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Randomly woke up at 3am and started missing my friends a little extra🥺 i haven’t been able to get back to sleep so i’m making this post. i miss you guys and we need to get together asap when this virus blows over :/

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Playing dress up & having a photoshoot when there’s nothin else to do💁🏼‍♀️ #quarantinevibes #stayinghome what have you guys been up to👀?

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Killin’ it is an understatement 💋

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Life is art. live yours in color!🌈
comment your fav color :)

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Skin: bright
hair: brighter
future: brightest

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Hell week vibes

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Welcome to our family of legends @maddybrum , we love you 💖 •

• i will be revealing my other fierce little soon 👀

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Nobody do it how we do 💅🏼

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What’s on your mind? 💭

• pc: @e.thorntonn

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Bringin’ n-c to nca 😏🐾

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I haven’t thrown a one to full-full in months until today. slowly getting back into my groove😌

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It was such an amazing experience to meet this wise, beautiful, inspirational, soul. i’m so thankful for getting invited! listening to oprah talk really opened my eyes to a lot. thank you so much 🥰 #feelingblessed

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