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Glad i could give ya some tips out there in the barn bro ... killing it legend. was a rough morning for the lads all things considered @caseycott

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Lots of fun at the @gq #menoftheyear party. cheers for having me guys. styled by myself and @iamamurray, #gqmoty2018 #style #younghollywood st

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Some cool s**t coming. oh yea and to everyone who actually thought i got a new lambo.... geez, i’m gutted to think you guys think i’m the kinda guy who would buy a brand new suv lamborgini..... i mean come on legends... and then to post a pic in front of it !!! ew!! not to mention it’s bright yellow!!! double ew!!!! and it’s a fuckn lambo!! ewwwwww. anyway cheers marty. (yellow is actually my favorite color, but i don’t drive yellow cars - that would be a shocking combo with the hair)

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Latest purch

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Happy thanksgiving to all the americanos!.. i’m thankful for being from new zealand - cheers

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Mr. bloodline himself. ๐Ÿ–ค

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@jakepicking gargamorphia

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I hate waiting

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Flaunt. #thetransienceissue thanks to the team involved in this - you know who you are, we smashed it under the circumstances ;)

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Ffs this is getting out of control

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@dylansprouse hey ur right

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The real kj apa. ps: up the crown ๐Ÿ‘‘. if you know u know

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