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Who are you today? #saintandsinner

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Oh yeah. it's coming... make sure you're following us to get all the juicy details on march 1 🗓👀

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"every saint has a past, every sinner has a future." - oscar wilde

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New video – ☝🏽 now on our youtube channel. link in bio

comment 58 star 8,458 Yesterday

Come hither – #basketcase anti-precision liner – now available @sephora 🇫🇷 🌎 all international sephoras: 2/27

comment 75 star 7,667 Yesterday

For the days we're channeling our inner rocker, only @iamleah could show us how to master the smudgey smokey eye with #basketcase anti-precision liner 🤟🏼 watch her video now! {link in bio}

comment 73 star 10,591 Yesterday

How can you not love the winged eye @sheerxbeauty creates marrying #tattooliner with #basketcase 💍🖤

comment 207 star 39,756 2 days ago

Let's take a moment to appreciate @artistrybyadrii and her #tattooliner#basketcase inspired swatch 🖊🖤

comment 148 star 32,318 2 days ago

When you find out your newest favorite liner is limited edition. we're about to order a few more just in case @sephora online while we still can. 📷 @obsessedunicorns

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We're pretty sure @maddijaneegirl and her 💋 swatches have started a braces trend. how sexy is this??

comment 268 star 45,898 4 days ago

{@thekatvond wearing everlasting #glimmerveil in wizard 🔮}

comment 203 star 40,646 4 days ago

Is it just us, or are #glimmerveil swatches just to d**n pretty to wash off when leaving @debenhams and @sephora?

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👀stunning looks from your new favorite kvd palette {swipe for more} – available now online @sephora {📷 @juscallmetara & @iamleah}

comment 100 star 26,718 5 days ago

Swipe left to see @thekatvond channel her inner divine at the hands of the talented #artistrycollective artist @sstrazzere [📷: @marianovivanco] launching: today sephora.com 3/2 sephora stores *international dates* mid february - mexico online early march - uk/ireland, australia, sea may - europe #katvondxdivine #divine #iamdivine #katvondbeauty #kvdartistrycollective

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💥now available💥 get one before it's gone at sephora.com - our coveted #studdedkiss named after the one-and-only divine

comment 239 star 37,379 5 days ago

[before [swipe left] and after. if only every 14 year old boy was as open-minded as @maximushenrymorse . what a breathtaking divine-transformation! [makeup by: @iamleah 📷: @marianovivanco ]

comment 429 star 41,883 1 weeks ago

Before [swipe left] and after. give it up for @malibudollface - what a beautiful divine-transformation on a beautiful creature! we love you, malibu!! [makeup: @juscallmetara 📷: @marianovivanco ]

comment 70 star 13,754 1 weeks ago

Before [swipe left] and after. amazing divine transformation on kat's muse @timothyhungcom . if you aren't already following this creative genius, we highly recommend it! [makeup by: @timothyhungcom + @kelseyannaf 📷: @marianovivanco]

comment 83 star 17,335 1 weeks ago

#katvondxdivine available today on katvondbeauty.com *updated launch dates* 2/17 - @sephora.com 3/2 - sephora stores *international dates* mid february - sephora mexico online early march - @debenhams uk/ireland, sephora australia/southeast asia may - europe

comment 135 star 18,311 2 weeks ago

Shade names 💯 inspired by all things @divineofficial. who has a favorite divine movie?

comment 163 star 15,610 2 weeks ago