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M14.ca casm gen ii scope mount. a double locked design with integrated backup sight. net zero weight gain. adjustable for cant. 7075 aluminum. #m1a #m1a_all_day #m14_and_chill

comment 4 star 306 March 2019
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M14.ca blackfeather rs with shg, x products 50 round magazine, hogue grip and vortex mount. "georgia hills." #m1a #m1a_all_day #vortexoptics

comment 6 star 357 January 2019

M14.ca blackfeather rs with scout handguard, mossberg sga adapter, magpul ms1 sling and harris bipod. "saskachewan snow."

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M14.ca blackfeather rs 72 hour kit. always improving. πŸ‘ what's in yours? #m1a. #m1a_all_day

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M14.ca blackfeather rs + scout handguard (shg). credit to #tactidadlife

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M14.ca blackfeather rs + scout handguard. lightweight and fast handling cqb m14.

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M14.ca blackfeather rs, shg with magpul sga adapter. #tactidad #project-m14 #m1a #m14ebr #m14_and_chill

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M14.ca blackfeather rs, lsp and hba. #m1a

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A blackfeather rs build that requires a second look. now, i'd travel a thousand miles to shoulder that. thanks for showing. cheers.

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The m14.ca long sight plane (lsp) hand guard/scope mount coming out of machine today, prior to bead blast and anodizing. the lsp is compatible with most m14 stocks including the blackfeather, archangel, boyds wood and usgi stocks, as long as your m1a barrel is standard weight. for medium barrels we now have the shg-m. see www.m14.ca for more info.. and merry christmas to all our m14 brothers!

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T97.ca lhg component grouping. #t97 #t97nsr www.t97.ca

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