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LUPA Handcrafted leather goods in a wabi-sabi aesthetic; simple, imperfect, crafted. #rebelliousminimalism 📍Ojai/L.A. 📧 [email protected]
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We added a few dieter rectangle bags and the one of a kind, two-toned charles triangle bag at the alamo motel by @sheltersocialclub and @eskina_space ! if you've never been to los alamos, you are missing out. go visit, drink wine and stay at alamo motel and take home a beautiful bag or great skin care/beauty products from @eskina_space #rebelliousminimalism #alamomotel #losalamos

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Monday mood: busy af but just want to sit here and look like this. it's been awhile lupa lovers as moving and trying to settle has taken most of our time. our studio is being setup with an industrial machine, we're waiting on our new business license to be approved, and also searching near and far ( la and ventura) for a new production company. although it may seem like we're quiet here on the digital world, we are busy busy busy behind the scenes. we'll keep you all posted on more updates soon. xoxo lupa pic from @vogueitalia

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We missed #mcm so we're posting all these pics of @chevill during #wcw 😍 we love all his outfits, and he looks great with that yayoi circle bag during his travels. reposts from @chevill #rebelliousminimalism #lupabags

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<continued from last post> my inspirations are architects, artists, industrial designers, innovators, and minimalist designers . i don't look at other makers, other bag designers, pop culture for inspiration as that's not how i like to ideate. i'm in love with dieter rams (inspiration for rectangle bag,) yayoi kusama (inspiration for the circle bag,) steve jobs (square bag,) charles eames (diamond bag,) ray eames (triangle bag,) barbara hepworth (credit card holder,) martha graham, isadora duncan (tassels,) pablo picasso (cube necklace,) and piet mondrian (rectangle clutch.) i have more ideas and shapes that tie back to my personal idols and inspiration. those will come to life in future seasons. i also named a bag we will produce after a friend's baby named marly! she inspired me to make a bag with sculptural chunky handles after seeing her ignore a toy i gave her and focused more on the paper bag that came with it. i had a vision of her loving a bag with big handles. and lastly, you're probably wondering what lupa means? well it ties back to what we are passionate about: the land and earth we live in. lupa is earth in filipino. every few months, we donate a chunk of our sales to environmental causes to help protect our land and environment. we use vegetable tanned cow leather as it does not use chromium which is not good for the environment. at some point we may get stuck with having to use chromium dyed leathers, but we do our best to know what's in the materials we use. each piece we make is either handmade by me or crafted by artisans in los angeles. we are proud of what we've accomplished the past few years. we are thankful for our loyal following and welcome our new fans and followers. let's make this an amazing year together. - katrina, owner/designer of lupa

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It's a new year and we have new followers, new lovers, and new haters. for all this newness, we figured you want to know about us, who we are, what we believe in, and why our design aesthetic is the way it is. lupa started like this: 12 years ago, i (katrina) was in the footwear industry as a product manager. we traveled the world to get inspiration from various markets. one of those trips led me to ipanema in brazil. every weekend they had a market for local makers. i bought this rectangle bag with cutout handles and loved it's versatility but also did not like a lot of things about it. i got rid of the bag before moving to california as it started disintegrating. stitches came out and the lining was a cheap synthetic material that cracked and fell apart. fast forward 10 years and i quit the footwear industry, took 2 years off to explore what i wanted to do with my life and joined spirit weavers (@spiritweavers ) where i met madelyn (@made.of.myth ) who reintroduced me to footwear and leather making. went home after spirit weavers and bought a hide of buttery leather. thought of my ipanema bag and asked myself what i'd do to improve it. i wanted to: 1. make it more structured 2. make it multi-functional 3. make it without a lining. this is the first bag i made (see second post.) i used it, loved it, posted it on ig. then friends started asking if i'd sell it. not just close friends, but friends of friends. i then decided to build a brand and asked myself these questions: what are my brand beliefs? what are my design elements/aesthetics? who am i inspired by? i wrote: i believe in being rebellious and bold, and standing for originality. i wanted to stand for minimalism and utilitarianism. i wanted to own basic shapes and re-introduce it in a bold yet minimal way. <continued in next post and see the complete first bag i made> second image is the first material/buttery leather i cut up.

