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Instacart’s got nothing on these two shoppers 😉 🥕 🥦🌿 @bluehousefarm #gibandalm

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We stopped at @bluehousefarm on the way down to the flowery yesterday and saw some animals. i’m pretty sure this one was thinking, “girl, you don’t want to fight me cause alpaca punch.” 🥊 haha #justkidding 🤣

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We headed to pescadero today to pick dahlias at @thepescaderoflowery 💐 the flowers were beauties, the kids had fun, and no one was injured with the scissors 😅 they’ll be doing the #upick through october if you’re in the area!

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Yes—i couldn’t agree more! #youdoyou
thanks @theassemblysf 🙌🏻💪🏻👊🏻

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Today is their favorite day of the school year 💥 super hero day!

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Nothing sobers a teacher up (metaphorically speaking, of course) quicker than seeing the word august on the calendar 😲 summer break 2018 you will be missed!

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Putting a cap on the weekend with some rad shadows at the juice bar 🤙🏻 light is pure magic✨ #whplight

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The other day i was reading an @artifactuprising blog post on photography tips and @anyeske wrote, “when taking a photo, i often look for interesting shapes that are made by shadows. train your eye to follow shadows and your photos will stand out.” the very next day i was walking into a walgreens and noticed these shadows. had i not just read the article i doubt i would have stopped and paused. it’s so cool how something can enter your consciousness one day and materialize in physical form the next.
i love photography for engaging my creativity every single day. 📷✨ #tellon #whplight

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Coming from droughty california, i always love how lush and green everything is here. i’m all like “look at the grass!” “look at those ferns!” 🤩

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And while i have time on my hands to #latergram . . . this pic makes me smile 🐎 we found an old-fashioned soda shop by my dad’s house in slidell with vintage rides and games. gabe liked riding the horse so much we had to come back twice! i’m sure the draw of ice cream didn’t hurt 🍨 😋

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My mom watched the kids last night so we could get a date in, and of course we’ve only been gone for 23 hours but i can’t wait to squeeze my bunnies tight when we get home tonight 🐰 🐰

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Will break gluten free diet for beignets 🙋🏻‍♀️ #sorrygut #worthitthough

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