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@theskins (@kayanico & @beingbayli ) seem to think #ultrahdperfector is the perfect foundation to be #beyouunfiltered! #ultrahdperfector

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Precision and focus… amazing #makeuplook by @lotstar on @beingbayli and @kayanico from @theskins using #ultrahdperfector 10! already available in eu and in march ww.

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Discover @theskins, the infectious brooklyn-based rock band. they share their vision about being unfiltered: "i am daring. i'm weird and i like it." says @beingbayli . "i am confident. life is not a competition. i am me and you are you." says @kayanico #beyouunfiltered coudn't agree more! @kayanico is wearing #ultrahdperfector in 10 and #ultrahdsoftlight in 50 @beingbayli is wearing #ultrahdperfector in 11 and #ultrahdsoftlight in 30 and 50

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Super inspiring @lotstar did the @theskins makeup for our #ultrahd compaign! "chase your dreams and never live in fear. - i am passionate" and you, are you ready to #beyouunfiltered ? @lotstar is wearing #ultrahdperfector in 2 and #ultrahdsoftlight in 20

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The charming @leamakhoul a french-lebanese pop rising star shares her passion and advice about being unfiltered: "we all live once. we should enjoy every single minute without fear. i am positive." #beyouunfiltered @leamakhoul is wearing #ultrahdperfector in 9 and #ultrahdsoftlight 40

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@makeupbybouba applying #ultrahdperfector 40 on the superbe @leamakhoul. stay tuned to discover all his #protips! #beyouunfiltered

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@leamakhoul 's makeup was done by the famous fashion makeup artist @makeupbybouba "i wish i could share with everyone my ability to see beauty in everything i am unconventional" - and you, are you ready to #beyouunfiltered ? @makeupbybouba is wearing #ultrahdperfector in 6 and #ultrahdsoftlight 50

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Makeup will be as fun as expected with @lindahallberg , the swedish award-winning blogger and #makeupartist who is known for her easy-going and fun attitude. "i love to inspire media changed my life forever - i am inspiring" #beyouunfiltered @lindahallberg is wearing #ultrahdperfector in 4 and #ultrahdsoftlight 20

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Meet @dagnymusic , the beautiful norwegian pop singer! her song "love you like that" can't get out of our heads :) "i'm a free spirit. i embrace the surprise of not knowing. i am audacious." #beyouunfiltered @dagnymusic is wearing #ultrahdperfector in 1 and #ultrahdsoftlight 20

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@lindahallberg doing her magic on the sparkling @dagnymusic using #ultrahdperfector in 1. #beyouunfiltered

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Meet @jinjootheguitargirl a korean guitarist from the band @dnce! "my ultimate goal is to be true to who i am. anything is possible - i'm tenecious" and you, are ready to #beyouunfiltered"? @jinjootheguitargirl is wearing #ultrahdperfector 3 and #ultrahdsoftlight 30

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#backstage with #promua @parktaeyun mastering the art of highlighting on gorgeous @jinjootheguitargirl what an inspiration! she's wearing #ultrahdperfector 3 and #ultrahdsoftlight 30

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"i follow my emotions when i create - i am creative" - we are proud to welcome korean makeup artist @parktaeyun in our tribe. taeyun is known as the inventor of the "non-makeup makeup" and created @jinjootheguitargirl makeup look on this campaign. #beyouunfiltered @parktaeyun is wearing #ultrahdperfector 3

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Tada! new #ultrahdsoftlight aka the perfect liquid highlighter. perfect glide + a subtle glow! #beyouunfiltered

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#newin the #ultrahd family - discover #ultrahdunderpainting to color correct, #ultrahdperfector to perfect the skin and #ultrahdsoftlight for a natural highlight. here is the color correcting, perfector and soft light shades that would match your skin tone.

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New #ultrahd family portrait with 3 new members - #ultrahdunderpainting correcting palette #ultrahdperfector all-in-one blurring skin tint and #ultrahdsoftlight liquid highlighter skin enhancer! #beyouunfiltered

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New #ultrahdperfector , all-in-one blurring skin tint & #ultrahdsoftlight liquid highlighter skin enhancer for a flawless and luminous complexion! soon in your closest boutique! #beyouunfiltered

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Meet our #ultrahd team: a #tribe of #mua and artists with unfiltered personnalities... they symbolize all our values - creativity, exuberance, positivity and passion -. #makeupforever encourages everyone to free their true personality. are you ready to #beyouunfiltered? @jinjootheguitargirl @parktaeyun @beingbayli @kayanico @theskins @lotstar @lindahallberg @dagnymusic @leamakhoul @makeupbybouba

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Our #ultrahd range welcomes 3 innovative, 4k-compatible products: ultra hd underpainting, ultra hd perfector & ultra hd soft light. we are proud to team up with the best, boldest and most authentic unfiltered artists and makeup artists, celebrating true universality and diversity. available soon ww #ultrahdperfector #ultrahdsoftlight #ultrahdunderpainting

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