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Wow the carr looks veryy fyeee😍😍😍🤩🤩💜 @cj_so_smooth @cj_so_smooth #explorepage #car

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Blood dont make you familyy💯❤️ its the hard times and the real moments thats only matters” (im in a positive a*s mood😉) so let me ventt😂
no matter how tough things get know that the longer the path gets the hard it will be to survive people make many mistakes in lifee but you cant keep making the same ones twice‼️ thats a downfall to destiny💯 stay positive and preach positivity cause now and days anything you say or do can hurt people🤨... they smile in your face without knowing your destine💯👀 @traymfnbills @iamjustairi @__theycallmeken @__dreee @taywhosane @therealkingkaiser #explorepage #family #familymatter #unbreakablebonds #tradayy strongly praying forr themm❤️🙏🏾 @traymfnbills @therealkingkaiser @pretty_hispanic @_excuse_my_beauty @iamjustairi @cj_so_smooth @chrismfngilly #explorepage vc: @jqcg.family

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First off i wanna start by saying that i love you tray and keep doing you keep being positive even when people are so negative you still find a way to push thruu😫 people go through things everyday and we sure do get over itt but i just feel like whatever your going thruu dont hold it intoo much cause thats how your gonna become way more stress but todays tray day so lets not be sadd🙃 i love you with all my heart and i want you too have better and brighter days no one likes sad bills so imma need you too chearr up and gett happy cause you deserve nothingg but happiness😫❤️ @traymfnbills @traymfnbills #explorepage #thebillsway #traybills #explore

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Its trayy dayy i lovee trayy dayy🤩🤩‼️ imma post my most poppin edits i made and some new oness😏🤪💯 @traymfnbills @traymfnbills #explorepage #explorepage

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I felt thiss❤️ but if i say s**t people goin think im throwing shade at them🤨 this why i dont ventt😭 so i just hold it all inside💯 @traymfnbills @traymfnbills #explorepage #explore

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Your music better be droppin or the official video🤪🤪🤪🤪‼️ @iamjustairi @iamjustairi #explorepage #explore

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Who elsee missed these vibess and the ganggg😫😫😫❤️❤️❤️ @iamjustairi @traymfnbills #explorepage #justqwazycloutgang

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