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@eskina_space at the ojai rancho inn is stocked up in our bags. check the space out next time you're in ojai! #ojai #rebelliousminimalism #lupabags

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Minimal yet bold accessories. adding these b***s in the webshop tonight. great geometric rings for your rebelliously cool style. #rebelliousminimalism #lupa #accessorize

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What fits in a charles two-toned triangle bag? fits a big wallet, phone, and makeup. it can also fit an ipad. great rebelliously unique piece, one of a kind with two different colors: black and caramel. new year, means you need a new bag! #rebelliousminimalism #bag #lupa

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We've had such an amazing year thanks to all of you! thanks to all our new and loyal customers from all around the world. we make bags for you. we love seeing you travel the world with your lupa bags. may you all have an amazing and rebellious 2018! #rebelliousminimalism #happynewyear #2018

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Christmas cleaning...we are still unpacking and tidying our ojai studio. it's coming together. we hope you have a wonderful christmas and you received all the lovely gifts you wanted. if not, you can always be a rebel and buy yourself a gift after christmas! we are still having our "15for15" sales. take 15% off your purchase and we'll donate 15% to victims of thomas fire. #giveback #christmas #holidayseason

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We've been out of touch and it's because we ojai! it's been such a roller coaster with the fires which is why we've taken time off. we are offering 15% off your order and we will donate 15% of our sale to friends who have lost their home/belongings. celebrate the holidays by giving back. use code "15for15." we have the yayoi circle, steve square, dieter rectangle, and our one of a kind charles triangle two toned bag. link in bio to shop. #rebelliousminimalism #ojai #giveback ps: if you're shopping from ojai or the surrounding area, we can deliver to you right in time for christmas

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Up on the site now, one of a kind two-toned charles triangle bag in caramel and black with white stitching. link in bio to shop. free domestic shipping all month. and 20% of sales all month will go to fire relief efforts for our community in ojai and ventura. #giveback #rebelliousminimalism #lupabags

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Sneak peek of the new charles triangle bag with two different sides: caramel and black. only one available and ready on our site tomorrow. we are building a one of a kind program for those rebelliously unique lupa ladies. 20% of our sales will be donated to fire relief efforts in our new community of ojai and ventura. #love for #ojai and #ventura our hearts are with you and we will help you rebuild #rebelliousminimalism

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Grieving and praying for ventura and ojai who's currently being ravaged by wildfire. we were scheduled to move our home and studio in ojai in two weeks but it's unnerving to not know when this will end. ojai and ventura friends and community: we are praying for you and we are here if you need anything 😔❤️

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We've been busy bees making your bags and shipping them out. your lupa b***s are coming for you. link in profile to shop so you get those holiday gifts on time #rebelliousminimalism #holidaygift #lupabags

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Physically, shopping can be such a drag, so why not join us for cyber monday? our thanksgiving sale continues with code givingthanks35 for 35% off your entire order and free shipping for cyber monday! sale ends monday night midnight pst. do not miss out on owning that bag. #cybermonday #rebelliousminimalism #lupabags photographer unknown

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Use code "givingthanks35" - go ahead, you know you deserve that bag! #rebelliousminimalism #shopsmall #smallbusinesssaturday

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As the saying goes, the early shopper gets the bag...or something like that. 😏 we wanted to kickstart your holiday shopping and give thanks to our global customer base. without you, lupa wouldn't be out for the world to see. take 35% off your entire order with code "givingthanks35" - sale ends on cyber monday. #thankyou #rebelliousminimalism #discount link in bio to shop. 📷 by @poochagram model @ladykizzzle

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Looking for a crisp black multi-functional bag? well you're in luck. we restocked in the black dieter rectangle bag. shop now at or link in profile to shop. #rebelliousminimalism #lupa #shopnow

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"oh no, but you don't understand. this is an alaïa!" may you rest easy azzadine alaïa. you are a legend and a visionary like no other. #alaia #azzadinealaia #rip

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