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L.a.’s beloved landmark, urban light at lacma, turns 10 years old this month. chris burden’s installation has become one of the city’s most popular spots. 📷: @mariaalejandraphotography

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Parents wait for news after a report of a shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida. 17 people have been killed, authorities say. the suspect has been identified as a former student. 📷: joel auerbach / ap

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Happy valentine's day! having trouble writing a message to that special someone? we've got you covered. check out our insta story for some la-themed inspiration. ❤️

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Dua lipa performs at the palladium 🎶🎤 📷: @yamphoto

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Go big or go home. 🏂 chloe kim wins gold 🥇 in halfpipe at the pyeongchang olympic games. 📷: martin bureau, sean m. haffey / getty

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American luger emily sweeney avoided serious injury in a frightening crash that knocked her out of the #pyeongchang #olympics. #sweeney lost control around curve 9, the track's most treacherous spot, and then began careening all over the track. she wound up sliding feet-first up one curve toward the track roof before getting thrown from her sled and eventually tumbling to a stop. many in the crowd looked at the monitors, horrified. the stands were filled with raucously cheering fans who immediately went silent, waiting for a sign that sweeney would be all right. the diagnosis was that sweeney had only some bumps and bruises."i'm ok," sweeney said. 📷: lars baron / getty

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Barack and michelle obama’s new portraits were unveiled today. 🎨 new york-based artist kehinde wiley painted barack obama in front of a floral background. the floral elements all represent different aspects of obama’s history. chrysanthemums represent chicago, jasmine is a nod to obama’s native hawaii and african blue lilies serve as a remembrance of the president’s late father. baltimore artist amy sherald painted michelle obama. the former first lady is featured in grayscale, a nod to photographs of african americans taken in the 19th and early 20th centuries. the geometric shapes on the dress reminded sherald of the quilts made by a black community in alabama. wiley and sherald are the first african american artists to create paintings for the national portrait gallery’s collection of u.s. presidents and their wives. 🎨: kehinde wiley and amy sherald / national portrait gallery via ap

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Mirai nagasu becomes the first american woman to land a triple axel in the olympics 🇺🇸 ⛸ robert cianflone, morry gash, maddie meyer, roberto schmidt, aris messinis / getty

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Spotted at griffith park today: mayor eric garcetti on a hike with canadian prime minister justin trudeau. it was cloudy and a bit chilly this morning, leading the mayor to joke that “we brought a little canadian weather to make you feel right at home.” but it’s only cold for angeleno standards: the overnight low back in ottawa was 16 degrees 👀 📷: irfan khan / los angeles times

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They’re … in the building? not exactly. the kim jong un impersonator and donald trump impersonator waved to the crowd as camera phones were pulled out. they posed for pictures. they were eventually led to their assigned seats after fake kim showed a staffer their tickets. 📷: ryan pierse/ getty

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If you thought praying mantises already look pretty cool, wait until you see them in these stunning shades. 😎 scientists who put tiny 3-d glasses on these petite hunters have found that their stereoscopic vision system is unlike that of any other known animal. and what they’re learning could prove useful in designing visual systems for future robots. vertebrate animals use their stereoscopic vision to perceive depth. each eye sees a slightly different image because of its slightly different vantage point, and the brain basically slides those two images together and calculates how far objects are based on the amount of sliding needed to match them up. all kinds of animals, including humans and other primates, can do this, said senior author jenny read, a neuroscientist at newcastle university in england. but the only known insect to also possess this ability is the praying mantis. 📷: mike urwin / handout via getty

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An emergency town hall meeting after a fatal shooting by deputies of a 16-year-old boy ended in chaos. deputies shot and killed anthony weber during a foot chase sunday evening. they said they spotted a handgun tucked into his pants, but investigators never recovered a weapon. now anthony webrer’s family and residents are demanding answers from los angeles county sheriff’s officials. "where's the gun?” john weber, the teen’s father, asked. "i know where the bullets are, they're right in my baby's back." "you killed a 16-year-old!" another man screamed. at one point, a sheriff’s captain was asked if his brother's family or community was "due something." "absolutely not," capt. christopher bergner replied. an angry group then convened around the panel, prompting authorities to end the meeting early. bergner's response didn't sit well with those on the oversight panel. in a statement thursday morning, the sheriff's department said that bergner couldn't hear the question being asked because of the noise in the room. he heard, "don't you think we are doomed?" the department said. "that is the only reason why he replied 'absolutely not,'" according to the statement. 📷: @kentnish

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It’s officially started! 💫 the pyeongchang olympics opened with a show of fire, ice, and unity. there were calls for harmony during the winter games. 📷: loic venace, dan istitene, ronald martinez, jamie squire / getty

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Even before chadwick boseman brought king t'challa of wakanda to life, he wrote down ideas of how the “black panther” movie should be. “to see black people in ways which you have not seen them before. so ‘black panther’ was on my radar, and in my dreams.” 📷: @jlcvisuals

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They call the glow “nature fire fall.” it happens for a few weeks in mid-february. yosemite’s seasonal horsetail fall turns into a glowing orange or red streak around sunset. the term refers to a tradition in yosemite’s early years of throwing the embers of a roaring bonfire off the edge of glacier point, creating a “waterfall of fire.” if all goes well, the streak is visible for about 10 minutes. 📷: ted soqui / getty

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They’re shooting hoops - sun or no sun 🏀 📷: @luissinco

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Huntington beach, ca. february 2018. 📷: @mariaalejandraphotography

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John mahoney bounced freely between television, movies and theater. but he was best known for his role as the cranky-but-sensible retired seattle cop martin crane on “frasier” — and that didn’t bother him. “you’re supposed to say how wonderful the stage is and how you only do film and tv for the money, but that sounds a bit whorish to me,” he once said. “if it’s a great script, i don’t care what the medium is.” 📷: @jlcvisuals

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Do all graduates toss their caps in the air? not if you’re a firefighter. 👩‍🚒 👨‍🚒 these graduates from the l.a. fire department training academy keep their hard hats on and show their families the drills they’ve perfected last month. 📷: @mariaalejandraphotography

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Is it summer already? unseasonably warm temperatures throughout california shattered records across the state. experts expect extreme weather to become the norm in the state as the climate changes and global temperatures rise. 📷: @therealchristinahouse

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