyhenna #learnhenna #henna2018 #lovehenna #lasvegashenna #hennalasvegas #vegashenna #hennavegas #vegasmua

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Please read this caption, please. •

just over a year ago i was in salt lake city and planned to see my friend, kristi and her kids. when i sent her a message she told me they were basically living in the hospital because cullen has cancer. •

nothing could prepare me seeing cullen that day. the cullen i remembered?, was gone. replaced by a fragile little boy, scared and in pain and whimpering between naps, with tubes coming out of his chest and neck, with wires coming out of his brain, struggling to rest and not being able to communicate. he was speaking so quietly that even his mom was struggling to understand his words. •

that day i hugged his mum and held his hand while trying not to cry, trying not to add to their turmoil with my own sadness. i remember spending the afternoon laughing with kristi, trying to focus on happiness, and wishing in my heart that cullen would heal and be strong and healthy and know how very loved he was. •

when i left the hospital that day i was determined to do anything i could to help... i would put my all into loving this family as loudly as i could. what is the point of instagram followers if not for raising awareness and helping to serve others? •

every day, cullen and his family face their struggles head on. the illness, the financial burden, the stress, the love, the pain, the difficulties. they wake up and take one step at a time and live moment to moment.... because that’s all they can do. •

this december cullen and his lil brother kale are coming to visit me and the dogs. we have 5 days of fun to look forward to, and we are booting their mum and step dad our to a hotel so they get a holiday too! •

this family have been through so much. i just want them to have a 5 day break and not worry about money. that’s all. i want them to have fun and to laugh and relax and smile and do anything they want. the link to the gofundme is in my bio - and i will happily beg you until we reach the goal. i’m only talking to those of you who have $5 or more to spare. if you can’t afford it i understand, but if you can? donate. don’t scroll past and think someone else will donate.. we need you too. •

thank you!!!!! ❤️

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