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What the blep! santa isn't real?!? #ahfork

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Which one of us is on the nice list and which one is on the naughty list...?

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Did you know, you'll find me at the end of the rainbow?! #overtherainbow

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These toys are for me, right?
do your cats knock all of your ornaments off the christmas tree?! to spare our ornaments, we usually hang cat toys on the bottom branches for the cats to play with. i can't decide if it's a brilliant or a crazy solution. we end up needing to vacuum the needles off the floor so often! 😂

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I'm a little shy today for #tot. can you give me some words of encouragement? 😊

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Sending my 💩 to another dimension! blast off! the litter robot's 12 days of giveaway is still ongoing! each day 2 winners will be selected and will each receive 1 litter-robot 3 connect (grey or beige) and a 1-year supply of litterbox.com litter (1 box/month). click the link in our bio to enter! this giveaway is open only to legal residents of the 50 united states and the district of columbia, who are 13 years of age or older as of date of entry. #freelitterrobot #christmas2018, #sponsored #amazonpay .
we can't speak highly enough of this self cleaning litter box. kaden has struggled with both anxiety and litter box issues since he was a kitten. i was convinced that he would be terrified of the litter robot and never use it. but in fact, both he and franklin prefer it to our regular litter boxes. i was shocked! we have a q&a about the litter robot in our highlights, if you'd like to read our more detailed thoughts on it. and if you have any questions, please feel free to let us know below! we'll give you an honest answer.

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Trying to hold on to the weekend! will you join me in tug-of-war?

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Life hack: wear a scarf to hide your double chin. #thisonesforyoukaren

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What's your favorite holiday drink? place your votes in the comments below! .
after seeing @leo.mainecoon s photos of leo compared to a starbucks cup, i was so curious how kaden would size-up! for reference, this is a venti sized cup and kaden is standing as tall as he can with his neck stretched out. 😂 how do your cats compare to the size of a venti-sized cup? i'd love to see your own side by side comparisons! #ventichallenge

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Instagram vs reality. swipe to see the difference! .
i always think of franklin as such a regal cat. he always seems put together and on top of life. but the one thing he can't do elegantly is eat! he makes the goofiest faces, drops his treats in the ground, and gets crumbs stuck in his mane. we can't all be perfect can we? .
bow: @tigerlily_co

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Feast mode: activated! .
in case you couldn't tell, kaden is obsessed with food. chicken is one of his favorite treats! he loves when we roast a whole chicken because he knows that he gets the wing or drumstick to chew on. while bones can be perfectly safe for your cats to chew on, it is important to monitor them closely and not leave them unattended. bones can splinter and get ingested or cause gum and teeth damage. be aware and be safe!

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How many holiday cookies do you think i can fit in my mouth?? #ourloveforcats

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