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I’m going with number 1 🔥

📸 @houseofheat

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I’m taking red october’s, bape nmds & oxford tans 🔥

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These end of year special will be ending 1 week from today. everyone who has purchased one up to this point will be in tonight’s drawing for the wing 12s as well as a drawing for a ds pair of yeezy 750s next thursday 🔥

there’s no beating @kicksonabudget prices and steals.

entry for wing 12s is closed. everyone who subscribes from here on out under the end of year special will be entered for next week’s free 750s

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Last reminder, if you want in on a chance to win these, grab the end of year special. only a few hours left. these are 🔥🔥

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Restock tonight at 7pm eastern ‼️‼️
full info on how tonight’s restock at the link in our bio, including how hyped releases will go down. make sure you read it through prior to the restock

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Today is the day!! why are you going for tonight?

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Reminder: thursday at 7pm eastern time runs out to enter for the wing 12s. thursday’s restock is going to be 🔥🔥

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You don’t want to miss thursday’s restock
don’t forget to get access before 7pm eastern on thursday
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Entering takes 2 seconds 👀
this week’s prize: jordan 11 jeter (in any size) 🔥

⇨ rules:
1. be following @kicksonabudget
2. be a top engaged follower for the week
3. ❤️ this pic
4. 🗣 comment where you’re from 👇
5. ↗️ save this post (will update with winner)

⇨ how to succeed:
to win, you must be one of the top followers for the week. how can you be the top follower? it's simple, stay engaged. the first to like and comment on pictures gets ranked higher, even being 100th comment helps, but the earlier the better. commenting random emojis that do not apply to the picture posted will not help you. we notice each and every commenter - if you've been staying engaged with us, you are on our list!

⇨ this week's prizes (3 winners)
1. jeter 11 lows in your size
2. $50 paypal
3. $25 store credit

⇨ how to engage faster:
1. go to our profile and click the 3 dots in upper right corner
2. click "turn on post notifications"
with notifications on, you will be updated as soon as we post and you can comment/like!

we will pick winners every saturday at 5pm.

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Wings or levi’s ⁉️

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| which did you get 🤔
no beating @kicksonabudget steals. if you aren’t subscribed this week (especially to our end of year subscription sale) you’re missing out ‼️

♥️ double tap
👇 let us know your results
‼️ questions? dm us!

📍 all kicks above dropping thursday on our restock @kicksonabudget

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You do not want to miss this week’s @kicksonabudget restock 🔥

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