Marc Hardy I swear you I'm like Huey mixed with Riley. Naptown CAN I BE REAL is available now on Amazon! #indieauthorsofinstagram #nonprofit https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BY7A2qWmGgw
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Hey nap, we eatin all 2019. have you been thinking about getting into real estate but just don’t know how? make sure you’re at this event. @mrmonopoly1111 is droppin 💎 so come pick em up. #realestate #indy #weworkin #naptown

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Much love to the wayne county dr. martin luther king jr. commision for inviting me to share some of my thoughts on how we as indivuals can attack systemic racism among other things. but much love to my mama as well. i know you’re smiling down on me. i miss you a lot.

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Life is gonna deal you a lot of blows. so you gotta deal life just as many. 🙏🏾

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Y’all know what today is. we did some legendary things in bloom and now across the country. 🤙🏾 #bruhs #06 #gh #dec4

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Although it was an emotional weekend for me, it was a big and busy weekend for can i be real. i had the pleasure of joining ‘brothers of another color’ at lynhurst middle school on friday night. on saturday morning i joined @krownkeepersinc as a vendor and speaker at their 2nd annual sistersgiving. i’m blessed, i told you we not stoppin. shoutout to my brother @tha_lyricest for joining me on friday.

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Mama, what you, aunt brenda and grandad got planned up there for your birthday? take lots of pictures for me. 😔 11/17

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*i do not own the rights to any of this music. @nipseyhussle is one of my many inspirations.* #realgoals was dope. #shoutout to all the adults who contributed to its success, specifically @tha_lyricest @parrisladame @mr.jefferson1 amongst many others. we laid a foundation for the kids to view goals differently, to take them seriously and reach higher than they ever imagined. go get #canibereal the book now at indy reads books or amazon. check out the full video on my youtube channel, link in bio. stay tuned! shot by: @demusmedia312
they still may take this down. haha

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Today js the day. @thepregamepodcast and @qualityindy got some brand new heat for yall tonight. free drinks, dope merch! make this your pregame move. pun intended. sounds by: @brooke.billions #blessthebottle

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I am very pleased to announce i will be joining @krownkeepersinc for their second annual #sistersgiving on 11/17! meet me there at krannert park in nap. link in bio. 🙏🏾

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I didnt get to hit yall over the head with these before but can i post some 3 week old pics? #mckinneymatrimony

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“racism is not an excuse to not do the best you can. “ - arthur ashe

can i be real is dedicated to inspiring youth to close the opportunity gap and helping adults be more culturally accepting. thank you to everyone who participated in real goals. don’t just complain. do something.

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Probably one of my favorite pics from #realgoals this is seven presenting her financial goals to the group. thank you to all the parents, uncles, aunts and cousins who brought kids out to the event yesterday. thank you to everyone who spoke, including my partner @tha_lyricest , one of my favorite rappers out of nap @parrisladame and svp of finish line @mr.jefferson1 . i truly believe every kid took something away. to my mama, thank you for instilling in me a passion to pursue things out of the ordinary. i hope i made you proud. video soon come!

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