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🐾 meow #tongueouttuesday furriends!! this is my new roar look 🦁 . are you afraid? i’m training for #halloween meowthanks to @phil_a_paname for this present 🐱👹🎃🧟‍♀️🦁👻 #catsofinstagram #catwithtongueout #tot #happycaturday #lionpride #whatthefluff #weeklyfluff #meowed

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🐾 meowsaturday igers!! what will you do this weekend? i will have a little walk and many many naps 🐱🐾🍁☀️🍇🧡 #weeklyfluff #whatthefluff #catselfie #saturdayselfie #saturdayfunday #parisjetaime #doitinparis #cats_of_world

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🐾 meownight furriends!! and please tell my mom not to choke me 🐱❤️👩🏻🥒🎒 #catsandwomen #catsofinstagram #whatthefluff #weeklyfluff #meowlife #purrfect #petsofinstagram

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🐾 meowsunday igers!! do you know at what time nex métro arrives?? 🐱🚇🚦〽️🔛 #whatthefluff #weeklyfluff #whpunusualportraits #theweekoninstagram #metroparis #parismetro #catsofinstagram

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🐾 meowsaturday furriend! this weekend, in paris, there is the @animal_expo_animalis_show ! i’ve been there and i discovered a lot of products of @animalis_fr ... and guess what? i found a new backpack 🎒😻you can find it on @colonyperroquet or on .
cats will take over the world... and the universe 🐱🐾🌍👽👩🏻‍🚀 #happycatclub #cat_features #cats_of_world #petsoninstagram #puppies #whatthefluff #weeklyfluff #nasa

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🐾 meowmorning furrrriends!! what day is it today?? it’s #totuesday !! 😻😸👅☕️🥛☀️ #whatthefluff #totuesdayfeatures #tongueouttuesday #tongueout #cats_of_day #happycatclub #breackfasttime

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🐾 just a little “meowhello” full of colours to my beloved furrryends 🐱💐🍭🎉🎨 #catsofinstagram #fromwhereistand #theweekoninstagram #fluffycat #petstagram #coulourpop #kittycat

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🐾meowmorning furriends! how a traveler cat can stay clean during his trip? with biogance’s cleansing wipes!!
they are 100% biodegradable and they have been specially formulated for gentle daily hygiene. very convenient for cleaning the entire coat and sensitive areas such as eyes, ears, mucous membranes … this paraben-free, colorant-free, alcohol-free and hypoallergenic formula is made from 99% natural ingredients with organic calendula. they are suitable for all types of coat, puppies, kittens and small mammals.
biogance® is the 1st french pet care line, directly inspired from nature and especially formulated from natural and organic active ingredients respecting pets and the environment.
paraben free, phenoxyethanol free and animal oils free, biogance® optimizes its formulations in order to develop natural and effective products which respect the pet’s natural coat balance. biogance® is a dynamic company where veterinarians, chemists and pharmacists combine their know-how for the well being of our pets.
more than this, biogance® products are not tested on animals. 🐱💐✈️🚘🚅🛥🛸 #biogance #travelwithcat #adventurecats #dansletgv #garedelyon #whatthefluff #petsofinstagram

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🐾moment wikimeow : meowfriday bipeds and quadrupeds... do you know that at the foot of montmartre there is a singular place of history and culture. at 15 rue hégésippe-moreau, a wrought iron gate announces the limited access of the villa des arts which includes fifty workshops where have crossed through the eras of great names such as renoir and cézanne. around 1850, buildings forming "villa artists" are born. arrived intact to us, there are three main buildings that are articulated around a courtyard. for the sake of economy, recovery materials from the 1899 world's fair are used. the whole villa, courtyards, gardens, workshops, is registered in the supplementary inventory of historic monuments by decree of may 2, 1994. yet this set almost fell into the hands of unscrupulous promoters in 2005 before being bought and rehabilitated by the city of paris. maintained by the guéret family until 2005, the villa des arts has not been maintained. given the scale of the work, the heirs prefer to sell. real estate developers attracted by this superb ensemble foment luxury combo projects and make artists flee. at this moment, the workshops are practically abandoned. the city of paris comes to the rescue of this place of creation in 2007. it buys the villa and is involved in a rehabilitation involving 33 social housing, 19 workshops-housing, 28 workshops of artists and a mansion with an artistic vocation. today, villa des arts has regained its original vocation. painters, sculptors, photographers, graphic artists, comedians, writers, musicians revive the great montmartre era while the association villa des arts develops many projects to discover their achievements. 🐱👨🏻‍🎨👩🏽‍🎨🎨🖼 #streetart #parisstreetart #doitinparis #whatthefluff #villadesarts #photobomb #puppy #paris_tourisme

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🐾 moment wikimeow: meowthursday folks! this is my spanish holiday and here you are some facts about casa milà: during its construction, it could not escape some problems with official institutions. two years after beginning construction the city government ordered the suspension of construction because a exceeded the established size, occupying one meter of the sidewalk. gaudí refused to correct it and, faced with the threat that they would cut the column, he said that if he did, he would respect their decision, but he would place an inscription where the motive could be read.
other problems included the height of the building, which was more than four meters too high, and the total volume of construction, which was greater than the official measurement by 4,000 square meters. the city hall ordered the attic torn down or, if not, mr. milà would be forced to pay a fine of 100,000 pesetas, which was almost one fifth of the cost of construction. at last, after many arguments, it was decided that the building had great artistic value and, therefore, was not subject to the city ordinances. gaudí was so happy that he asked for a copy of the official minutes. 🐱💃🏻🥘🏝 #instravel #whatthefluff #weeklyfluff #catselfie #diadafofura #puppies #bomdia

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