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Hi hello i’m still alive i’m just trying to catch up on all the sleep i haven’t gotten in the last month 😴 i have some funky ideas for looks this week though! i’ll get right to them once i can hold my body up vertically again 😂
@limecrimemakeup venus xl ii ye palette + their velvetine lipstick in desire.
@glossier cloud paint blush in dawn.
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It’s hard to believe a place like this even exists. i’m back home from my travels and am faced with that weird empty feeling that often follows a life changing experience. do you know what i mean? have you experienced this? it sort of feels like when you finish an amazing book and you’re not ready for it to be over. i’m happy to be home but i also wish i could have stayed longer. it’s good i’m back though because i’m still so incredibly sick and i need to take care of myself. i love the north, the nordics and scandinavia, i know i’ll be there again soon. for now it’s time to get back to work though!
shot on @canoncanada 5d mark iv + 50mm 1.2 lens. edited on lightroom.
yellow puffer: @aritzia
new instagram girlfriend: @monikatski
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Foundation swatch ⚡️ this time we’re looking at @tartecosmetic’s new face tape foundation. my shade is 12b fair beige.
i’ll be the first to admit i was disappointed by this foundation. as you can see in the video it just straight up doesn’t look good 🤷🏼‍♀️ it only accentuated my breakouts. i was also absolutely exhausted when i filmed this... hello under eye baggage. you win some, you loose some. too bad because their shape tape concealer is so fantastic, guess i’ll just stick to using that instead of this foundation.
please keep in mind that just because a foundation does or does not work for me doesn’t mean it may or may not for you! foundations are so personal and everyone’s skin is very different. have you tried this one??
this post is not sponsored ♥️
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I’ve been practicing doing these undone waves and i’ve gotten it down to a fine art, i can do this style so quickly now. tutorial coming once i’m back from the land of ice and can start filming again!! ♥️

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A photo of me wearing makeup, even though it’s been a week since i’ve actually applied any! meanwhile i’m currently frolicking in iceland with horses. i’ll be back to my regularly scheduled makeup creation soon.
skin: @lawless i woke up like this foundation + @narsissist natural radiance creamy concealer
eyes + blush + highlight: @sephoracollection vivid earth palettes
mascara: @marcjacobsbeauty
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My face still hurts from how hard i was smiling when i met reindeer. seeing a herd of 300 reindeer, feeding them and learning about the traditional norwegian sami life was so wonderful!! @tromsoarcticreindeer @pukkatravels

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Giveaway | i’m not sure what took me so long to play around with earthy tones and this hair 🍁🌱🦜🦊 i’m going to do more like this!
here i used @sephoracollection vivid earth face and eye palettes #ad
the shade selection in this eye palette is so wonderful! those tones!!! i was also really impressed with the pigmentation and blendability (not a real word but i think you know what i mean!) of these.
to win the entire vivid earth collection (there’s 5 palettes total) for yourself: - you must be a canadian resident 🇨🇦
- follow me (@leighdickson ) + @sephoracollection
- and let me know in the comments of this post where your favourite place on our beautiful earth is! - winner will be chosen on march 27th at 12pm pst
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The crazy thing about this photo is that it looks pretty different from what the sky appeared to be in person. cameras now are so advanced that they can read light better than the human eye. i could see the stars and the mountains but when i got back to my hotel and uploaded the photo it was incredible. for the last two nights i’ve gone out chasing the northern lights with @pukkatravels, this photo obviously isn’t one of the aurora but it’s one of my favourites. just wait until you see some of the shots i got of the lights though! follow me on @leighextra if you want to see more from the trip!
shot on @canoncanada 5d mark iv + 50mm 1.2 lens. edited on lightroom.
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Jet lag got the best of me so instead of sleeping here’s a hair tutorial! a simpler version of a soft retro curl ♥️ - curl all of the hair in the same direction. - start the curl about half way up your hair. this is personal preference but i think having the top straight and ends curled looks nice. - spray each curl with hairspray before it cools and you brush it out. - to save time, don’t bother separating your hair, just begin curling on one side and make your way around the whole head.
products used @designmehair hairspray and puff me light styling powder. colour, cut and extension install by @elissawolfe
music by @dylanpickering
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And away i go ✈️🇳🇴 20+ hours of travel time here i come. what are you doing this weekend?? @smashboxcosmetics l.a cover shot eyeshadow palette.
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Foundation swatch ✨ here’s a quick rundown of the @lawless i woke up like this foundation. in the video i used shade pristine however i will note that it did oxidize through the day and i’ve now switched to oasis which seems to be a better match.
it’s hard to find a dewy finish foundation that also has moderate coverage and this product is probably the closest i’ve ever come to finding that. in my opinion this is the perfect dewy base, after applying this foundation i have been adding a bit of concealer in the areas i need more coverage and a touch of powder in the places i get oily (these steps not shown in the video.) ive found this wears really well and doesn’t separate too much on the skin throughout the day! if you’re oily and hate looking dewy i’d avoid this product but if you’re dry, normal or you’re like me and like to glow then i think you’d love this. it’s also non-comedogenic and cruelty free which is great. this might have become one of my new go-to’s.
it’s hard for me to see up close while i’m filming so i missed a few streaks on my skin but that has nothing to do with the product.
please keep in mind that just because a foundation does or does not work for me doesn’t mean it may or may not for you! foundations are so personal and everyone’s skin is very different. have you tried this one??
this post is not sponsored ♥️ but was #gifted.
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Does anyone overpack when you travel because you convince yourself you’re going to be glamorous and wear cute outfits but then you just end up wearing the exact same thing that’s the most comfortable every single day anyways? 🙋🏼‍♀️ yeah, same.
coat: @oakandfort
hat: @lackofcoloraus (yes, i wear this hat pretty much daily)
bag: @gucci

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