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Protesters staged a “die-in” at los angeles city hall on the anniversary of the pulse nightclub shooting. they dropped to the ground for 12 minutes, or 720 seconds, which represented the 700-plus victims of mass shootings in america since the pulse massacre. 📷: gabriel s. scarlett

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A raccoon scaled an office tower in minnesota, climbing over 20 stories high and captivating the public.
evan frost / ap

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Trump just became the first u.s. president to meet a north korean head of state. (📷: noah bierman / l.a. times)

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Kermit the frog welcomes visitors to a new henson installation at the skirball cultural center.
jim henson’s muppets, sesame street, fraggles and more are all in one traveling exhibition “the jim henson exhibition: imagination unlimited” that opened in brentwood is a full portrait of the man who is best known for his puppets but who also was a lucrative ad man, an experimental filmmaker and a visionary with dreams of making entertainment that would “make world peace break out.” 📷: @alseib

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Anthony bourdain was the eternal compadre of overlooked latinos, writes columnist gustavo arellano.
his programs ultimately were about the dignity of humans,” writes arellano. "bourdain tackled politics and culture and history and music with ease and genuine curiosity because his muse was working-class people and the food that they sweat over making and smile while eating.” adiós, compadre. 📷: david s. holloway

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It was about much more than just food. anthony bourdain made us all just a bit more curious about the world. for bourdain, food was just the entry point for a much wider cultural discussion. check out the link in our bio for the story. 📷: mario tama via getty

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A dog is rescued in the ash-covered village of san miguel los lotes after an eruption of the volcano of fire in guatemala. 📷: johan ordonez via getty

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What's the magic behind six kentucky derby winners? 🐴 this horse caretaker from rural mexico prepares horses for stardom. 🐎
it’s just before 5 a.m. and horses have begun peeking from their stalls. they’re waiting. he’s coming. “time to wake up!” says pascual rivera.
he’s been making these rounds in this barn nearly every morning for 14 years. they know him.

the story of the greatness of pascual rivera is actually not in the horses who are here, but the ones who are not. as horses go off to compete, rivera always stays behind. “they go,” he says. “i stay.” rivera, 55, is grateful for the opportunity to continue a journey that began four decades ago on a farm in rural mexico and continued on a winding path through restaurant kitchens and tack rooms and a hospital cancer ward.
it is a journey that every morning takes him home.
“sometimes i wish i could be more part of all that big stuff,” he says. “but then i look around at these horses and i say, i am part of it.” rivera has handled six kentucky derby winners in his 38-year career, yet his face is unknown, and, until now, his story has been untold. “sometimes, you know, horses are easier than humans,” he says. 📷: @pixtakerirfan

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Things are starting to look up for the boys in blue. ⚾️ 📷: @stevesaldivar

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“i made eye contact with the nurse, and she … looked at me remorsefully” “it was always this creep factor” “i feel horrible that there were another 10 years of women who were victimized by this man” “this shouldn’t have happened”

a creepy feeling, a sideways glance – patients of accused former usc gynecologist share their stories. the link in our bio takes you to their stories. 📷: @francineorr

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Skateboarders enjoy the last few rays of sunshine as the sun sets on venice beach. 📷: eric baradat via getty

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Even if you don't know his name you know his work. pop artist robert indiana, best known for his 1960s "love" series, died on saturday at his secluded island home off the maine coast.
but the man behind the art grew up in a household where the word "love" was never spoken, and he never found a lasting relationship, said barbara haskell, curator of the whitney museum of american art in new york. "the word was never used in his family growing up. he had a complicated relationship with the word," haskell said.

in the end, indiana found love through his art and adoration from the public. but real love, indiana recognized, was a "dangerous commodity" that can die out and lead to disappointment, haskell said. "on one hand he accepted that love became a symbol that brought him international renown," she said. "but for him love also has this element of fragility and precariousness.” 📷: matt rourke/ap

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