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Stepping into a new week (when there’s only 3 left til spring break) like 😄 #whpplayful

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A beautiful day for a spring scavenger hunt ☀️ this was gabe’s homework for the weekend. we found a puddle, duck, butterfly, bee, flower bud and green leaf 🍃 #springhassprung

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Happy first day of spring from our backyard to yours! 🌸 #emojisinthewild

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Ten and a half years ago vince and i went hiking in tilden park and stopped at indian rock on the way home to watch the sunset. we happened upon an engagement party and when we told them it was our first date they invited us to stay and celebrate. i remember sipping champagne and saying “cheers to love“🥂 we were back in berkeley this weekend and couldn’t help but go back with our bunnies. sometimes life finds a way to come full circle ❤️

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Here are the finished #avocadodye dish cloths! i meant to post this sooner but have been deep into the bachelor finale and then instagram was broke 🙈 so here we are. anyway, i love how the color came out once they dried. very #ombré esque 😍 instructions are saved in my highlights if you want to give #avocadodyeing a whirl. clearly i’m a fan! 😆

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My diy partner in crime 💃🏻 we had so much fun dyeing with avocados pits! i’ve been wanting to try it for a while and glad we finally did 🥑👌🏻✨alma insisted on helping every. single. step. of the way. didn’t mind 😉
#avocadodye #whpsheinspiresme

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Saturday ‘spiration✨ one of my favorite accounts to follow is @yung_pueblo he always has something thought provoking or soul healing to share 🤲🏻 i’m grateful to @kellyharris for sharing one of his quotes in stories a few weeks ago. that’s how i first heard of him. any other accounts like this i should know about?

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The theme of our ash wednesday liturgy was taking time to pause and ✨notice✨ so today during lunch i stopped to appreciate these flowers i tend to walk past every day 🌸 here’s to forty days of noticing the #beautyundermynose

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We were in downtown san jose yesterday and found a 💋 @fnnch mural so naturally had to pucker up 😙#fnnch #walltraveled #whpweekend

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Today you are you, that is truer than true. there is no one alive who is you-er than you!✨ saturday is dr. seuss’ birthday and gabe’s school is celebrating all week with special dress up days and activities. why make one 🐈 in the 🎩 costume when you could make two? #gibandalm

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You have to look really close 👀 but there are baby leaves dancing in the sun ☀️ #signsofspring #asundaycarpic

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It’s friday, it’s almost the weekend, things are looking up 🎈

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