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Feeling nostalgics about our old bokeh series. would you guys like to see more of these twinkle lights in our photos??

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Caturday shenanigans! what are your plans today friends??

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Already thinking about all the netflix i'm going to watch this weekend. #netflixandchill

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Do you do crazy things to get the perfect instagram photo or video?? i stuck my phone in a sweaty roller skate and dragged it across the floor to get this smooth pan-out motion. katie was clearly very confused. 😂 #worthit

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My face whenever i see a "smile, you're on camera" sign. #smize

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Just a tiny blep for today's tot! how many treats for you pay to get some of this tongue action?? #puckerup

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Who do i call to cancel my weekly subscription to mondays #overit

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Sundays don't start until brunch begins #mimosafuriosa .
photos can be deceiving. this original looks almost unrecognizable, which speaks volumes about the power of editing. this is really important to understand especially if you're starting your journey into photography. i can't tell you how many times i tried comparing myself to other photographers on ig and felt like my photos were just awful next to theirs. we will be posting some before/after and lr settings on story highlights to try to bridge this learning gap. for everyone who does not have lightroom there are many good free apps that have some of the most frequently used tools. some of my favorite editing apps that we've used along the way include lightroom, snapseed, and polarr. do let us know if you'd like to see more edits! #lightroom #edits

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That badonkadonk thoooo. 🍑 #kimkardashianbutt .
music: baby got back by sir mix-a-lot

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Butterfly in the skyyyyyy, i can go twice as hiiiiiigh!!! calling all 90s kids, finish the #readingrainbow theme song for me! and for all you non-american folks out there, what's a children's tv show that you still remember the theme song for?

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Too glam to give a damn!! who is your most extra friend?? tag them below! #basicbitch

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