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How many whiskers can you count?! happy whisker wednesday!

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A wild frankie appeared! what would you like to do:
a) observe
b) pet
c) catch

#gottacatchemall #adventurecat

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I got a badonk-a-donk that just won't quit! πŸ‘ #curvalicious do your cats lay like this?? it cracks me up every time kaden does this πŸ˜‚

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Franklin has loved sitting on the dashboard on car rides ever since he was a kitten! we were going to the orchard for apple picking on this shot. more fall photos to follow soon! and hopefully some new ones too!

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When you're the cutest pumpkin in the patch and you know it!

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How could you not love waking up to this cute face?! #sleepykitty

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Can anyone tell wha my plans are for thirsty thursday? hint: 🍸🍸🍸

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Serving up dinner on my dinner plate eyes πŸ‘€πŸ½ #fullmoon #hungryeyes

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I've got bedroom eyes that make the girls weak in the knees! did you know katie is actually a boy?!? check out our ig stories for the explanation behind this silly accident.

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What kind of sauce would you dip this little nugget in? catchup? πŸ˜‚#dadjokes

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The best way to spend a caturday is sleeping your friday hangover off

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Weekend here i come!! #tgif .
guys i'm so glad to be back home!! i had such a wonderful time in korea, but i was getting a little homesick missing the kitties. thanks to everyone who sent us dms about franklin. he is on medication for his bladder infection and is feeling back to normal. we took many preventative steps the last time this happened to increase both their water intake including adding wet food to their diets, mixing that wet food with extra water, getting a water fountain... but these things still happen and it's important to be aware of when your cat is acting differently. i'm hoping to write up a blog post (when i ever get around to making it πŸ˜…) about what signs and symptoms to look out for. honestly, they can be so minor that it's hard to spot. have your cats ever had bladder infections (i.e. uti's /cystitis)?

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