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The time has gone by so fast...i can’t believe it’s already december!!❄️

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It’s just car parking area lol 😆 i couldn’t make it sunrise spot on this day! but i found lovely yellow flowers🌼💗

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Sleeping in the autumn woods. i spent chilly morning with lovely🦆:::::

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It’s been getting colder these days...i miss warm days so much! which season of the year do you prefer for shoot? and why?🌸🌻🍁☃️👀

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Finally i got autumn colors 🙌🍂🍁happy almost friday 🍟

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Dreamy sunrise ☀️actually not so much because of many 🐝 😂

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#throwback to kyoto trip⛩#kyoto is amazing place and there are so many shooting spots. this is one of them #fushimiinari thousands of gates ⛩
hands up! who wants to visit here?🙌
w/ @omi_kim
how fun was that?!😂
#katietrip1 ,2018 april.
#sonyalphasclub #sonyimages #streetclassics #visitjapanjp #moodygrams #lookatthosecolours #jordhammondsundays #japantrip #土曜日の小旅行 #そうだ京都行こう

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Perfect day for long exposure shot🙌what’s the most important things when you shoot?

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The leaves are still green around my place but smelling of fragrant olive from outside 😌🍂feeling autumn in the air! and it remains me of my school days🍁🍁

comment 143 star 565 October 2018

The weather is very clear after the typhoon has passed, and the air is a bit cold now🍁needs autumn clothes🍂🌾🍁i feel time passes by so fast!!😳

comment 191 star 669 October 2018

See ya next summer 🌻 i couldn’t shoot it enough cuz we had lots of typhoons and some places had serious damaged. and now typhoon no.24th coming 😬

comment 182 star 880 September 2018

Morning glow with crescent moon 🌙.
this place was very dangerous i couldn’t use my tripod. so i did this longexposure handheld💪

comment 121 star 606 September 2018