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Photo by @iamccw_tw || we were very excited when we first came here. this is a train carriage that has been abandoned for nearly seventy years and plays an important role in chinese history. it is here on an insignificant mountainside in hangzhou, china.

i told my friend to wear her most beautiful clothes and i took this photo of her on the platform, five meters high.

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#lr_horizons photo by @arj || i took this photo in february on my last of seven mornings in the lofoten islands in northern norway. although i traveled to the islands mainly to shoot the northern lights, this sunrise was the highlight of my trip. the reason i loved this sunrise so much was because we originally weren't even going to shoot in this location—we were driving down to a fishing village to catch the sunrise, but had to stop the car when we saw these crazy colors dancing off the cracked ice on the water's edge. it wasn't planned, but it was perfect. •
one of my favorite things about being an outdoor photographer is that you're at the mercy of planet earth. sometimes this means that the weather doesn't work out in your favor, but when it does, like it did my last morning in norway, it makes it that much more sweet.

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#lr_horizons photo by @michidrex || the lake in this picture is the klöntalersee, which is located in the canton of glarus in switzerland. after a hike around the lake with a bunch of friends, i took this photo through a locked gate, so i couldn't find out where exactly the bridge led to. •
the klöntalersee was formed by a rockfall and is now known as one of the most beautiful lakes in switzerland. that’s mainly because of the very steep stone walls that surround the lake from all sides. this beautiful lake lies right in the alps.

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#lr_horizons photo by @craigamanti || the turn of the new year ushered in some beautiful summer weather here in new zealand. on the 2nd of january, i packed up and made the trip to cape reinga, which is a five-and-a-half-hour drive from my hometown. the main purpose of the trip was to try to capture an image that i had been envisioning for quite some time – a view of the cape reinga lighthouse looking out across the tasman sea and pacific ocean as the sun drops below the horizon.

having arrived late afternoon with plenty of time before sunset, i spent a few moments taking  in the sights and sounds before finding a composition that would capture the essence of one of new zealand's most iconic landmarks. i hope that this photo of the cape reinga lighthouse has not only captured the beauty and grace of this special place, but also its significance to the māori people and new zealanders alike.

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Photo for #lr_horizons by @liz_bg || this particular image was captured off the coast of kona on the big island. visibility was poor that day and the dolphins had been staying low in the ocean.

dolphins swim to shallow areas to rest during the day, so it’s important not to disrupt their environment by chasing or diving after them. i stayed in place, waiting (hoping) they’d make another pass, when out of the blue the pod swam vertically towards me and up to the surface. i snapped this shot as they all made their way past me.

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Photo for #lr_horizons by @benruef || after driving through endless patches of lupine with mind-boggling glacial views of the southern vatnajökull glacier, we found ourselves crossing a small bridge with a peculiar, floating ice chunk directly below. only a glance away was the jökusárlón lagoon, perhaps one of the more appreciated sites of iceland's geography. driven by a weak, yet persistent current, these icebergs that were once part of the vast vatnajökull collect right here, each awaiting its entry into the north atlantic. the serenity of the lagoon combined with the ever-changing shapes of the icy boulders makes for a pretty otherworldly experience. i threw down my tripod and set this time-lapse to run through midnight, while i explored the so-called diamond beach, not putting much fuss into the framing or setup. iceland surely did the work for me as the midnight sun's soft glow flawlessly transitioned to a moody overcast scene.

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Photo for #lr_horizons by @mariesusaphotography || i took this photo  during blue hour just after the sun set at martin’s beach in california when the colors in the sky turn a beautiful blue hue.

living on the california coast, i love photographing how the sea and sky compliment each other with such beautiful and dramatic colors and reflections. the sea and sky seem to work together, one reflecting off the other. there is a peaceful and stunning  transformation that occurs at sunset. the colors in the sky quickly change before your eyes. first pinks, then oranges, and lastly reds. then 30 minutes after the sun sets, the blue hour begins. the sea becomes a mirror of the sky, and the colors change so quickly that no two sunsets are ever the same.

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Photo by @geoffreidnz || new zealand's mackenzie country is world-renowned for its beauty and pristine environment. it’s an ecologically sensitive area with unique, desert-like land on glacial outwash plain. it is home to eighteen threatened plants and four threatened bird species, including the critically endangered black stilt of which there are 100 left in existence. sadly, like most beautiful places, it’s in need of us to protect it, in this case, from new zealand’s ever expanding dairy.​ due to dairy’s impact on freshwater and the climate, a high profile campaign has been running to stop dairy expansion in the mackenzie and elsewhere in new zealand.

it is heartening to see the power of imagery, story telling and social media. many have shared photos of this beautiful place inspiring people to care. almost 50,000 people have signed a petition calling for a stop to dairy expansion in the mackenzie country. good things are on the horizon.

now it’s your turn to inspire us with your horizons. share your work and tag this month’s theme, #lr_horizons, for a chance to be featured on our page!

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Photo by @geoffreidnz || this is an aerial photo from a recent sailing trip on the world renowned rainbow  warrior. a ban on all oil and gas exploration in new zealand has recently been made law, but still the fight goes on. despite the strong warnings of climate scientists, the wishes of new zealanders and our government, along with the very real risk of catastrophic oil spills, companies still intend to explore and drill remaining permits excluded from the ban, including the wild and remote great south basin.

together, with the use of photography and story telling, we will resist them, just as we have all the previous big oil companies that have tried to drill in these precious waters.

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Photo by @geoffreidnz || it is a privilege to be able to experience places like this. with a growing population, the ability to share nature and geo-tag locations means that we need to be more mindful than ever.

how may our actions impact the very places we rely on to re-create ourselves? what foreign plants, seeds or soil may we be carrying on our footwear or camping  gear? what exactly are we destroying when we choose to walk off the track, and how might the place look if 1 million instagram users decide they also want to get “that shot”? stay mindful.

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Photo by @geoffreidnz || digital awareness is often the primary step for allowing people to wake up to what’s happening to the world around us. here in new zealand over 70% of our streams, rivers, and lakes are now unsafe for people to swim in. close to the mountains the water flows clean but in most places, by the time it reaches the coast, it has become spoiled by animal agriculture. scientist have been calling out the polluting industries for years and have been demanding changes to food production. having places protected like this place, mount aspiring national park, are important and in return, they create opportunities to inspire the world to care through imagery and storytelling.

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Photo by @geoffreidnz || hi all! i’m geoff and i’m a nature photographer from new zealand with a deep passion for communicating the importance of our natural heritage and a future that is sustainable for all life.

in search of the most dramatic glacial melt to photograph in the canadian rockies my mind couldn’t go past the robson glacier. mt robson is the largest peak in the canadian rockies and its largest glacier recently flowed out to the east coast and west coast. after melting so much in the last century the entire continental divide has moved. •
the effects of climate destruction are right in front of us. now more than ever is the time to be demanding clean energy and moving away from climate destructive industries such as intensive animal agriculture. •
we have a chance to live with this planet and not destroy it. let 2019 be the year we move in the positive direction that’s required.

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