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Heres three waves from three handy cams on the pier. a stormy morning last week at my favorite place in town. 📹 @sc_paco @vickgoddard @scottherson

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The rare occasion i get to walk from my house and get a couple shacks. yesterday was fun. ❤️🤙🏼🏄🏼🏄🏽‍♀️🌧🌬🌊

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Had a great time chipping around up north and sleeping on @nat_young 's floor. @perrygershkow and @kyle_buthman caught some cool moments along the way. full clip playing now on @surfline . enjoy ! 🎬🎮📽👏🏼

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Happy valentines day sugar @maddibrooke

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Biggest one i ever did got

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📷 @ml_image

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Dually somehow managed to make himself a new dog house with a yeti hopper filled with some new redbulls. thanks dually ill try to lick up the leftover drops. @redbull @yeti

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The dream bar | 📷 : @perrygershkow

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Some days ago hurley provided the awesome opportunity for me to give back to the community. showed a bunch of clips, talked about my life being a grom in sc and got to meet deshaun watson. what great sponsors i have for them to create a night for me to share my story and stoke some groms out. this is the @shorecliffs_surf and me about to hop on the @redbull bus. once a seahawk, always a seahawk! thank you @hurley for a special night. thanks @redbull for the bus. 📷 @patnolan_

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In a time when surfing mags were a surfers bible and the only outlet to information about the sport. being a pro you could live off of incentives from sponsors from covers, spreads in the mag. and when larry "flame" moore takes your dad under his wing, it makes things easy. fast forward 20 some odd years. i was 15 years old and peter "captain" taras ( @petertaras ) wanted to imitate my dads and flames relationship. so in the winter of 2010 we shot up and down the coast which ended up in my first cover (pictured) and article in a major mag. so thank you @surfing for taking care of the family. thank you flame. thank you peter taras. 53 years was perfect and may those mags live in the archives of surf history forever. ❤️❤️❤️

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What a day. thanks to the locals @cidoubleyou @waring_christopher and @ryansimmons74 for letting us get a couple. 📷 @cidoubleyou

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Lost another one of these today around the scotts creek area in santa cruz. if anyone finds it ill give them a surfboard. it has a mouth piece and an orange flotation on it. thanks! good luck!

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