Juno The Angry Cat Should be a nominee for “Sexiest Man Alive” Hates Live, Laugh, Love signs in bedrooms. Brother of @itshavanashouse https://www.cameo.com/junotheangrycat
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This whole show makes so much more sense to me now.

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If juno was a musician, what kind of music do you think he would make?
side note: we were so upset to find out about the passing of @realgrumpycat. rip... us try hards will never live up to you - a true legend. sending love to your family💛

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Anyone up for a little wine wednesday?

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The human graduated from college yesterday & so did @itshavanashouse i guess🤔 someone crop me in!!!

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Soaking up some spring air, while i silently judge the neighbors from the deck.

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Happy cinco de drinko folks.🥑 time to shake up some margaritas and pretend they’re maracas.

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I’m smiling on the inside. promise.

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This is what facetiming with juno looks like - judgement all around.

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Looks like willy wonka got a new haircut or something...
thanks @rm_edm for this hilarious edit😂

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How to summon your cats: shake the treat bag.

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Brother leo could convince you to do anything with those eyes

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It’s final exam season for the human, and this face easily makes it 100% better.

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