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Okay first off wanted to thank @lukeegan for talking me into trying some boards with channels. these are toys, but still never have i ever. 1. 5'9 27.55 cl w/ @thesonofcobra marbled resin tint that i fricken love . black bottom and w/ channels. inspired by the novelty that wasn't a novelty after @mfanno smoked everyone this year a j-bay. 2. 5'10 27.33 cl | long live the homemade garage sprays. heres my (terrible) version of a snow camo. these things are ghetto and awesome ever since @tajamos had pink scribbles up his board in montaj (my first ever favorite surf movie) | this thing is my regular old groveler 5'10 but also with channels. lets see how they speed float. thanks @mayhemb3_mattbiolos #yesialreadywaxedthemcauseihavebeensickandamfrothingforonefoottstreettomorrow

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Levi and dooley enjoying the low tide afternoon.

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Brace yourselves for cuteness levels #dooley

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Levi, embracing his new little brother, dooley.

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4l in some pow. tell me i cant! #trucktuesday @ford

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When you drive 8 hours and duck dive 90 waves on a 7'6 it feels good when @perrygershkow gets a sneaky little clip of you. thanks buddy

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Goose neck shimmy. photo : @ripzinger

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Surfing god @gerrylopezsurfboards and his son (@alexsaburolopez) let us tag along with him on @mtbachelor . what a couple of days! what a trip! thanks @mayhemb3_mattbiolos for connecting us. thanks gerry for putting up with us! πŸ‚β„οΈπŸŒ¬β˜ƒοΈ #surfsup !!! photo: @ripzinger

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Sun river loce dogs!

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Never understood the new years resolution thing. you wanna change something for the better should of done it a long time ago. anyways, 2016 had some cool moments thanks to the people around me. hope everyone has an epic night and remembers to be safe.

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400 duck dives later on a 7'6 that broke ditching. photo: @thesaltylenz

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