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Talking to crush... dont say anything weird.
crush: hey, whats up?
me: you're a fineapple. 🍍❤
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My dad asked me if i was going to mars when i showed him this 2 pc set 😂 at least i look hecka cute on my search for aliens 👽🖖❤
set: @rebdolls @rebdolls @rebdolls @rebdolls @rebdolls
use my code: 💸 maia10 💸 at checkout to save! 🎉

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Sorry for lack of posts this weekend! 😭 work was literally crazy, worked doubles friday, saturday, and sunday. 💀 i couldnt find the time to post!! but today is my day off, we got our windows down, doing some laundry and just enjoying doing nothing 😂👌 top: @agaci_store
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The weather is finally staying warm consistently, thanks to @kingandfifthco @kingandfifthco for this super cute dad cap for jeep rides with my hubs this summer!!! 😍☉🌴🌊
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Cant believe its the weekend already! 💖 this week has flown by 🏃💨 the weather is finally steadily being warm so its time to keep the spring inspo rolling ☀🌷💐☘💜
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Here is to another mirror shot 😍 except this one isn't whole body lol. 🤔 im really liking mirror shots!!! skirt: @thredup
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Friends!! lets get to know eachother!! 😍 where are you from?? 🌎🗺 i am from illinois in the usa!
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What are you guys doing this weekend? 🤔 im doing the usual, lots of work lol😭💔
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Ok, spring ☀ jokes over, you can come out now, quit playin so much. 😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔
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Is there a food you cant be without!? 😓🍎🍞🍖🍟🍝🍣🍰🍪🍨🍭🌮🥑 mine is probably pancakes lol 😂😊🥞❤
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Squeezing in a post in the middle of work... whoops 🙈🙈👍👍
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Coming back at you guys with another mirror shot 🖤 super in love with this super feminine flutter sleeve dress from
@gojane @gojane @gojane @gojane @gojane @gojane 😍😍 also these heels go with literally every outfit!!! check them out, friends!!! 💖😋

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