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⛄️: hi little friend, for 1 second i thought you wanted to steal my nose. 🥕

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I am more of a summer person 😂

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Hugs are the best but i also keep an eye on your food.

comment 142 star 14,954 3 days ago

This is not a toy. if everything goes well, loulou will get new friends. can you guess what kind of animal?
check our instastories.

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Why do they get something? i am starving. **wait for it.

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Something different. we do a q & a here:

do you have any questions? (your question in the comments.) it can be about anything. i will give you an answer in the comments. 👇🏼

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Who wants a hug from me? 👀

comment 270 star 12,641 1 weeks ago

Your face when you expect pizza and get vegetables.

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If my face is like that, does my nose look big? •

sleepy from the beach. haha did you know that loulou can run very fast with those short legs? check our instastories on the beach, so funny.

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With this game you get this face 😛

comment 580 star 18,215 2 weeks ago

When someone takes your last pizza slice.

comment 353 star 14,867 2 weeks ago

When your friend looks like a giant next to you.

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