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@a_giraffe_named_stanley is safe but so many friends have already lost homes in malibu. sad day in cali. hope they can get it under control soon.

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A lifetime of memories with my crew. thanks to everyone for telling and enjoying our story.

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Floridians...are you voting today? based on which issues as a priority? the future is for the young’ns but in my home state, 75+ year olds outvote the youth 10-to-1. i’d love to see this ballot decided by who’s going to protect the environment first and foremost. it ain’t gonna clean itself and there’s no second planet...yet. in less than two decades from now, there is expected to be a greater volume of garbage in the ocean than fish life. we need to act now and there is no penalty for being overly cautious about our impacts. florida, in particular, has suffered at the hands of business and political interests ahead of our natural resources...our main attraction. this past summer and into the fall, we experienced the worst fish die-offs and algal blooms in memory. not trying to preach to anyone but please consider who has made these topics a priority when you cast your ballot. we are likely close to a tipping point at this time in history. ✌🏽

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We’ll never forget that day, where we were, how we felt. andy left such an indelible mark on the world. if you’ve got a good andy irons story, please share it below. •

when i found out andy had passed, i was with a few friends on a beach in puerto rico playing with a homeless dog. my manager had the dog rescued and brought to ca where it was adopted by an orange county surfing family (@griffin_foy ). we soon found out she was pregnant, and she gave birth to a healthy litter. there’s a metaphor in there somewhere. andy and i had some otherworldly connections but i know he had that with a lot of people, sometimes in misunderstood ways. he was a giant personality and presence that we all can’t help but feel the void of. 🙏🏽🤙🏽

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So pitted the other day. @jordanstempson and @miniwavesbydom collab. thanks for the shot! #awaveforants?

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Getting creepy with @joerogan last night talking things that eat you, injuries, counting calories, float tanks, #donthedragonwilson, and even surfing might’ve been mentioned. we did forget to blast #flatearthers but at least i got my #roundearthshill shirt. #twobaldbrothers

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Have you ever had #bloodmicroscopy analysis done on yourself or loved ones? your health, disease markers, inflammation, bacteria levels, viruses, energy, hydration, allergens, etc can all be clearly seen and potentially diagnosed with the help of one of these tests. @kalanimiller and i had them done today. here is my blood tested two ways. the first three are a dried blood blot test which can tell you current and past health issues. 4-6 pics give you an idea of how to decipher what the pictures are showing. pic 7 is wet blood. my protein/amino acid levels are a bit low due to not properly assimilating my foods, possibly because of a lack of digestive enzymes. also my red blood cells are a bit deflated showing i could be more oxygenated and hydrated. inflammation markers are low. the dried blood shows some former inflammation, possibly chronic in the past but now under control, in the colon/stomach/prostate area. •

it’s fascinating looking into your blood health magnified 600x or more. it reminds me of looking into outer space at stars and planets and galaxies and ufos all in this finely orchestrated configuration. find a good microscopist who can evaluate and refer you to someone who’ll help right the wrongs your blood is showing you. it might save your life. ✌🏽☠️😷💉💊🅰️

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@momentumgeneration teaser from universal pictures for international release. available outside north america on november 5th on digital platforms. •

when we started this project, i had a lot of doubt and fear about how this story would be told and if it made sense to tell at this time. personal and human stories are always relevant and i’m very proud of what the filmmakers were able to dig out of our collective stories.

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Scary storm hitting florida panhandle/#panamacitybeach. hope everyone took cover and no casualties happen. 🙏🏽

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I love new socks. when i was a kid, i used the same socks over and over, day after day for school without washing them. i don’t think my mom even knew. they were stinky and dirty. i was always embarrassed to take em off and have smelly feet. i would look in my drawer wishing i had more socks. a couple times we went to get me new shoes and i would take off what i was wearing and they were full of sand and dirt from playing all day and it would spill all over the floor. thanks for the socks @stancesocks. much appreciated for clearing that up for me. the little things in life. anyone got a similar memory?

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#scotland is amazing. i love this place.

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