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Soft scramble, steamed spinach, and 2 pieces of pumpernickel sourdough with plenty of ghee + pink salt for breakfast. i’m generous with the salt. all that’s missing is fresh dill for the eggs but life goes on. have a beautiful week everyone! 💫✨🌙

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Sunday morning snuggles ☁️🍵🐕💫 how am i ever supposed to get anything done ever again #samsonfromamerica

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All the love songs that used to make me think of ex boyfriends now strictly remind me of this guy. #truelove
ps, if you haven’t yet, check out my igtv episode where i share my first 24 hours with samson ❤️🐶✨

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The 2018 holiday gift guide is here.
from my ceramic @sajewellness essential oil diffuser to my can’t-leave-home-without-it agenda to gender neutral body oil to u****s that lend you a happy b***y and v****a (aka, no wedgies), this guide as something for everybody on your list. gift ideas start at $4.99. link is in bio! #lfaholiday

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Instagram, meet samson prince. a husky, cattledog, boxer mix. 12 lbs, 4 oz. of love, curiosity, and coyness. rescued from moreno valley, ca. samson, i can’t wait to show you the world. thank you for choosing me and for letting me love you. ❤️🐶💫 #leefromamerica

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My oasis 👋🏻🏡❤️✨ #lfahome

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My trip has come to an end. 🇯🇵❤️
this morning as i stood in the hotel shower, i felt overwhelmed with emotion as my mind played through the millions of images, faces, senses, and experiences i’ve collected over my past week in japan.
i felt deeply saddened to leave, but more than anything, i felt touched by my visit to this country.
to every person i crossed paths with, every smile offered to me on the street, every bow and every laugh we shared, i thank you.
thank you for teaching me about unequivocal kindness. thank you for reminding me that kindness does not have to be earned, but can be given to everyone and everything. thank you for reminding me of the sheer beauty of humanity. thank you for letting me see inside your culture and for welcoming me. i am forever changed from this trip.
and thank you to @noken who helped me plan this trip from top to bottom and made my trip a breeze. i cannot wait to return. #lfatravels

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Out of all the food i tried in japan, i fell most in love with the simplicity of the convenience store breakfast. 🍙 there was something so special about this food, and can i say so tasty!? the convenience stores here are much different than the us. i found myself every day picking out an onigiri or 2. also pictured here is a fuji apple, a crustless egg salad sandwich, and another onigiri-type roll filled with tuna mayonnaise. #lfatravels

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“people don’t take trips, trips take people”- john steinbeck🎍 #lfatravels

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I’ve made so many deer friends on this trip, it’s wild. 🦌
we used @noken to guide us to nara for the day, a quick train ride from kyoto where over 1,200 deer roam the parks. it’s like nothing i’ve ever seen in my life with the most beautiful scenery this time of year 😍🍁. #lfatravels

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☕️+🍵=😍 the sawada style latte at @santomicenter did not disappoint! i stumbled upon this gem on a walk home one night and it’s been on my kyoto bucket list ever since. strong matcha and even stronger espresso. and they have almond milk and made mine unsweetened! i could taste the care and precision they put into this latte. best drink i’ve had so far in japan. i want another already 😭 #lfatravels

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Winter mood 2k19: nostalgic, introverted, hard 8:30pm bedtime 🛌 (song by the late amy winehouse❤️)

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