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GOD BLESS THE KXNG COB is my religion https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/good-vs-evil-ii-the-red-empire/id1300407009?ls=1&app=itunes
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I was watching death row chronicles on @bet and thought to myself it’s almost time to tell my deathrow story visually.. it’s a d**n good one too..

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Hang around 9 whoever’s and be the 10th whoever.

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Quincy illinois i’m here @ the one special event venue about to do sound check.. pull up on me a little later we gon get it jumpin!

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Download the @anchor.fm app and listen to the crooks corner micro podcast now!!! let’s talk rap! #cobcast

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I randomly bought this book to read while on tour and to my surprise some of my lyrics are featured in it. i’ve been mentioned in several books about rap or the art of rhyming and it’s always a dope feeling. when you take your craft seriously... people notice.

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5:18am omaha nebraska

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Shouts to the og ice..

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Crooks corner question of the day.. how many flame emojis do you think this will be? drops noon tomorrow

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Sioux falls sd 2:16am

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I’m dressed like a @royceda59 album... layers bitch.

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As you can see i’m losing my mind on this tour.. but who has the answers??

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B l v c k h y s t o r y

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Gotta go directly to the people.. how else would i know who’s spittin and who’s not? more stl bars! s/o @rileybtv 🔥🔥

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One for each time i see black panther..

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If you’re afraid of doing something that will change the quality of your life.. just know one thing.. success is on the other side of your fear..

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Happy birthday to the 🐐 @ drdre ✊🏾this pic was taken at the straight outta compton movie premiere. look @ that fool in the back like 🌾👀🌾

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Live bars after my stl show.. shouts to @ackuratethawise let’s go!

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