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My face when reading the comments on my @cats_of_instagram feature last night of everyone thinking the cat on the left is real.

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Someone has a lot of voices inside his head today...

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What kind of food was i thinking about? best answer wins a high five!✋🏻

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There are two types of people in this world; those who don’t like pineapple on pizza & the others who are lying that they do.

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Monday made my hair look like this.

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Question day!!!! ask a question about any of us - i’ll try to answer them all😬
names of each:
— brown = buster
— gray & white = jazz
— black = leo
— lilac shorthair = havana
— & then there’s me front and centered.

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Why fall in love when you can slip and fall on a banana peel, am i right?

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Yeah i’m ready... ok no wait, hold up, my foot is itchy.

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When you’re all happy about your winter coat coming in until you realize that means getting brushed more often. 😳

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Standing tall & proud as usual

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My brother has the sweetest face, you’d never know we’re actually related. 🤔

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Did anyone ever find out how long you microwave a 25 lb turkey for?

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