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‘tis time for me to take an instagram hiatus.
it‘s become so commonplace to share our lives on social media, i’ve nearly forgotten what it’s like not to share, scroll, check stories.
the gift of keeping to myself seems like the biggest act of self care right now, and as i enter my 29th year on the planet next week, it‘s never felt like a more appropriate time to turn inward. ♒️
you guys know how i love my digital detoxes.
in my 5 years of this instagram i’ve never taken more then 10 days away- which kinda boggles my mind.
i love you all and thank you for supporting me on my journey of growth and living life. i’ll be back soon and can’t wait to say hi again. blessings 💫💫💫💫
❤️ lfa

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Savory wafflewich stuffed to the brim! 🌞
2 almond flour waffles using @simplemills mix slathered with curried hummus, avocado, watermelon radish straws, baby spinach, and a crispy fried egg for dressing. the perfect antidote to a savory + sweet cravings 😋 wishing everyone a beautiful friday ✨ #leefromamerica #sponsored

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Me when the almond flour tortillas are 2 for 1 😏

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This photo was taken this past friday, the day before i came home to find my cozy sanctuary apartment leaking from the ceiling due to the heavy la rains. 🌧
in the ensuing hours, there were multiple moments while i was packing up my things, trying to salvage furniture, and dealing with chaos that i felt resistance. and then i just remembered to surrender.
i reminded myself that it’s much easier to let go of things when we don’t have such a tight grip. i may not know what’s next, but i know that i am safe and i have my pup, amazing friends who have offered an arm and a leg, and that’s all i need right now. nothing like a little water coming from the ceiling to straighten our priorities! ☔️🏡🌧

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Just a color coordinated doggy dance party to let you guys know my aquarius season playlist is now up on @spotify. link in bio to listenn 🐶

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Guys it’s 2019 and i’m still eating avocado toast. if that makes me basic then i need to accept my fate and stop running from it

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*igtv episode now up!* ok guys... it’s time for you to weigh in. what do you think are samson’s top 4 breeds? i gave my rescue pup a dna test and i’ll share the results tomorrow on igtv. samson and i will personally facetime someone who gets all four breeds right 😆🐶🐕🐾

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Samson really embodies the monday mood imo

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Did you know…
each hour, 1 woman is diagnosed with cervical cancer. #ad
every 2 hours, 1 woman dies from cervical cancer.
more than 50% of cervical cancer cases occur in women who have never or rarely been tested.
today, we can #changethisstat. how? set up an appointment with your ob-gyn for your annual exam. ask your doctor about screening with pap + hpv. don’t have insurance? testing is covered under the affordable care act, so you’re not responsible for co-pay. clinics across the us offer testing at little to no cost. the 20 minutes of testing is worth it. don’t let putting off an ob-gyn appointment be the reason these numbers are growing. together, we can reduce these staggering statistics. learn more at changethisstat.com #cervicalcancerawarenessmonth

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Puppy showers. #samsonfromamerica

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Simple stewed fruit // 🥣
a bowl of stewed fruit has been a go-to of mine lately. i cut up an apple, a pear, or a persimmon into 1” pieces, toss into a saucepan along with a big knob of ghee, and add a pinch of whatever spices i’m feeling. here are some favorite spices:
vanilla bean powder
i let the fruit simmer for about 5-10 minutes, stirring occasionally and babysitting the p*t to make sure it’s not getting dry. if it is, i add a splash of water, but not too much or else it gets too water-y. you want the fruit to taste jammy but still firm. i usually top it with nut butter, coconut chips and granola.
the liquid you stew your fruit in varies depending on your dosha. pittas can use coconut oil, kaphas can use water, and vatas can use ghee. consulting an ayurvedic professional is always a good idea. happy bellies ☺️☀️🌛⚡️

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My little samson all suited up and ready for his first hike ever

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