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Photo by @andrewknapp || typically, the term ‘snowbird’ is associated with a retiree who escapes winter by driving south yearly. i’ve been doing this almost every year since i was 21. i usually try to find a purpose attached to my trip, and this one was to promote my new book. of course you can find color in a canadian winter, but i prefer to drive until the flowers are blooming, the trees are green, and the sunsets fill the sky with cotton candy pinks and purples. this shot was taken at a beach near san francisco’s outer sunset neighborhood, one of the first relatively warm sunsets we enjoyed in 2019.

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#lr_moody photo by @brandaohh || i was at the lake with my sister (pictured). the day was warm and sunny, so we knew the swans would be out on the water. as my sister fed them little crumbs, i saw this beautiful scene. i took the shot right away, and it was perfect! the only thing missing was this moody, blue tone that i added afterwards.

what moody tones do you like to add to your images?

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#lr_moody photo by @mpthecomebackid || a few months ago, i was visiting my family in new york for the holidays. i planned to spend new year’s eve with my best friend in new jersey, so i commuted through manhattan, transferring to a path train which led me to the futuristic fulton center. it almost looks like the inside of a spaceship.

i took some time to explore. after shooting every possible angle of the interior on my iphone, i started playing with the droplets of rain on the window and the lights outside the station. it was magical!

on this rainy, new york city night, everything was glowing, and there was no shortage of moving umbrella silhouettes. as the reflected lights from inside the center changed, and as the street traffic in the background passed by, the bokeh became a colorful backdrop to frame these dark umbrellas. despite how impressed i was by fulton center’s interior, i was most excited by the moments i saw while looking out of the building!

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#lr_moody photo by @neilkryszak || this image was created unexpectedly while i was climbing back from a secluded area in malibu, ca. a blood-orange sky illuminated the foamy tops of crashing waves. looking back, this shot successfully communicates the intense yet calming feeling of that brief moment.

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Photo by @benidorm_dreams || this is villajoyosa, a small fishing village on the spanish mediterranean coast.

this is where i grew up! now that i live in barcelona, i miss the peaceful sound of the sea and the vivid colors of the houses. i’m not sure whether it's true or not, but they say the colors of the houses are bright so that fishermen can see the town from the high seas.

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#lr_moody photo by @kristiankeenen || i took this photo on my very first solo road trip. i was heading up going-to-the-sun road in montana’s glacier national park, chasing the fog line. it was like a race: a race i was losing.

i parked my car on the side of the road in a complete whiteout, hoping it would clear. when it did, there was only a 30-second window where the trees and the fog were both visible. i took this photo quickly, knowing that it might be my only opportunity.

have you ever chased the perfect photo?

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#lr_moody photo by @mikejalipa || this alley in the shinjuku ward of tokyo is quite famous. lining it are traditional bars and restaurants, which contrast the surrounding scene of a bustling, modern city.

one late afternoon, i was exploring shinjuku and immediately fell in love with the place. as the evening wore on, the bars started to open and the lanterns were lit. the rustic appearance of this lane mixed with the smell of yakitori wafting by made me feel so nostalgic that i took out my camera to capture the moments passing in front of me.

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#lr_moody photos by @dirtbagdarling || i’ve gotten hundreds of messages from people over the years, all wondering how to begin dipping a toe into environmental advocacy work. i suggest checking out resources like @protectourwinters, @surfrider, @conservationorg and @patagonia’s action works, which allows you to search by region to connect with grassroots efforts and nonprofits on a local level. or consider committing one percent of your earnings to environmental giving through @1percentftp.

you don’t need to have a huge following to advocate for the environment. you just have to start. read, watch documentaries, listen to podcasts, and absorb all the information you can. seek out differing opinions and engage in conversation. run for office, spend your money with companies committed to closing the loop on waste, and stop using single-use plastics if and where you can. seek out ways to elevate underrepresented voices in marginalized communities. compost, recycle, vote, get involved in citizen science projects, thank the members of congress who are progressive on the issues you care about, and engage with those who aren’t. use your photography for good!

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Photos by @dirtbagdarling || surf photography is a steep learning curve, and picking it up this year left me battered, bruised, and inspired. it has also made me more conscious of the plastic pollution epidemic. while surfing in british columbia, i visited the home studio of marine debris artist pete clarkson. his yard is filled with trash. in towering piles, rest old laundry baskets and gas cans, discarded water bottles and forgotten flip flops, plastic pallets and fishing nets, each piece lovingly cleaned and arranged by color and type. it’s actually quite… beautiful, if you can forget for a moment all of this was once marine debris that washed up on the beaches of tofino, where pete is a park warden.

if anything, i expect to leave even more fired up about the way plastic clogs our river arteries and accumulates on our beaches. i’m surprised instead to find a man with a deep appreciation for plastic.

what pete reminded me of was our human connection to plastic. plastic pollution can oftentimes feel both anonymous and insurmountable. it becomes all too easy to villainize a certain group or place blame on some faceless “other.” but every one of us lives and thrives in a world created by plastic — and sometimes pollution can be a poignant reminder of our global, social, and environmental connectivity. surfers are often on the front line of this interconnectedness, watching the evidence float by while waiting for a set to roll in. plastic is, above all else, a human story. we just need to rewrite the ending.

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From around the globe and across all photographic styles, these 16 women embody the spirit of #internationalwomensday. explore their work and the stories it tells at the link in our bio.

how are you celebrating international women’s day today?

photographs by @davillasana, @solbela_ (photograph of @aessonti ), @shepreebright, @glitterandlazers (photograph of @stylepluscurves ), @stylepluscurves (photograph of @glitterandlazers ), @dani.noire, @krisannejohnson, @findingpaola for @fanmdjanm, @jamie_thrower of @studioxiiiphotography, and @heba__khamis.

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Photo by @dirtbagdarling || on january 13, 2018, twenty of us gathered to run relay style across 250 miles of utah’s bears ears and grand staircase-escalante national monuments in a single weekend. this run was about finding commonalities in the midst of a divisive political landscape and standing in coalescence — tribal members, athletes, and creatives — to advocate for the continued protection of our public lands.

as the project’s photographer, it was an incredibly emotional and challenging experience to try to capture this story alongside so many dedicated and passionate activists. these were people who’d come from every corner of the country to take a stand for what they believed in. my team and i produced a film and photo essay called “messengers,” which we hope carries the sentiment that sacred lands like these are worth protecting. i hope you’ll take a few minutes to check out the film at and consider putting your dollars, your votes, and your voice behind our wild places.

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Photo by @dirtbagdarling || human-powered adventure can be an incredible conduit for telling stories about global issues. in may of 2018, i was invited to photograph three american kayakers on their attempt to cross the straits of florida from cuba. after 27 hours and 12 minutes of nonstop paddling, they landed in key west, making them the first documented, unsupported kayakers to make the crossing. in the wake of tropical storm alberto, they battled heavy rain and 12-foot waves, while those of us on the safety boat, unable to assist them, were leveled by seasickness. at one point, i used ratchet straps to secure myself to the boat so i could get a shot in the rough waters.

thousands of cuban refugees have attempted to cross the straits of florida in the last half century, risking and sometimes losing their lives in the process. our crossing was a visceral reminder of the privilege we have in the u.s., and our forthcoming film about the experience aims to advocate for continued empathy and compassion for those affected by the global refugee crisis.

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